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Google Power Can Help Freedom Survive China Threat

By    |   Thursday, 11 June 2009 09:16 AM

Ed Timperlake, a veteran analyst of the China threat and of the defense against it, and Jed Babbin, former deputy Defense undersecretary, have published a book entitled “Showdown: Why China Wants War With the United States.” But how many English-speaking men and women have heard of this book?

In 1999, Timperlake published (with William C. Triplett II) “Red Dragon Rising.” Triplett had more than 30 years of experience in the field, working on China and national security. I bought this book as well as “Big Dragon,” which Daniel Burstein and Arne de Keijzer had published during the previous year. Long before, I had decided that the "China Threat" has replaced the “Russian threat,” and Russia could become a victim, as it became a victim of Nazi Germany in 1941.

However, for many Americans those books and their authors do not exist because the China threat does not exist for these Americans.

But Goofigure insists that the authors of “Showdown: Why China Wants War With the United States” offer “indispensable strategies and tactics for how the U.S. can and must respond to the Chinese military threat.”

Goofigure’s review of the book is about one page long and is followed by “21 comments,” occupying more than 30 pages.

One of the “21 Comments” is entitled “Can China Coexist With the U.S.?” An anonymous professor posted it on 8/19/2007. When reading it, I recognized my column, and at the end, it said this was Lev Navrozov’s column printed two days before it was posted.

In that column, I explained why the dictatorship of China believes it has to destroy liberty, that is, the free countries. In the United States, many assume that the dictatorship of China intends to annihilate the United States only because the dictatorship consists of malicious people or only because the U.S. has offended them, and all that is necessary for the United States to do is to make up for that offense with something pleasant to these people.

This is like relations between two neighbors in the United States. Actually, the annihilation of the free countries is a life-or-death need for the dictatorship of China to avoid being overthrown by a new Tiananmen. On the Tiananmen Square, the rebels installed a replica of the Statue of Liberty. The recent anniversary (20 years since the annihilation by modern weapons of an unarmed pro-democracy demonstration) showed how strong the memories are on both sides. The fact that more than 40 million Chinese Communists have quit the Chinese Communist Party also points to a possible new Tiananmen. Let us recall that, in 1991, the Soviet absolutism fell, along with its dictator, Mikhail Gorbachev.

According to the U.S. Secretary of the Navy (as of 2006), “China is building their 600-ship navy,” while “we’re on the way to a 150-ship Navy.”

Yet, the key danger in China’s attack seems to be nanoweapons.

The next comment on the site is entitled “[Presidential] Candidates Ignore China at Our Peril.” An anonymous professor also posted this column of mine on the same day, 8/19/2007. This comment also is acknowledged as my column (of a week earlier than the column above). It is devoted to one of my key subjects: the mental inadequacy of U.S. presidents and even most presidential candidates. The larger a group of people is, the lower is the average intelligence of the group. Inversely, genius is unique. How can about half of American adults elect a president able to save the United States?

The way out is to create a stream of all collectible valuable information on the subject of China threat and of the defense against it, as Goofigure, powered by Google, did.

I receive e-mails from my readers, one of whom, for example, serves in the U.S. Navy Reserves and “has experience with the special operations community.” His name is followed by “ACG, CL, CS.” I do not disclose his name in his e-mail to me of May 31, 2009, since I cannot predict the reaction of his seniors.

Not only does he agree with what I write about nano warfare but also he is “inclined to put electromagnetic pulse weapons at the top of the list for disabling or destroying the free nations’ infrastructure.” This is how he ends his e-mail:

I came across many materials about how economic and political warfare are being ignored as much if not more than nano warfare. I enjoy my relative peace and freedom and would like to ensure the same for my children. Hope you might be able to give me some insight on how to achieve that for them.

In the countries of “new state slavery,” the owners of the state slaves are supposed to take care of them. The result is obvious. They try to protect their slaves as would the owner of cattle protect his cattle. However, in a free country like France in 1940, it was believed that the elected top officials must take care of the defense against a country of new state slavery such as Nazi Germany, while the rank-and-file citizens of the country were free to devote their freedom entirely to their private lives.

The result? While the war of Germany against France in 1914-1918 lasted for about four years and ended in the defeat of Germany, the war of Nazi Germany against France in 1940 lasted for a month and a half (despite the British ground troops in France) and ended in the capitulation of France.

The defense of a free country must not be the exclusive domain of the elected officials but must be a common concern of free citizens.

Let me stop here fishing my columns in the comments (the last comment also is acknowledged to be my column). Instead, let me point out how important Goofigure, powered by Google, can be in the rescue of the free countries from the China dictatorship’s attack with nano weapons (and/or electromagnetic pulse weapons).

The birth of Google: the year of 1995. In 2001, Google became available in 26 languages, some search launches offered access to 250 million images, and its index size had grown to 3 billion Web documents. And so on, up to 2009.

Google can find and juxtapose streams of valuable information pertaining to the survival of the free countries, endangered by the military slave state of China. Thus, the free countries can ignore this information less and less. That includes not only their governments and legislative bodies but also their mass media. The result of this self-enlightenment of the free countries will be their life in freedom.

Google can save the United States and the other free countries through this enlightenment via a compendium of all streams of relevant information concerning every aspect of the “China threat.”

You can e-mail me at navlev@cloud9.net

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Ed Timperlake, a veteran analyst of the China threat and of the defense against it, and Jed Babbin, former deputy Defense undersecretary, have published a book entitled “Showdown: Why China Wants War With the United States.” But how many English-speaking men and women have...
Thursday, 11 June 2009 09:16 AM
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