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Beware of Outer Space as 21st Century Battlefield

By    |   Thursday, 27 August 2009 08:50 AM

History shows that many nations existed autonomously. And since many were island nations, they were further cut off from mainland nations.

Later water became a new war environment. Hitler could not invade England, since the English navy was too powerful. So he invaded Russia (and was routed on its vast land expanses).

About half a century ago the outer space opened, beyond the atmosphere and stratosphere. Aircraft can fly and fight only where is “air.” Space rocketry and satellites can move in outer space.

Hitler could not send Germany’s air force to bomb the United States the way he bombed England. No aircraft could carry enough fuel to cross the Atlantic, fight over the U.S., and fly back. But in space, everything is possible. Satellites can fly around the globe for the same reason the Earth revolves around the sun.

In short, the space war is possible, since the owners of China believe that this is the best war to annihilate the U.S.and thus become the owners of the world, as was predicted several years ago by Chi Haotian, who is now 80 years old, but who was the minister of national defense of China up to 2003. America has to defend itself against China’s space war, since the outer space spreads above every country, including the U.S. The division of the outer space into areas will not prevent a country such as China from violating the borders of these areas.

A lot of legal and government paper has been used in the past decades to conclude outer space agreements.

In the democratic countries, it has often been assumed (even with respect to Hitler’s invasions) that wars originate from misunderstanding, and present or potential totalitarian aggressors can be persuaded to keep peace. Hence many savants in the democratic West wouldn’t hear what Haotian said.

The Chinese newspaper The China Post, published in English, carried an article entitled “Chinese Officer Predicts Weapons in Space” ( seeYahoo!). The senior officer named Yao, “who directs the Asia-Pacific Office at the Academy of Military Science in Beijing,” proves to be a woman. Of course! Let people elsewhere know about the scrupulous equality between men and women in the new China. Says Yao: “My wish is we really want to keep space as a peaceful place for human beings.” Of course! Let the English-speaking all over the world see how advanced she is, thinking above all about “human beings.”

Shouldn’t she appeal to the like-minded people and complain to the government? Oh, no. “The government and the party” cannot be wrong, and to complain in this case would be treasonable.

Said Yao: “But personally, I am pessimistic about it [the consensus]. My prediction: Outer space is going to be weaponized in our lifetime.”

So it looks like a predicted fate. There has been no one in China to speak publicly for the weaponization of outer space. But this is what will happen “in our lifetime.”

For the owners of China, the advantage of the space war is that it is new to all countries. The “advanced countries” had many years to develop tanks and aviation for World War I, then two decades to develop them between WWI and WWII, and six decades to continue to develop them between 1945 and today. As for the space war, China and the U.S. “began from the beginning.” The owners of China fight for their world domination as per Haotian, and the U.S. is against it.

But in the 21st century, China and the U.S. began even some space war exchanges. The space war is on. Who will win it? What is clear is that President Barack Obama has been siding with the enemy when he proclaimed that “the U.S.-China relations” will “shape the 21st century,” and the U.S. and China “are poised to make steady progress in some of the most important issues of our time.”

On Aug. 8 I requested Yahoo! to search “China’s space and global weaponry,” and I received 271,000 descriptions of such weapons.

Ram Narayanan, a journalist and the head of the “U.S.-India Friendship,” has sent me an article published by John Lee in “Foreign Policy Magazine” of July 28. “When it comes to U.S.-China policy,” writes Lee, “Washington is broadly separated into the ‘functionalists’ and the ‘strategists.’ ” The wisdom of the article can be presented in straight terms as follows. It is wrong to identify the interests of every citizen with those of his country. The “functionalists” are often motivated by wealth. Some are ready to sell the U. S. to China. Nothing new. Obama is ready to serve them as a “partner” of the “People’s Republic of China.” Well, many who voted for him were motivated by their desire to avoid poverty. Why not help those who are motivated by wealth?

The “strategists” are worried that China will defeat the U.S. in the space war, to begin with.

An ocean borders with a country only at its shore. The outer space spreads all over, and space weapons can be positioned over any country.

As China plots to control the world, it is worth remembering its annual output of steel exceeds that of the U.S. many times over.

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History shows that many nations existed autonomously. And since many were island nations, they were further cut off from mainland nations.Later water became a new war environment. Hitler could not invade England, since the English navy was too powerful. So he invaded Russia...
Thursday, 27 August 2009 08:50 AM
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