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The Left Is Manipulating the Parkland Kids

The Left Is Manipulating the Parkland Kids
A sign hangs on a fence one at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on February 27, 2018. (Rhona Wise/AFP/Getty Images)

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In the year AD 1212, there were two, separate popular uprisings of children from France and Germany which made-up “the Children’s Crusade” to Jerusalem. The children (numbering in the tens of thousands) were led by two men who proclaimed that they were divinely inspired. The children were to walk to the Holy Land and then peacefully convert the Muslim Kingdoms to Christianity and thusly make the Holy Land available to European pilgrims again. These children believed that they would walk south to the Mediterranean Sea, it would part and they would then walk to Jerusalem. Filled with religious zeal and love, they headed out for Marseilles and Genoa, separately.

Instead of converting anyone, they died in droves crossing the Alps, starved in France, never reached the Holy Land or even the much closer African coast. Those that did reach the Mediterranean were disheartened when the sea did not part and, finally, many of them made the dangerous and deadly trip home. By some accounts, the stubborn ones waited and were finally sold into slavery by their leaders to Tunisian Berber slave traders.

In short, they failed abysmally and were eventually betrayed for profit by the adults leading them.

This should be a cautionary tale for the Parkland kids being feted all across New York and Washington for anti-gun, anti-Trump, anti-Republican views that they are willing to share so long as Ellen, Dan Rather, or CNN is there to congratulate and egg them on. This bunch of drama club kids from Parkland is being orchestrated by zealot adults who will gladly use these kids to advance their religion of gun control. Even former President Obama exhorted them by tweeting: “we have been waiting for you.” Revolting.

The counter protest kids who believe in their Second Amendment rights to own a gun are being actively silenced by Twitter and other social media outlets. They cannot get their accounts verified by Twitter, they are warned that they will be suspended if they challenge the drama club kids’ views on social media, they are not invited to participate on popular TV shows and they refuse to be scripted for CNN “town hall meetings” and so are excluded. Rubio should have been as smart and taken a pass as well.

The most outspoken of these kids is currently leading a well-orchestrated and highly-scripted attack on corporate sponsors of the NRA as a way to burnish his political muscles – muscles he doesn’t have but borrows from his handlers. Unfortunately, he just doesn’t get it. This too will pass and the NRA will survive and possibly thrive on this conflict — it always has. And in the end, this drama club kid will be trying to relive these fifteen minutes for years to come — long after Ellen, Dan Rather, and CNN stops taking his call. He will be forgotten and treated like the proverbial rented horse — rode hard and put-up wet.

Bereft of any issue for the fall campaign other than Trump-hate, the Democrats have seized on this moment to move their agenda and re-energize the faithful to vote and donate. As I demonstrated in my last offering here at Newsmax, the Democrats’ energy has peaked too soon and is on the wane. It will still be much bigger than usual for a midterm election but not big enough to retake Congress — either House — by November without a recharge of enthusiasm and energy. The Democratic Party leaders are hoping that gun control may be just that shot in the arm.

To that end, Soros and his organizations are throwing money all over the place trying to replicate the Parkland drama club kids all across the nation. Certain Unions — especially the Teachers’ Union — are whole-heartedly supporting this effort and guiding the children to a place of conflict. Democrat leaders in cities are actively supporting this modern children’s crusade. It is well-organized, funded, and may possibly be very effective.

The NRA is thought to be a successful stand-in for Republican-bashing and can be demonized in ways that even the Democrats will not use on Republican candidates — but the effect will seamlessly transfer to votes against Republicans. It is clever and could be very successful if the Republicans ignore it.

Using children as a way to get votes and attack Republicans is nothing new for Democrats. I was subjected to it over twenty years ago in Chicago when I was in Congress. Visiting an elementary school by invitation, I had fourth graders used against me. It was heartbreaking. As the kids read the prepared and quite complicated questions to me, the kids spoke haltingly and with fear of the conflict into which they were being forced. I was asked all manner of stupid and embarrassing question prepared by the teacher and given to the kids to read. I moved through them quickly and gave short and easy answers trying to protect the kids. The teacher was obviously hoping that I would blow-up at the kids. I didn’t but that did not stop her.

The trip was followed-up by letters from the kids to my office all copied from the chalkboard and using exactly the same language to excoriate me. Last, I received letters from the parents told by the teacher of what a monster I was to their kids. It is the only time I cried while I was in Congress because you haven’t faced evil until you have gotten orchestrated hate mail from nine-year-olds.

There is a special circle of Dante’s inferno for these teachers but that is cold comfort for addressing the problem at hand — how to fight the argument while still prizing our kids. Personally, I do not want public policy made by actors generally, much-less by pre-actors in the person of teenage drama club kids. But the question remains: how to engage without crushing the kids.

The easy answer is use kids of our own. Find the Parkland kids being excluded from the public square by social media and the networks and invite them in to attack the drama club kids. They would love it and it would be successful. Weaponize all kids and have proxy wars over the issues.

We should resist this as it will corrupt “our” kids as much as the “other” kids are being corrupted. Two wrongs will not make this right. They are all “our” kids and we have to get them back into school debate clubs and out of the public square where they are utterly unarmed and vulnerable to the brutal hardball of politics. We must get these kids out of the adult debate and the landscape of the current politics of personal destruction that accompanies public discourse today. Not one of these kids would survive the attack and we must preserve them from it while engaging and winning the issue. It is a hard problem.

The answer is to shame the “news” outlets for using these kids. The media is even more unpopular than the NRA is and to attack them for their abuse of children is the best strategy. The nation believes them to be moral-less, craven dirtballs already, why not show them for the child-abusers that they are as well. Make Jake Tapper explain how he could possibly use children to foment the issue exposing obviously traumatized kids to the brutality of the political scene. Make Dan Rather explain his cowardice in failing to make the issue himself while hiding behind a kid to do it. Trash the media and their helpers.

This is the only solution and the Republicans need to get on it right away. These kids are not going away. So long as they have traction and success, they will continue to be a presence as Republicans ignore the problem.

Michael Patrick Flanagan represented the 5th District of Illinois in the historic 104th Congress. Prior to his Congressional Service, Michael was commissioned in the United States Army Field Artillery. Michael and his firm, Flanagan Consulting LLC, have represented both large and small corporations, organizations, and associations. In 2009, Michael entered public service again with the United States Department of State in Iraq as the Senior Rule of Law Advisor on the Maysan Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) in Maysan, Iraq. For more of his reports — Click Here Now.

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In the year AD 1212, there were two, separate popular uprisings of children from France and Germany which made-up “the Children’s Crusade” to Jerusalem.
parkland, activists, gun control
Tuesday, 27 February 2018 11:20 AM
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