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Documentary Shows Stark Reality in China

By    |   Thursday, 19 March 2009 11:41 AM

Some of my readers perhaps remember my column this past January, praising “The Chinese New Year Spectacular,” produced by the NTD/TV, an independent organization in New York, collecting, creating, and showing independently produced TV materials connected with China.

Recently I received their DVD concerned with the “Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party,” which had been written by “a Chinese for the Chinese” and had been some of the triggers of the Tiananmen Square uprising in 1989.

I have read the “Nine Commentaries” in the dissident Chinese magazine The Epoch Times. Since I lived in Stalin’s Russia, nothing in the DVD was new to me in principle. Yet, having watched it for a couple of hours, I was stunned, catapulted out of my New York life . . .

I was back in Stalin’s Russia, but it was actually China, brought to life by television to show the most abysmal horrors, perpetrated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Those who are natives of the free West often perceive and describe Stalin’s Russia or “China today” as a Western state, deviating from its true or normal attributes such as freedom. Hence these Westerners use Western state terms like “government” or “party” universally.

It rarely occurs to them that possibly the word “democracy” would have been forgotten if it had not existed anywhere after Athens’ classical period.

The CCP is Chinese; that is, it has enslaved China, but it is neither communist nor a “party” —it is a hierarchy, owning the population of China as slaves, differing from Western slaves of the past by being owned not by individuals (slave owners) but by a slave-owning hierarchy, every slave-owner of which being also a slave of the top hierarch(s).

The hierarchy tends to have one supreme hierarch, like Stalin or Mao, who is also the “generalissimus,” as Stalin was officially called, for the slave society is also a war machine, and since the year 2000, the war machine of China has been concentrating on the development of post-nuclear superweapons (like molecular nanoweapons) to win any war, as the United States won the war with Japan (an impudent Pearl Harbor aggressor) in two days.

Discussing the “Nine Commentaries,” the DVD aptly notes that the very name “Communist Party” has been a temporary misnomer. Cursed by Marx as the primary evil, “capitalism” was an integral part of the “national socialism” of the Germany from 1933 to 1945 and, indeed, one of the causes of Hitler’s advent to power. But any difference between the “Soviet communism” or the “socialism in Soviet Russia” and the “national socialism” in Germany had been “propagandistic.”

Yes, the “propaganda” in slave societies is to replace the thinking of the slaves, but since reality changes, the propaganda also, however illogically, enslaves the minds of the slaves.

The DVD perceives about 5,000 years under the Chinese emperors as we in Stalin’s Russia perceived the rule of the tsars in the 19th century.

Russian novels, Russian poetry, and Russian music blossomed under the 19th-century tsars, while many Russian writers, poets, and composers fled from Soviet Russia, or were used for propaganda or physically destroyed. Similarly, the DVD recalls great Chinese culture — not just in one century, but in about 5,000 years.

The CCP is the denial of everything spiritual or human (as in a free or partly free human being). Slave reflexes must replace human thoughts and feelings.

That the CCP acts as the cruelest tyrant has been confirmed in the past decade by the ruthless persecution of Falun Gong. The latter has been preaching truth, kindness, and patience.

Its ingredient, Buddhism, is Chinese culture. Yet apart from its more than 100 million followers in China, Falun Gong has been practiced in 70 countries, including Japan, Indonesia, Israel, Spain, Belgium, and Canada.

The heinous persecution of Falun Gong began in 1999 and was supported by 300,000 articles and programs in the slave-state media. Why? Falun Gong filled minds with something different from the infinite devotion of slaves to the slave-owing hierarchy.

This essay provides a written account, while the DVD adds the devastating sensation of the reality of it all, embracing the life of China’s 1.3 billion dwellers, about one-fifth of mankind.

The yearning of these dwellers in China for freedom is amazing. Thus, 50 million have left the Chinese Communist Party in the past four years.

A replica of the Statue of Liberty in Tiananmen Square in 1989 indicates that the freedom in the free countries outside China stimulates freedom in China. Hence the belief of the slave-owning hierarchy that either they become the owners of the world, or the freedom-seeking Chinese, inspired by freedom outside will finish what Tiananmen began.

The DVD should be condensed to two or two-and-a-half hours and shown via TV stations to the population of the United States and the other free countries to let them have a human feel of reality in “China today” before this war machine acquires the decisive superweapons as the United States had developed them by 1945 and used them against Japan, the aggressor.

The difference will be that the “aggression” of the free countries will consist of their free existence, complete in the United States with the Statue of Liberty, reproduced by whoever values freedom.

You can e-mail me at navlev@cloud9.net.

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Some of my readers perhaps remember my column this past January, praising “The Chinese New Year Spectacular,” produced by the NTD/TV, an independent organization in New York, collecting, creating, and showing independently produced TV materials connected with China.Recently...
Thursday, 19 March 2009 11:41 AM
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