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Why AT&T Wants Time Warner

Why AT&T Wants Time Warner


By Monday, 24 October 2016 10:24 AM Current | Bio | Archive

My first thought upon hearing that AT&T wants to acquire Time Warner for $85 billion: Randall Stephenson, CEO of AT&T, and Jeff Bewkes, CEO of Time Warner, are betting on a Hillary presidency. 


Size matters, especially where cronyism and stagnation reign.

America’s GDP has flatlined. In one of every five American homes, nobody is working. Obamacare — because of skyrocketing premiums, scant medical-procedure coverage, out-of-reach deductibles, and dying exchanges — has cut the options and disposable income for many Americans.

How, then, will these two media behemoths, both of which contributed to the Clinton Foundation, grow their top and bottom lines in the foreseeable future?

Not from a decreasingly prosperous populace; that’s for sure.

If Hillary Clinton wins the Oval Office, she’ll intensify this downward trend.

How, you ask?

Study the empirical consequences of raising taxes, increasing regulations, hiking spending, taking on more debt, opening the borders, and weakening the Constitution – all of which Hillary Clinton will do. Can you say EU?

So, when a company can’t grow from mushrooming demand, what’s next? Find a means to exert control over a shrinking base of well-heeled customers; then, bump up prices.

By combining, AT&TimeWarner will do just that. And worse.

In “The Lip Reader” episode of “Seinfeld,” Jerry was dating a deaf tennis lineswoman (played by Marlee Matlin). When Jerry wouldn’t let Newman borrow her to spy on his allegedly scheming boss at the post office, Newman snarled: “When you control the mail, you control i-n-f-o-r-m-a-t-i-o-n.”

The same is true when you control telephony, television, and news.

Before the federal government broke up AT&T and the Bell System, in 1984, there was no competition for telephones or long-distance service. Had this divorce not occurred, there’d be no iPhone or Vonage or Internet today.

Controlling information means dictating prices and points of view. If not for Wikileaks and Project Veritas, we would not realize the extent of collusion between the Democratic party and NBC, CNN (which Time Warner owns), The New York Times, and The Washington Post.

Donald Trump, in his Gettysburg address, declared that he won’t allow AT&T’s merger to proceed. He also telegraphed that he’ll try to dismantle the Comcast-NBC combo. Too much concentration of power and influence in too few hands.

Based on most polls, in which Hillary is ahead of Trump, I find it astounding how many people are acquiescently resigned to poverty and tyranny as the new norm. They whine and complain about the lack of upward mobility but, in the end, reject the very change that will solve their problem.

What would brighten the futures of AT&T, Time Warner, and all businesses across America is a thriving citizenry — possible only through a big economy and a small government, which go hand in hand.

With true free enterprise, all companies would have to sink or swim on their merits, as determined by discerning customers with cash in their pockets.

Such a scenario, however, requires an abundance of liberty-loving elected and unelected government officials. Sadly, not only are they few in number, those biased, crony-abiding media elites slander and sabotage them.

The good news is that real change and education about capitalism, at all levels of society, can reverse this horrible tide – if people want to reverse it.

But, in a country where universities outlaw “offensive” speech and Halloween costumes, students readily embrace suppression and increasingly influence their parents to do likewise.

We’ll learn soon enough whether AT&T and Time Warner bet correctly.

Marc Rudov is a branding adviser to CEOs, and is the author of "Be Unique or Be Ignored: The CEO's Guide to Branding." He is the founder of MarcRudov.com. For more of his reports, Go Here Now.



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How will these two media behemoths, both of which contributed to the Clinton Foundation, grow their top and bottom lines? Not from a decreasingly prosperous populace, that’s for sure. If Hillary Clinton wins, she’ll intensify this downward trend.
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Monday, 24 October 2016 10:24 AM
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