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China: World Domination or Bust

By    |   Thursday, 18 September 2008 02:48 PM

The dictators of China want to conquer the world — not because they are evil or cruel — but because this is the only way for them to stay in power, and power in a totalitarian society is more valuable than any money.

Any weakening of power may lead to the extermination of the dictators themselves — possibly in a way no less horrible than the way in which they had been exterminating their “internal enemies.”

The Epoch Times is a dissident Chinese newspaper published outside China, but in an age of global communications it is impossible to keep it secret from those inside China.

On Sept. 9, 2008, the newspaper wrote, "To date, over 14 million Chinese citizens have publicly renounced their membership in the Chinese Communist Party, with the number growing by up to 40,000 more people each day."

These figures are for the past three years. What about the figures since Dec. 9, 2004?

Grand Total: 28,953,825

This Month: 1,119,526

This Week: 159,071

Yesterday: 35,754

Today (so far): 5,416

The newspaper published six pages of statements of those who had left the Chinese Communist Party. The first statement postdated 2006-07-13 12:36:

“I declare that I solemnly denounce the communist party and its affiliated organizations.”

Stalin would have the “villain” tortured to death. But the letter is even signed: Andrian T, Montreal, Canada.

It was impossible in Stalin’s Russia to cross the “border” in either direction. For a Chinese, it was possible to hide in Canada. So what is the moral?

The Chinese Communist Party and its departments and posts abroad are its arsenal from which officials for important appointments are recruited. Those who fled cut off their careers in communist China for ever.

Every year about 100,000 revolts occur in China, and any of them may develop into a Tiananmen-like disaster, this time fatal for the dictators of China. Yet though the rebels cannot conceal themselves as do the deserters from the Chinese Communist Party, the dictators prove to be as unable to stop these revolts as they are unable to stop the desertions from the party.

On the other hand, there are areas where infinite cruelty is possible, and its victims can be duly apprehended.

From 1992 to 1999, the dictators of China advanced the movement that became known as Falun Gong. The East, including China, had movements like Buddhism or Taoism, and it was a matter of national Chinese pride that such a non-Western movement flourished in China.

For example, we could hear on “Late Night Live, Radio National Australia” or read in Yahoo! (“Falun Gong,” from Wikipedia): "In 1994 Falun Gong was taught at the Chinese consulate in New York as part of the [Communist] Party’s 'cultural propaganda to the West,' alongside silk craft and cooking."

Falun Gong is based on traditional exercises and energy-building movements borrowed from both Buddhism and Taoism. The goal is to promote better health and individual energy.

In 1999, “Falun Gong practitioners” began to be tortured to death, and their organs sold. This is an unprecedented atrocity. But it was possible no “Falun Gong practitioner” was armed or tried to run away.

The dictators cannot cope with its population except in cases like Falun Gong. But they can or may conquer the world, and then their own population will be unable to put up any more resistance than did the Falun Gong practitioners.

A couple of weeks ago, I wanted to get the latest on the development of nano-weapons in the dictatorship of China. The “Yahoo!” response mentioned the last work written by the famous Chinese dissident Zhang Hongbao, who died two years ago.

In his last paper he wrote that “CCP” (“Chinese Communist Party”) had laid emphasis on “post-nuclear weapons” and first of all “nano technology” (remember — two years ago!).

By comparison, the West seems to be asleep militarily as far as the presidential electorate and national publicity are concerned. Who spoke publicly about the primary role of nano-weapons two years ago?

It is so much easier for the dictators of China to prepare the nano-conquest of the world than to catch those who leave the Chinese Communist Party with insulting public explanations of its evil oppressive nature. In other words, it is easier to conquer the world with post-nuclear weapons like nano-weapons than to rule a country like China today.

Indeed, to lead the West in nano-weapons, it is only necessary to attract for the research and production the world’s best scientists and technologists in the fields, with the proviso that money is no problem: The dictators of China can pay millions or dozens of millions of dollars a year.

In the West, all remuneration (wages, salaries, profit) is established by the market. Suppose it became possible to produce a substance one ounce of which will prolong the life of any consumer of it by “n” years. Money will flow to the potential producer of that substance.

In the dictatorship of China, an even greater concentration of resources will happen if and when the production of the world-conquering weapons becomes a clear-cut route. As for the prolongation of life of those who have the absolute power in China, surely the new Western elixir prolonging life will become theirs according to an ancient adage:

Said the gold: “I will buy everything.”

Said the sword: “Everything I will take.”

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The dictators of China want to conquer the world — not because they are evil or cruel — but because this is the only way for them to stay in power, and power in a totalitarian society is more valuable than any money.Any weakening of power may lead to the extermination of...
Thursday, 18 September 2008 02:48 PM
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