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China's Goal: 'People’s Republic of the World'

By    |   Saturday, 27 November 2010 08:09 AM

After the Tiananmen massacre in China in 1989, there resurged in the United States some interest in China, and recently we have heard or read several times that the “Chinese believe in Chinese racial supremacy.”

This is one reason why the world must be part of China for the world’s own benefit. China wishes to become “The People’s Republic of the World.”

The belief of Hitler and some Germans in their racial supremacy led Hitler to attempt to conquer Soviet Russia (before the latter would conquer Germany). But at the end of Hitler’s retreat from Russia, he fled from the country and committed suicide.

A Chinese official was once asked by a West European why Chinese did not visit Western Europe.

Reportedly, the Chinese official’s answer was: “You won’t believe it, but Chinese are not interested! Just as West Europeans don’t visit China because they are not interested!”

Actually, only a tiny section of Europeans and Russians are interested in the culture of geniuses in their own countries. The only amusement of the rest is provided by pop culture, which has nothing to do with the culture of genius.

China is a country of ancient culture: The 16th century B.C. begins China’s recorded history. But when Mao, the Chinese murderer of dozens of millions of people, appears on posters in 1949 in the image of a superman, this was pop culture at its worst.

In his “Tiananmen Diary,” Harrison Salisbury, who witnessed 13 days of the Tiananmen tragedy, believes (p. 171 of his book) that the incredibly low figure of those killed (three or four thousand) reflects the fact that “these casualties were not inflicted in the center of town but in the outskirts where the conduct of the PLA had touched off a genuine people’s war. Tens and hundreds of thousands of ordinary citizens sprang from houses and flats to oppose armor with bare hands.”

The German supermen, led by Hitler, failed to conquer the world, or indeed, even Soviet Russia. Will this be accomplished by the “People’s Republic of China,” so named by the superman Mao?

Well, compared to Hitler’s Germany, China has unprecedented global military advantages, as I describe them below.

Hitler was an idiot (and a clown), and if China is not under the command of such an idiot, this is a military advantage (perhaps decisive).

Before actively embarking on the global conquest, China may still have several years to conduct global reconnaissance, including espionage and other “cybers” of modern global hot war. Hitler had no global plan and no “preliminaries.” He invaded France and won the war; then he invaded Soviet Russia and fled from it.

China has 1 billion more people than the United States and can create an overwhelming mobile global army.

It should be kept in mind that China’s history goes back to the 16th century B.C.: scientifically and technologically, China can be at the level of or ahead of any Western country.

It is more difficult to imagine a U.S. president more dangerous to the United States than Obama, a staunch friend of China, who is advocating for a strong China, “from which all countries will benefit.”

Many of those clamoring for Chinese racial supremacy will consider the “People’s Republic of the World” the best place in which to live, and many others will declare themselves willing to have the privilege of living therein.

Mao launched his “new social system” in the spirit of the true Marxism, and there are a couple of billion (or more) people in the world who would like to live in a Marxist country created at long last.

Yes, this will be a new world, and those who would not like to live in it “can die, for no one forces you to live,” as in an anti-Soviet ditty in Soviet Russia (this time it will be a Chinese Russia, in a Chinese world).

How pathetic Marx or Hitler or Stalin was trying to create a “new world!" To accomplish this now, it will take far more better and far more sophisticated weapons and troops than they had in those days.

The “People’s Republic of the World” knows all this and will make sure it is adequately prepared to achieve its final goal.

A slave state is an army: In China, and in the future “People’s Republic of the World,” a slave and a soldier are mostly synonymous.

Freedom has created culture, which is genius in many creative fields, including military fields, while pop culture for millions or billions of Philistines is good only to perish in modern war like so many insects caught in a storm or fire.

Lev Navrozov can be reached at levnavrozov@gmail.com

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After the Tiananmen massacre in China in 1989, there resurged in the United States some interest in China, and recently we have heard or read several times that the Chinese believe in Chinese racial supremacy. This is one reason why the world must be part of China for...
Saturday, 27 November 2010 08:09 AM
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