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The Media Blackout on the China Threat

By    |   Thursday, 22 May 2008 03:09 PM

Accuracy in Media, a conservative watchdog group for fairness, balance, and accuracy in news reporting (for which I once wrote) recently featured an article devoted to the media’s blackout on the catastrophic military threat China poses to the free world.

On March 4, 2008, Accuracy in Media printed the article “The Threat from China and the Threat from Inaction: Which Is Worse?”

The author? Not a government or university spokesman. That much can be gleaned from the premise: George W. Bush and the three presidential candidates have been maintaining total silence about the threat from China as well as the U.S. inaction concerning the threat.

In fact, the article is authored by a collective: the editors of Family Security Matters.org. The organization fosters the security of the family and could well be expected to be sensitive to the conquest of the free world by the dictatorship of China, which has been torturing people to death for such grievous crimes as “wrong” physical exercises.

The authors’ reference to “the threat from inaction” is appropriate: China’s military strategy (see the Chinese military book “Unrestricted Warfare”) is based on deception and hence on surprise.

The situation is catastrophic: It resembles the situation in Chamberlain’s Britain in 1938. Chamberlain’s glorious achievement was his gift of part of Czechoslovakia to Hitler in exchange for a piece of paper signed by Hitler as a peace agreement.

If Hitler had been riding through London with Chamberlain in 1938, after their “peace agreement,” there is no doubt that the Londoners would have greeted Hitler as they did Chamberlain. But Hitler was a fool (he became the “leader” of the country since his Reichstag party received a majority vote because it was against the Treaty of Versailles).

So Hitler invaded the remainder of Czechoslovakia, then Poland and then France and thus made himself the worst enemy of the civilized world.

Compare today’s behavior of the dictatorship of China with respect to Taiwan, which even some Chinese dissidents consider necessary to make part of China by force.

A catastrophic threat to the free world today is the threat from inaction, as in Britain in 1938. Why this inaction?

Constitutionalism (the protection of human rights) and democracy (the universal right to vote) originated in the American Revolution under the influence of the French political essayism preceding the French Revolution. Of course, every psychiatrically normal adult must have the right to vote! Universal suffrage! Égalité! Equality!

Perfect for a society that needed no defense against conquest (as the U.S. had no need of it after Britain’s defeat and before the advent of the dictatorship of China). But such a defense requires the leaders’ intelligence, and it turns out that the larger the group to which a person belongs by his or her intelligence, the lower the intelligence of the group.

Such large groups with a low level of intelligence elected (twice!) George W. Bush as U.S. president, and now many members of these groups are sorry that they did vote for him even once.

In the preparations for war, and in the war itself, a free society has many disadvantages as compared with a militarized slave state. Members of a free society are free and many of them prefer to use their freedom for something more useful for them personally and/or pleasant than thoughts about how dangerous China is or the activities devoted to defense.

Well, if President George W. Bush and the three current presidential candidates have been behaving as though the China threat does not exist, why should voting citizens care? Inversely, if the voters do not care, why should the candidates or the president care?

If the owners of the media discover that they will lose their advertisers’ money if they insist on the China threat in their programs, why should they insist on it? Now, the scarcity of programs about the China threat convinces the audience that there is no serious China threat, for if there was such, certainly the media would make it a hot item.

Thus the inaction is reciprocal, and there is a general catastrophic inaction, in which the Beijing Olympics play the role of the joyous London welcome of the peace negotiator with Hitler, who, fortunately, proved to be a fool.

In its September 1978 issue, Commentary magazine published my article (reprinted or retold by over 500 periodicals in the West) about the virtual nonexistence of Western intelligence/espionage, since new slave states with their police system make the crossing of their borders and the existence of spies on their territory impossible.

Inversely, millions of spies can cross the U.S. border and live happily in the U.S. Non-human intelligence/espionage? It is far more easily detected! As for today’s China, Western intelligence/espionage is more difficult in it than it was in Soviet Russia, since the Chinese language and culture are more different from their Western counterparts than were the Russian language and culture even in Stalin’s Russia.

The result? All-seeing Chinese intelligence/espionage versus the blind Western intelligence/espionage with respect to China. To quote one paragraph from “The Threat from China and the Threat from Inaction: Which Is Worse?”

The Chinese spies have already stolen EVERY U.S. nuclear weapons design, and have acquired U.S. MIR Ving and other launching and targeting technologies. Further, as if this isn’t enough, they also have acquired the supercomputers needed to design and test the next generation of weapons, as well as to enable low-cost modeling of nuclear weapons, thus saving the PRC many years of effort, billions of dollars and ensuring that they are a greater threat sooner than they otherwise would have been.

On the other hand, even when it is impossible to conceal a military weapons development, such as the testing of a nuclear bomb, how many Americans heard about it when the first Chinese nuclear bomb was tested Oct. 16, 1964?

The (false) CIA report that Saddam Hussein’s Iraq was building its first nuclear bomb made it necessary to invade Iraq pre-emptively, while China’s unconcealable testing of its nuclear bomb in 1964 was barely noticed in the West. From 1964 to 1978, China had 25 unconcealable tests of nuclear bombs, including that of the 4-megaton thermonuclear giant.

True, China was behind the U.S. with its first nuclear bomb, since it was only in the 1950s that China had emerged from its early Maoist chaos. But with post-nuclear (such as nano) superweapons there was no such lag: See the article “Nanotech Weapons in Future Warfare” by Maj. Gen. Sun Bailin of the Academy of Military Science of China in the magazine “National Defense” of June 15, 1996.

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Accuracy in Media, a conservative watchdog group for fairness, balance, and accuracy in news reporting (for which I once wrote) recently featured an article devoted to the media’s blackout on the catastrophic military threat China poses to the free world. On March 4, 2008,...
Thursday, 22 May 2008 03:09 PM
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