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Europe's Anti-Semitic Double Standard

Europe's Anti-Semitic Double Standard

By Thursday, 21 November 2019 04:57 PM Current | Bio | Archive

Anti-Semitism has exploded all over Europe. It has become a modern-day plague.

There can be no conversation about the future of Europe without discussion about the role anti-Semitism.

The casual acceptance of European anti-Semitism should worry every person with a moral conscience. It certainly worries all those who monitor worldwide anti-Semitism.

And it worries not only Jewish leadership, it worries the Jews of Europe and their kindred brothers and sisters in the United States and Israel. To say that the safety of Europe's Jews is at stake is to only look at one side of the problem.

European anti-Semitism is a symptom, it is an indicator.

The message behind European anti-Semitism is clear to all who follow history, politics or philosophy. The pattern was established long ago. First comes anti-Semitism, then comes internal implosion. Anti-Semitism is the first sign. The outcome is horrific.

Don't believe me? Think Spain and the Inquisition. Think the Crusades. Think Hitler.

Europe's disdain for and hatred of Israel has been growing.

This worrisome sign, heralding the fall of Europe is no secret.

Europe has a clear proclivity toward the Palestinians and away from Israel. There are many factors that lead to that stance. Liberalism is but one. Support of the underdog is another.

And yet, despite that stance, certain segments of European leadership are still appalled by direct and brutal anti-Semitism.

In their eyes, from their perspective, many European leaders see themselves as honest, up-right and ethical. They perceive themselves as pursuers of justice, as leaders who do the "right thing".

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is one such example. Johnson has announced that, after he wins the upcoming election, fighting anti-Semitism will be a primary goal of his new government. His pledge is real and it is, in many ways, a direct response to the policies and proclivities and blatant anti-Semitism of his political opponent Jeremy Corbyn.

The newly construed Labour Party led by Corbyn is so virulently anti-Semitic that Jewish party members are fleeing. As a result, the party is hemorrhaging — and because they are the Jews who are leaving, Corbyn has done nothing to stay the flow.

Corbyn took control of Labour in 2014 and gave voice to a long dormant sentiment within his party. In 2019, that anti-Semitism sentiment has found a comfortable home in Britain's Labour Party.

The Netherlands is another, unexpected, example.

The Netherlands is taking a stance against what is, to impartial observers, the double standard to which Israel is held on a regular basis. On Tuesday, the Parliament of the Netherlands rejected a decision of the EJC, the European Court of Justice, which serves as the European Union's Court and is located in Luxembourg The Court had ruled that goods made in the West Bank of Israel and sold in Europe may not be labeled "Made in Israel". They must instead be labeled "Made in the West Bank."

According to the ruling, all twenty-eight EU member nations must apply this new standard. Violators risk being fined. Until now, the alternative labeling was only a suggestion.

The Dutch Parliament declared that the labeling decision is a double standard against Israel. The foreign ministry of Israel agrees. And they pointed out that there are over two hundred territorial conflicts in the world today that the EJC is ignoring, concentrating only on them. Israel explained that no other country or region with a conflict is required to have such labels and they will only agree to such a policy when the application includes the others.

The most obvious examples are Crimea, Northern Cyprus, Tibet and Western Sahara.

And then, on Wednesday, the same parliament took it a step further. The Dutch Parliament alsodeclared that they will no longer provide aid to the Palestinian Authority because the PA openly admits to paying terrorists sitting in prison and to the families of terrorists who killed themselves or were killed in terrorist attacks against Israel.

The parliament of Netherlands said that they cannot indirectly sponsor terror. The fact that the PA pays terrorists is indisputable. Palestinian leadership, including President Mahmoud Abbas, proclaim it as such. Abbas even asserts that he will not stop the policy because being a terrorist, or in his words a "martyr" is part of Palestinian culture and pride. It is the moral obligation of Palestinians to fight the occupation.

Despite Europe's support of the underdog, in this case the Palestinians, that affinity would never cross the line to support the murder of innocents and support of terror. And yet, that is what is happening. And so far, only the Netherlands has stood up and said - enough.

Moral lines must be drawn. There is a significant difference between ideological leaders and their followers and political leaders and the masses. Ideological followers might cross that line. Political leaders should not. Boris Johnson and the Dutch Parliament are raising their voices. Kudos to them. But the greater chorus within Europe is still singing the hymn of anti-Semitism.

The voices are growing louder. The plague is spreading further. The outcome does not bode well.

Micah Halpern is a political and foreign affairs commentator. He founded "The Micah Report" and hosts "Thinking Out Loud with Micah Halpern" a weekly TV program and "My Chopp" a daily radio spot. A dynamic speaker, he specializes in analyzing world events and evaluating their relevance and impact. Follow him on Twitter @MicahHalpern. To read more of this reports — Click Here Now.

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Boris Johnson and the Dutch Parliament are raising their voices. Kudos to them. But the greater chorus within Europe is still singing the hymn of anti-Semitism. The voices are growing louder. The plague is spreading further. The outcome does not bode well.
netherlands, palestinians, dutch, ejc
Thursday, 21 November 2019 04:57 PM
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