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China's Ongoing Nanotechnology Threat

By    |   Thursday, 11 December 2008 05:05 PM

In their e-mail responses to my columns, my readers ask me what they can and must do to save freedom in the West from China, which is becoming a military colossus.

On Nov. 11, I received an e-mail from Steven Saul, who said that he had been reading my columns and reported my conclusions on his show, “The Voice of the Silent Majority.” At his invitation, I spoke (for 45 minutes) on his show on Nov. 25.

Let me summarize my thoughts for the “silent majority.”

So far freedom has survived because constitutionalism, protecting the individual against the tyranny of autocratic rulers (the kind even the monarchs of England once were), and the Industrial Revolution, owing to which pre-nuclear weapons could be produced, coexisted in the same countries.

In World War II, both Germany and Russia produced pre-nuclear weapons, while their sociopolitical systems were national (and not just private) slavery.

In old China, the gas for heating, cooking, and lighting appeared 22 centuries before it did in Europe. Everything — you name it! — Newtonian calculus, book-printing, silk — preceded Europe. To the Chinese, the Europeans seemed savages, and they could not care less whether those savages were free or not. But in the modern times, China became “a backward country” — in the 19th century China was defeated in two wars by England.

The Chinese began to ascribe backwardness to lack of freedom. In other words, their autocratic rulers have to be overthrown to have freedom as in the United States and other free countries.

Owing to modern communications, the owners of China cannot isolate their human property from the free countries. It is obvious to them that either they will annihilate the free countries or they will be overthrown by their Chinese slaves. Recall the Tiananmen Square incident, with its replica of the Statue of Liberty! The Square was a kind of open-air headquarters for a growing national uprising. What is less known is that over 100,000 mini-uprisings occur in China every year.

Three years after the Tiananmen Square uprising the Soviet dictatorship was overthrown in Russia — also in search of freedom. True, after Boris Yeltsin’s presidency, autocracy was restored. But those who had tried to preserve the Soviet dictatorship had been killed, while Gorbachev stayed alive as a result of his peaceful surrender of his top power. But he never had any post in Boris Yeltsin’s government, to say nothing of its undemocratic successors.

It is easier for the owners of China to annihilate the free countries than to keep their own population from the destruction of their autocratic power and perhaps their lives, too, for good measure. Their torture and killing of Falun Gong practitioners will not be forgotten, as Mao’s murder of 80 million Chinese will not be forgotten.

Since the population of China is 1.3 billion compared to the United States’ 300 million, it is obvious that even as a result of this difference alone, the number of scientists and engineers in China can be more than four times greater than in the United States.

Besides, a greater proportion of the Chinese population can be channeled by the owners of China into the production of scientists and engineers.

At the same time, it is clear from the China Statistical Yearbook of 2005 (available in the Public Library of New York!) that, as of 2004 in China, there was no education in sociology, anthropology, political science, international relations, or statistics.

As of 2004, the students in philosophy constituted a fraction of a percent — .10 percent. In other words, already in 2004, education in “science” meant “sciences of military importance.”

This militarization of education has been growing and will continue to grow. Hence the number of scientists and engineers in military fields in China may finally exceed their number in the United States not just four times, as per the difference in the population of the two countries, but 10 or 20 times.

Let me now take a specific post-nuclear science or technology as an example. In 1986, Eric Drexler published his book, subtitled “The Coming Era of Nanotechnology,” and founded, with his wife, The Foresight Institute for nano research. I learned that the U.S. Congress refused, even in the 2000s, to allocate a dollar for this research. In the United States, Drexler, the American scientist of genius, was represented, due to the influence of producers of commercial nano goods, as a charlatan or an idiot.

In China, Drexler’s book was published on the Internet in English, with Chinese explanations of what some Chinese may find difficult to understand in English.

Today, more than 20 years after the publication of Drexler’s book, the Foresight Institute has ousted him: The Institute is without its founder and president. Some Americans tell me that there are other nanotechnological institutes in the United States, but I simply do not know about them because they are secret.

Yes, but who in the United States knows how far the development of nano weapons has advanced in China?

In 1945, Japan was a militarized country, complete with powerful intelligence/espionage. Yet the U.S. atomic bomb was such a surprise for Japan that it surrendered immediately and unconditionally.

The development of the atom bombs had been going on at many points in the United States and rumors about government secrets circulated freely in this free country.

Compare it to China, with its super-secret laboratories in craggy mountains, so that no one could drill a hole through the basement and install an instrument that would show what the lab is researching.

President Bush has never uttered a word about this secrecy. In the United States and the free West in general, the wages and salaries cannot be reduced by the government, while in China they can be reduced to the maintenance of a slave level. Hence, as a depression develops in the free West, many Westerners become financially linked with China and prefer to keep silent about China’s preparations to annihilate the free West.

Should an enlightening book on the subject be published, a tiny minority will read it. The major media believe that more money can be made by entertainment rather than by discussing China’s preparations to annihilate the free countries.

The way out is to produce a film worth its subject: the abyss ahead, facing the free world.

You can e-mail me at navlev@cloud9.net.

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In their e-mail responses to my columns, my readers ask me what they can and must do to save freedom in the West from China, which is becoming a military colossus.On Nov. 11, I received an e-mail from Steven Saul, who said that he had been reading my columns and reported my...
Thursday, 11 December 2008 05:05 PM
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