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The World Faces Imminent Danger From China

By    |   Thursday, 10 June 2010 10:10 AM

Many Westerners assume that China is or was a big village. Hence the surprise that China has been capable of producing some cutting-edge weaponry earlier than the United States.

But according to my Britannica (1970, “China,” p. 580): “In studying the heavens the astronomers of the Tsin made a list of 28 solar halos between the years 249 and 420; not until the 17th century did anyone in Europe record such phenomena.” That is, the “big village” outpaced Europe by almost 13 centuries.

In Tim Lambert’s “A Brief History of China” (18 pages), we read: “By 2000 B.C. . . . the Chinese learned to make bronze. Writing was invented in China about 1500 B.C. By about 400 B.C., Chinese farmers used iron ploughs drawn by oxen. The compass was invented in China in the 3rd century B.C. . . . About 500 B.C.: the world’s first military manual was created . . . in 132 A.D. . . . Cheng Hang invented the seismometer [a device for measuring the strength of earthquakes] . . . in 577 the Chinese invented matches . . . from 618 to 907 . . . China was probably the most advanced civilization in the world . . . after 979 . . . China was probably the richest country in the world . . . the arts flourished. Chinese poetry . . . blossomed, perhaps the greatest poet was Li-Bo (701-762).”

So those Westerners who believe that the People’s Republic of China has come from a “big village” should look up authentic historical sources. Inversely, those who believe that a kind of Renaissance is flourishing in the People’s Republic of China would do well to recall how Soviet propaganda and its Western counterpart distorted the reality, pretending to witness in Soviet Russia the flourishing of the greatest culture created by human beings.

Let us now consider the importance of two powerful motivations outside the U.S. and other democratic countries: the desire to own human beings and the desire of human beings to be free.

One of the latest examples of the struggle between these two motivations is a 1989 uprising known to the world by the geographic place where the uprising took place: Tiananmen. The rebels demanded the freedom for the people of China owned by the owners of China.

But the freedom of the people of China could spell the death to the owners of China if enough people rebelled. This is not new in the history of China.

What is the way out? It is called democracy.

The founder of today’s “People’s Republic of China” (1949) was Mao, and according to him and his teachers, to achieve democracy, it is sufficient to take away all the productive property from its owners (capitalists). On the other hand, the ownership of the country by Mao and his followers will not decrease the freedom of those whom they own.

Also, if the present owners of China, the world’s largest country (in terms of population), also own the rest of the world, they will be too powerful for any local forces to try to take away their power.

What’s the conclusion? It is necessary to face the fact that the People’s Republic of China will soon be the world’s most powerful country given its technology, going as far back as European technology, and given its 1.3 billion people as against 300 million of the United States.

What’s to be done? I believe that all countries ready to resist the People’s Republic of China must form a defense alliance to save the world from the looming unprecedented disaster. Meanwhile international public discussion of this idea would be useful.

I was encouraged by a response to my column about Yulia Latynina, posted on May 20.

Yulia Latynina would be inconceivable in Russia when my family and I left the country about 40 years ago. She is a writer, a journalist, and has her own television Saturday talk show.

She speaks quite freely and critically. She shows how today’s Russia is different from the “Soviet” Russia of the time I left it. Certainly the People’s Republic of China poses a death threat to this new Russia.

Yes, for its own sake, Russia should side with the free countries in defense against China.

I will mention three responses to my column, calling for cooperation of free countries in the defense against the People’s Republic of China.

The response from S. Bainton (Mr. Marketing, Inc.) occupies about three-fourths of a page and begins with two words: “Excellent article.” After his detailed analysis of my column, Mr. Bainton says: “Please tell me where I am off, or if I’ve missed anything?” No, I say, there is no reason for worry. “Once again, thank you.”

The response from J. Roberts can be quoted in full: “Thank you so much for coming to this ‘country under siege.’ If, somehow, the majority of the American people could think like you and articulate their thoughts into actions, most of this country’s problems would disappear. I enjoy everything you write and appreciate your righteous internal character. May God bless you.”

The first sentence of the response from M. Tompkins is as follows: “For years, I myself have been reading your articles regularly on Newsmax since 2002.” And here is the last one: “Thanks for all you do and G-d bless Lev Navrozov.”

I am under the impression that the People’s Republic of China has been worrying these readers of mine since the year 2000.

Alas, I have no recipe for how to draw public attention to alert people to the imminent danger coming from the dictatorship of the People’s Republic of China.

The media, the officials in charge of military preparations, global military planners are all responsible for the life or death of the democratic countries, threatened by the People’s Republic of China (and Japan, its ally).

Lev Navrozov can be reached at levnavrozov@gmail.com.

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Many Westerners assume that China is or was a big village. Hence the surprise that China has been capable of producing some cutting-edge weaponry earlier than the United States. But according to my Britannica (1970, China, p. 580): In studying the heavens the...
Thursday, 10 June 2010 10:10 AM
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