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World Conquest Plans of 'Diplomatic' China Clear

By    |   Thursday, 01 October 2009 08:57 AM

Chinese Gen. Chi Haotian’s first speech threatening the United States with biological annihilation was reprinted by a Chinese dissident magazine published in the West, The Epoch Times, on Aug. 4, 2005. We Russian dissidents greatly respected dissident Russian magazines, and I greatly respect The Epoch Times. A reader from Australia sent me Chi’s speech that The Epoch Times published on June 6. The reader asks me: “Lev, why is the West asleep?”

I have been stunned by Chi’s speeches. He was the minister of national defense of China up to 2004. He is 80, but is still a top government official. He explains in his speeches that China will use its biological weapons. China began working on them long ago, and they could annihilate from one-third to two-thirds of Americans more cheaply and easily than can nuclear bombs. As a result of bacteriological epidemics, many Americans will die without any additional Chinese expenses or difficulties. Their homes and other property will be passed to the new settlers — the Chinese. According to Chi, they discovered America and are to rule the world in the 21st century.

One-third of Americans must be left alive to serve the superior Chinese race that will live in the former America. After this transformation of the former U.S., it will be easier to transform all other countries in the same way, and thus make China truly global.

Predictably, Chi’s “speeches” have been dismissed by most American “experts on China” as, for example, forgeries the real Chi has nothing to do with.

Is such a forgery possible? Have the “speeches” been written and/or delivered by someone impersonating Chi, the impostor would have been immediately grabbed by the Chinese police. Even if the “speeches” had been genuine, but the rulers didn’t want them, Chi would have publicly said, to the joy of many American “experts on China,” that he has had nothing to do with those criminal forgeries using his name.

After my column about Chi’s “speech” was published July 2, the Web site received only one comment (from a certain Charles Andelfinger): “It is so obvious that Mr. Navrozov is discounting the most important player, GOD.”

The same could be said about Winston Churchill when he warned about the danger of a Nazi attack on France, but France, despite British troops in its country, was conquered in six weeks. Was God the most important player in the Nazi conquest of France? What if Hitler had first finished the German development of the atom bomb and then attacked Russia? Would God have wanted him to own the world?

In the National Review Online of Sept. 29, 2006, John Derbyshire’s discussion is entitled “Sino-Fascism,” and the author gives almost two pages of examples from Chi’s speeches, the first example being: “Hitler was ‘too soft.’ ”

What does Derbyshire intend to prove? That in China there is no Sino-Fascism? But then what — communism? Or that he, Derbyshire, knew without Chi, that there is Sino-Fascism in China?

Derbyshire ends his survey by saying “personally, I am not losing any sleep over the opium dreams of an old revolutionary.”

So, the danger of China, if any, is one of the opium dreams of Chi, an old revolutionary? Was the danger from Nazi Germany also just one of such dreams?

Chi’s discourse is obviously supported by the rulers of China but has the appearance of being independent to dispense with diplomatic inconveniences. For if Chi’s “speeches” had been official, all threatened governments, especially those of free countries, would have officially demanded that China officially explain its planned monstrous aggressions.

There are two truths: the official diplomatic position of China and its actual global plans as revealed by Chi.

What is undeniable in Chi’s discourse is the number of people in China, exceeding more than four times the population of the U.S. This means that according to this proportion alone, the military power of China can exceed that of the U.S. four times, other factors being equal.

Yet they are not equal: the population of China is mobilized, and China educates as many as they can for the production and military use of the best latest weapons, including biological weapons. According to Chi, China has been producing and will use biological weapons, avoided in the West even by Hitler.

The Chinese government is publicly diplomatic, while Chi expresses its dangerous intentions as though he were a private person in a free country expressing his private views.

In the 1930s, Stalin began to realize that the Russians needed as propaganda not Marxism-Leninism, but extreme Russian nationalism, which would have included the extermination of Jews had not Stalin died in 1953. Well, China’s propaganda is, yes, Chi’s military globalism.

Sp what is President Barack Obama doing while the population of China is mobilized for its most ruthless war? He recently met for two days in Washington with Chinese representatives to create the American-Chinese “partnership” of the 21st century.

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Chinese Gen. Chi Haotian’s first speech threatening the United States with biological annihilation was reprinted by a Chinese dissident magazine published in the West, The Epoch Times, on Aug. 4, 2005. We Russian dissidents greatly respected dissident Russian magazines, and...
Thursday, 01 October 2009 08:57 AM
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