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China's Steel Production an Ominous Military Sign

By    |   Thursday, 10 September 2009 01:58 PM

Today countries are still divided into “developed” and “backward,” and the output of steel may be used as an indicator of “military-industrial development” of the country.

In 1917, Russia produced annually three million tons of steel. Stalin (who died in 1953) and his successors drove the output of steel in Russia to 161 million tons in 1986, compared to 75 million produced by the United States.

Where had Stalin and his successors obtained the money for such military-industrial development of Russia?

In the 1930s, all peasants were obliged to join “collective farms,” for which they worked , just as serfs had worked for their owners until serfdom was abolished by Czar Alexander II in 1861. Every “collective farmer” who worked well for the “collective farm,” had a small plot of land, on which he and his family grew vegetables, etc. that they could sell on a market in a city. Thus “collective farms” produced — by serf labor — bread, meat, etc., which were sold to the urban population through the state stores, while the collective farmers’ plots produced vegetables, chickens, etc., sold in markets.

The wages of the urban employees were barely enough to survive on, and a six-room apartment in Moscow was divided into six rooms for six families, with the kitchen and bathroom shared by those six families, each of which paid a tiny rent out of his or her tiny earnings. Let me enumerate the professions of all the tenants of our six “apartments” in the times of Stalin: a lawyer in a huge ministry, his wife, a clerk in this ministry; a doctor and his wife, a cashier; my father, a writer, struggling with censorship, and my mother, a professor of medicine; a chauffeur of a highly placed official and his wife, taking care of their children; and a bookkeeper and his wife, who had married him because he seemed to her very important.

The money thus saved by Stalin on those six families went into the production of steel and other components of the “industrialization,” including weapons, which proved to be good enough to rout Hitler.

Is this possible in a free society? Just try to compel a New York family to live in one room of a former six-room apartment, with five other families! There is a shortage of money in the U.S. because there is not enough for a house or a separate apartment for every American family. There is an excess of money in the hands of the owners of China to lend a couple of trillion dollars to the destitute United States.

After Stalin’s death in 1953, his successors “de-Stalinized” Russia, that is, they represented Stalin as an evil and ruthless tyrant. What about Mao? Said President Hu Jintao on the 110th anniversary of Mao’s birth, in 2003: “Comrade Mao Zedong was a great Marxist; a great proletarian revolutionary, strategist and theorist; a great patriot and national hero.”

According to an 814-page biography of Mao, published outside China in 2005 by Jung Chang and her husband Tom Halliday and entitled “Mao: The Unknown Story”, Mao “turned China into a cultural desert of misery and violence, while maintaining dozens of luxury villas and a troupe of female sexual partners.” He was not a fanatical idealist, killing for the sake of the happy global future of mankind, but “the bloodiest mass murderer in history,” ready to sacrifice mankind, and not only China, for his philistine pleasures of a common gangster.

Mao came to power in 1949. In 1954 he started China’s nuclear weapons program, and in 1964 China tested a 20-kiloton nuclear bomb. Curiously, each test could be detected abroad, but was not reported — in the U.S. media, for example — and even after 25 Chinese nuclear tests, the U.S. “experts” were silent about China’s nuclear weapons. The book “China Builds the Bomb” was not published until 1988.

In 1986, China already produced 52 million tons of steel, compared to 15 million by Great Britain.

The population of the U.S is about 300 million. China is 1.3 billion, more than four times over. Let us imagine the diagrams of distribution of human resources in the two countries. The number of students in sciences and technologies will be more than four times greater in China, based on its larger population. But in the statistical Chinese surveys of education, we find that many sciences and technologies simply do not exist because they have no military use. Thus, the actual number of scientists and technologists useful in warfare will finally be in China not about four times, but eight, 12, or 16 times greater than in the United States.

The same applies to weapons and all militarily applicable products. China likely will become militarily superior to the U.S. many times over.

President Barack Obama said that China is home to nearly one-fifth of the world’s consumers. Hence Americans like Obama, who think of life primarily in terms of business, and not in terms of military defense, are looking forward to doing business with one-fifth of the world’s consumers. But China can transform this percentage into armed forces far more powerful than those of the U.S or any other country.

What is China’s most likely output of steel in 2009? According to Reuters, it projects to 584.88 million tons. In May, the U.S. produced 4.3 million. Using May’s numbers, the U.S. probable steel output for the year is 51.6 million tons, a drop from 1986, when it produced 75 million.

More telling, it is less than one-tenth of China’s likely 2009 output.

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Today countries are still divided into “developed” and “backward,” and the output of steel may be used as an indicator of “military-industrial development” of the country.In 1917, Russia produced annually three million tons of steel. Stalin (who died in 1953) and his...
Thursday, 10 September 2009 01:58 PM
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