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Declaring Marijuana Shortage Only Grows More Govt

Declaring Marijuana Shortage Only Grows More Govt
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What a man considers a crisis tells us a lot about his character. In the past governors have declared a state of emergency for hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, droughts, riots, epidemics, crime waves, Trump rallies, and earthquakes.

Evidently in Nevada Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval thinks those problems are too 20th century for him. He’s declared a state of emergency because Nevada is running out of marijuana! Maybe Sandoval had a severe case of the munchies that clouded his thinking or maybe his priorities are just different, but mobilizing the state government because of a "wacky tobaccy" shortage breaks new ground in emphasizing trivialities.

Nevada has legalized the sale of mota for "recreational" uses (are there truthfully any other?) and just two weeks after the chronic crop went on sale retailers began warning their supply is almost down to seeds and stems.

Personally, I question the need for a state of emergency. I was under the impression Mary Jane users were a calm, mellow lot more prone to expressing outrage if stores ran low on Cheetos after a "bake sale." While it was the sellers who were more prone to violence.

Yet blaming the governor for the laughing grass shortage is probably unfair, since he didn’t support dope legalization in the first place. The blame rests on a supposedly "conservative" Republican legislature that let crony capitalism get in the way of the competition they purportedly support.

Nevada has 100 approved marijuana growers and 47 licensed retail outlets. One would think at a ratio of two to one there would be ample supply for all. And if the "conservatives" in the legislature had even a passing acquaintance with the market there would be plenty. Unfortunately the temptation to meddle in the market to protect big campaign contributors was too great to overcome.

(Somehow this is starting to sound more and more like the Obamacare repeal failure.)

According to the Los Angeles Times, the booze industry in Nevada was worried about competition from smoke brokers. It’s one thing to challenge the cartels when marijuana was illegal and well-armed entrepreneurs controlled distribution, but ordering your lobbyist to twist a few legislative arms is no problem.

As a result the legislature supported allowing only liquor wholesalers to move the killer bud from the hydro farms to the retail outlets. In a world where high school kids have no difficulty obtaining left–handed cigarettes, you’d think the legislature could manage a simple transport issue.

Instead they turned it over to the bureaucracy for implementation, which kept the campaign contributions flowing, but not the reefer. Nothing excites a bureaucrat like the opportunity to regulate a virgin industry. First you get to write the rules, then you can cash in by joining the parasite sector and lobbying your old bureaucracy over the rules you established!

You might be under the mistaken impression Nevada is too dry for a swamp, but you would be wrong. 

Out of the 70 alcohol distributors only seven were interested in completing the application process. This indicates one of two market conditions undermined the new program. One, maybe the John Barleycorn cartel wasn’t so concerned about sensimilla shipping after all and the inhale market wasn’t quite the threat to the swallow market that had been feared.

Or the new rules were so complicated and expensive to follow that the liquor distributors decided to stick with what they knew.

Declaring the state of emergency means the state bureaucracy can issue new rules on yerba sales. After the first disaster a chastened bureaucracy could ask the legislature to end the limitation on shippers and let the retailers make their own arrangements as is done in Colorado.

It’s not like they’re requesting permission to run a natural gas pipeline across the state, their goal is just to make it easier to fill a few pipes.

Right now the stores that sell the herb are running low on inventory because of demand from two markets. One is the recreational market and the other is the "medical" marijuana market. Sellers have been "cannabis-izing" the "medical" supply to meet the demand from the just want to have fun crowd, possibly because they were healthier and would put up a bigger fight than the "medical" users.

Now during the "emergency" government opponents and media members will be rounded up, wait that’s in Venezuela. In Nevada the "emergency" allowed the Nevada Tax Commission to expand the definition of who is allowed to transport yerba, although I don’t foresee the regulations loosening enough to certify an illegal with a backpack.

In summary, this is a story of the intersection of two forms of dependence: Nevada residents have learned that indulging in crony capitalism can be just as addictive as indulging in chronic marijuana smoking.

Michael R. Shannon is a commentator, researcher for the League of American Voters, and an award-winning political and advertising consultant with nationwide and international experience. He is author of "Conservative Christian’s Guidebook for Living in Secular Times (Now with added humor!)." Read more of Michael Shannon's reports — Go Here Now.

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Declaring the state of emergency means the state bureaucracy can issue new rules on sales. After the first disaster a chastened bureaucracy could ask the legislature to end the limitation on shippers and let the retailers make their own arrangements as is done in Colorado.
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Tuesday, 08 August 2017 02:55 PM
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