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China's Plans for World Domination Evolving

By    |   Thursday, 16 July 2009 01:13 PM

Marx and Lenin were writers of thick books about the “proletarian ideology,” and in the spirit of German philosophy. Though Stalin was a Georgian who barely spoke Russian, he also wanted to be a Western intellectual. Mao Zedong was born in a peasant family and his “peasant bias” remained after he, at age 73, staged a determined attempt to reimbue the entire communist party with pristine militancy by pitting youthful “Red Guards” as well as army units against “the party hierarchy.”

In Russia, just as in the West, there was a chasm between “serious” (classical) culture and “pop.” According to the Russian communists, who came to power in 1917 as a result of an armed uprising, the pop culture originated because the poor had been deprived of serious culture.

The first national radio station in Soviet Russia was constructed as an electrical network, supplying every Soviet family with small loudspeakers installed in every household. The radio station transmitted only classical music and other elements of “serious” culture. The trouble was that possibly only a fraction of 1 percent of the population would listen to such programs, and the station had to finally introduce some pop in the expectation that the audience would some day become 100 percent serious.

The Soviet communist connection with classical Russian culture ensured an audience in the West for such “Soviet composers,” inherited from old Russia like Shostakovich and Prokofiev. At the same time, the Soviet forcible indoctrination distorted creative minds into dead stereotypes, paralyzed by the fear of being annihilated.

The Russian communists expected that the world would become communist the same way Russia did. After WWII one quarter of the French voters and one third of the Italian voters voted communist, to say nothing of the countries of eastern Europe, which became “people’s democracies” after Stalin’s march into Europe following his victory over Hitler’s invasion.

Before the mid-1930s, every inhabitant of Soviet Russia had to be a Marxist-Leninist. He or she had to know as the ultimate truth that the essence of life could only be cognized scientifically, the way it was by Marx and Lenin (neither of whom was a scientist). Later Stalin began to introduce Russian nationalism, which ousted more and more “dialectical materialism.” Finally, the Soviet state hymn “The Internationale” was replaced by a hymn that glorified the ancient “great Rus” for “putting together to last forever our union of free republics.”

After Stalin died, his dismissed subordinates told me that Stalin had planned to exterminate Jews and to introduce the Orthodox Christianity with himself as God.

Now, the owners of China realize that, to begin with, no country in the last 10 or 20 years has had a communist movement large enough to stage a coup as in Russia in 1917 or in China in 1949. Hence, in contrast to Soviet communists before the mid-1930s, their Chinese counterparts expect to attain their world power not through the communist uprisings but through world wars of “liberation.”

The population of Russia today is 150 million. It took Stalin about four years to defeat the invasion of Hitler’s Germany. The population of Russia had been too small for the owners of the country to think in terms of a victorious world war.

On the other hand, China’s population of 1.3 billion opens a way to a victorious world war, with post-nuclear super weapons — especially if the free countries behave as did France in 1940. Despite the British defending it, France was conquered by Germany within 1½ months, while in 1914-1918 Germany’s war against France lasted for about four years, and Germany was defeated.

The owners of China need not “serious communists.” As for the respect for “serious communism” in China, it is no doubt relevant that over 54 million Chinese communists have quit the Chinese Communist Party.

Rather, the owners of China need armed forces able to win “world wars” against the free countries. Stalin needed “serious communists” as long as he hoped that communist parties would take over many countries, unite them, and create a communist world (with Stalin at its head no doubt).

But this hope was going away with every passing decade. So the owners of China no longer need “serious communists” as much as they need world warriors able to develop, produce, and use post-nuclear weapons to win a world war against the free countries.

Forcible indoctrination of the Chinese world warriors? They don’t need it to the same degree Stalin needed the forcible indoctrination of his communists. These Chinese warriors are under the severest military discipline. They know that any deviation from an order would mean a ruthless death. Not a single case has been known of the Chinese warriors’ resistance. In the Tiananmen Square case, the warriors annihilated with modern weapons unarmed spokesmen for freedom and against slavery.

Lenin’s slaves were able to repeat “Marxist-Leninist conclusions from the facts” and to persuade their equals that the conclusions were correct. The Chinese world warriors are to obey orders for the extermination of the enemy and make their subordinates obey them. The Chinese war theorists see wars, and in particular a world war, as machines made out of many machines, some of which still have to be made out of humans.

In other words, the final ideology of the owners of China has arrived in a magnificent period in which humans will be slaves — to do what machines cannot yet do.

Also, there has been a trend in Western aristocratic culture to regard a war as a kind of duel, in which certain actions are forbidden as insufficiently fair or noble. The title of the book, “Unrestricted Warfare,” written by two Chinese officers and published in 1999 by PLA Literature and Arts Publishing House in Beijing suggests an end to this trend in China.

General Chi Haotian (between 1993 and 2003 the Minister of National Defense) spoke publicly about the extermination of the civilian population of the United States by biological weapons though they were stopped to be used even at the front and were not used either by Hitler or Stalin in any war.

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Marx and Lenin were writers of thick books about the “proletarian ideology,” and in the spirit of German philosophy. Though Stalin was a Georgian who barely spoke Russian, he also wanted to be a Western intellectual. Mao Zedong was born in a peasant family and his “peasant...
Thursday, 16 July 2009 01:13 PM
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