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Closing USDA Would Boost Crops, Banks, and Schools

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It’s difficult to decide which agency is more dangerous to the public: the Veterans Administration (VA) or the Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The USDA damages millions while slowly making their lives miserable by removing flavor from food — all based on bad “science.” It’s no wonder the assisted suicide movement is growing.

And that’s before collateral damage. VA incompetence is confined to the system. There are no entrepreneurs wanting to cash in by building a chain of “Lengthy Wait Clinics.”

Unfortunately empty–headed nutritionists and personal trainers gleefully pass along USDA propaganda and restaurants featuring “tall food” composed of weed-whacker cuttings and tofu tout “lite” menus.

I’m also blaming USDA for sauce put under the entrée instead of over, forcing diners to polish their plate with the poultry if they want to taste the gravy.

The list of processed abominations created on the basis of faulty science makes you want to drown a nutritionist in soymilk.

Food manufacturers gave us Cremora, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, Egg Beaters, turkey bacon and I Can’t Believe I’m Eating This.

Millions were spent on food guidelines that were wrong and dangerous.

It’s enough to make you wonder if our current crop of climate scientists were formerly nutritionists. 

Reduce saturated fat intake to 10 percent? Wrong. Tough grass–fed cattle are better? Wrong. Cut back on salt until corned beef is only a memory? Wrong. Increase carbohydrate intake of until you look like a stuffed shell? Wrong.

We owe our nutrition-Nazi regime to Ancel Keys who misinterpreted the results of a limited study on already sick people.

The Washington Post summarized: “One of his famous charts, from 1953, showed that in the United States, where close to 40 percent of the diet came from fat, people suffered a disproportionate number of heart disease deaths. People in Japan and Italy . . . consumed less fat and died of heart disease less often.”

People in those nations were also bad at football and demonstrated a tendency to lose world wars, which indicates adopting their lifestyle has hidden perils.

But that didn’t stop Keys’ government acolytes. Using food pyramids and tax dollars they waged war on flavor and convinced a trusting public that “low–fat” food was the key to a long and happy life, when in reality it was the key to obesity and diabetes.

According to the Daily Mail: “A new review says evidence from trials did not support the advice. It says it is ‘incomprehensible’ that such advice was introduced for 56 million Britons . . . and 220 million Americans . . . ‘given the contrary results from a small number of unhealthy men.’”

Advocates of a low–carbohydrate diet were met with the same vicious attacks skeptics of low-carbon receive today. I still remember the ridicule heaped on the Atkins’ diet by nutrition “experts” and their followers in the media.

The Mail adds, “A key finding was that total saturated fat, whether measured in the diet or the bloodstream, showed no association with heart disease.”

That explains the waddling of America. Fat in the diet is filling and prevents hunger pangs meaning you can go longer between meals. Carbs don’t, consequently you eat more of the approved pasta and bread with a resulting increase in diabetes and Lane Bryant sales.

We wouldn’t be having a discussion regarding Shamu–sized models if it weren’t for USDA dietary guidelines.

It came to a head this week before the House Committee on Agriculture. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack admitted 40 years of wrong–headed dietary guidelines promulgated by fanatics were, "really about well-informed opinion. I wish there were scientific facts.”

But since facts weren’t available and government experts hold the people who pay their salaries in contempt, guesses leavened with prejudice were enough to upend centuries of eating habits.

Steely-eyed apparatchik Sylvia Burwell, secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), refused to acknowledge the obvious and claimed what without the fake guidelines our obesity crisis would be much worse. Fat chance. Obesity in the general population was lower before steak was ruined.

The 2016 budget for the USDA is a staggering $146 billion. It’s one of the agencies any true conservative candidate for president should pledge to terminate.

Food stamp and WIC money can be turned into block grants administered by the Treasury, using a formula one hopes is more accurate than the Body Mass Index (BMI).

Farmers can grow food unaided. Banks can loan farmers money to buy land. Colleges can teach agriculture.

In the meantime, if USDA fanatical anti-fat crusaders had even a shred of decency, they would crawl to the grave of Dr. Atkins over a carpet of bacon bits and beg his spirit for forgiveness.

Michael R. Shannon is a commentator, researcher (for the League of American Voters), and an award-winning political and advertising consultant with nationwide and international experience. He is author of "Conservative Christian’s Guidebook for Living in Secular Times (Now with added humor!)." Read more of Michael Shannon's reports —
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The 2016 budget for the USDA is a staggering $146 billion. It’s one of the agencies any true conservative candidate for president should pledge to terminate. Farmers can grow food unaided. Banks can loan farmers money to buy land. Colleges can teach agriculture.
GMO Foods, Media Bias, Money
Friday, 09 October 2015 04:43 PM
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