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Virus Has Societies Ripped Apart

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By Monday, 18 May 2020 10:28 AM Current | Bio | Archive

Without a doubt, whether we like it or not, the coronavirus might have brought an end to society as we know it. Around the world, no longer is there any attempt at civility and decorum from leftist political factions, much less from their blinded followers in different sectors of society.

There is a generalized feeling, that nations are no longer communities of people with common backgrounds and interests, but they are now battlegrounds where certain politicians are waging a scorched earth war for control of power, and honest, hardworking people are trapped in between draconian and oppressive quarantine measures, and local governments' incompetence to adequately respond to the COVID-19 crisis.

It is almost impossible to ignore the nagging feeling that our societies have been ripped along the lines of ideology and that our nations are violently being split in half by those opportunistically seeking to impose socialism on them during this worldwide crisis.

History and Hysteria

In the last decade, mainstream media has shamelessly participated in creating mass hysteria around the world on different issues. Lately, they have ranted incessantly about the need to adhere to a draconian new reality of risk aversion due to the coronavirus, or face apocalypse.

Coincidentally in the USA, said mainstream media, and their comrades (journalists, pundits, and TV-personalities) have relentlessly polluted the internet, print media and radio and TV airwaves with the now debunked Russia Spygate scam. Around the world, freedom of press applies only to those outlets toeing the line of their leftist benefactors or mercenarily becoming apologists to incompetent governments, and as a result, citizens are left in the dark or lost in the fog of politically motivated disinformation and propaganda.

To make matters worse, tech giants are summarily censoring those questioning and unwilling to accept the current narrative in favor of China, the World Health Organization, socialist entitlements, and draconian, long-term quarantine measures. Millions of citizens are being silenced by a powerful elite, reluctant to accept dissention and hundreds of thousands of honest, hardworking people are even being targeted by cult-like groups of socialist, leftist activists for expressing their thoughts, their beliefs or their dissention.

Through fear, panic and hysteria, masses are being manipulated into blind obedience, and those rationally analyzing and demanding their freedoms be respected are being marginalized and pushed not against the ropes, but toward the line where peace ends and war begins.

Balance of measures and response

Around the world, the current dilemma is about shutting down entire countries and economic activity or getting back to normal while facing the overhyped risk of an apocalyptic contagion.

In itself, the above postulate is erroneous, and it is the zero-sum fallacy that leftist, socialist zealots are trying to push governments into. The response to the current COVID-19 crisis is not and should not be an "either/or" situation. Real statesmen, and honest public servants committed to the wellbeing of their people, will muster any and all capabilities and knowledge available to find appropriate, well-balanced, and effective responses to combat this invisible enemy called coronavirus, while allowing their economies to continue running.

It is not an easy task, but it is not impossible. The private sector throughout the world has the common denominator of being powerfully adaptable; people willing to work and prosper are dutifully responsible, and compliant. It is usually the obstinate, bureaucratic governmental Leviathan that hinders the dynamic, problem solving adaptability that our interconnected world requires.

At this point, strategic intelligence becomes crucial for the analysis of scenarios, options and decision-making. Government decision-makers with all available and pertinent intelligence, sustained by private-sector strategists and stakeholders can develop national health and economic response strategies, and COVID-19 mitigating measures.

Finally, any response strategy will require adaptive communication and respectful enforcement plans, to make sure that citizens know and understand what is it that the well-being of the nation demands of them. As the saying in Spanish goes, "Honey gets you more than gall"; the threat of incarceration and/or license cancellation is only going to galvanize certain antagonistic postures. There are other, more effective measures, such as fines and monetary repercussions, that could ensure that citizens adhere to new health and safety protocols. Our pockets are powerful incentives and deterrents.

Deliverance or Defiance

As free citizens of sovereign nations and peaceful societies, we have too much to lose if we don't support and push our governments to feel empowered to explore multiple scenarios and solutions to this worldwide crisis. They need to feel that their people support them and trust them to not cave to fearmongers, socialist agendas and corrupt, power-grabbing schemes.

However, citizens also need to remind those in power that governments are of the people, by the people and for the people, and that the good of the country and our God-given rights, life, liberty, freedom and the pursuit of happiness are priorities to uphold and not to be trampled with.

In these stressful times, a harsh, inconsiderate comment could flare up the tempers of those already affected by lockdowns and mobility restrictions. Yet, an ill-advised, oppressive restriction by a government official might provoke the rage and violent response of citizens desperate to figure out where their families' next meal will be coming from.

Of friends and foes

As stated in a previous article, no other region could prove more important to the USA in the post coronavirus crisis world than Latin America. After the coronavirus crisis is over, countries in the Western Hemisphere will struggle to get their economies back up and running, and economic stagnation will undoubtedly drive migration towards the United States.

However, there is a big opportunity for the U.S. to decide in the very near future which countries in Latin American are allies willing to participate in the design of new regional cooperation and development networks.

There are also ally countries around the world, such as Taiwan and Israel, with vast expertise in sustainable development and health response that could partner with the U.S. in creating in the Western Hemisphere an organization, say an Association of Latin American Nations (ALAN) to promote cooperation and facilitate economic development in the region, and subsequently a free trade promoting Latin America Economic Cooperation (LAEC) forum.

The coronavirus worldwide crisis has created many opportunities — countries, unfortunately — enemies of liberty and peace have also seen them, and are poised to disruptively establish their insidious presence in the Americas. Who will prevail?

Mario Duarte is the youngest and longest serving Secretary of Strategic Intelligence to hold office in Guatemala, as well as one of the youngest intelligence chiefs in the world. His professional credentials include more than 18 years of experience in the fields of intelligence, national security, consulting, and strategy development in several countries. Mr. Duarte earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Houston, MBA from Rice University, postgraduate degree from Ortega Gasset Institute-Spain, and completed his PhD studies in National Security at San Carlos University Guatemala. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram: @mario_a_duarte. Read Mario Duarte's Reports — More Here.

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It is almost impossible to ignore the nagging feeling that our societies have been ripped along the lines of ideology and that our nations are violently being split in half by those opportunistically seeking to impose socialism on them during this worldwide crisis.
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Monday, 18 May 2020 10:28 AM
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