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'TEA Party' Could Scuttle Democratic Piracy

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“Why do I feel like a ship passing Somalia?” proclaimed a protest sign at one of the hundreds of April 15 tea parties protesting government excesses.

Piratical politicians are hijacking our Ship of State and Constitution, expropriating private property and citizen rights as fast as possible.

Our government is seizing large companies, forcing executives such as the head of General Motors (now Government Motors) to resign; and encouraging protesters to threaten whomever President Barack Obama or Democratic congressional bosses target for demonization.

Obama is creating a permanent corps of at least 250,000 uniformed, paid young people organized in cadres; educated in tactics of radical community activism much like Obama's training of ACORN leaders; and used as ideological shock troops to advance the far left's agenda — all at taxpayer expense.

Ultra-leftist ACORN operatives, widely accused of vote fraud and packing voter rolls, are getting $8 billion of taxpayer money to influence the 2010 U.S. Census.

The census is supposed to be an actual head count of citizens in each community, according to our Constitution. That count is used to apportion how many representatives each state and region send to Congress and determine where government allocates benefits spending.

The 2010 Census, as an ultimate act of gerrymandering, probably will not do an honest enumeration. The Obama administration has indicated that the count will rely heavily on “sampling.” If ACORN counters find 100 residents in a neighborhood that votes heavily Democratic, this “sample” can be interpreted as thousands of invisible residents.

Such sleight of hand can reapportion the entire nation to favor Democratic politicians and lock in their ruling majority for 10 years, after which the same census-rigging tactics can secure Democratic control for another decade, and another, and another.

Democrats also are rushing to nullify democracy by taking away worker rights to a secret ballot over whether to unionize. Unions are pushing “card check,” allowing union toughs to surround and intimidate a lone worker into signing a card approving union representation.

After half of a company's workers have been bullied into signing, the company must begin negotiations with the union. If the union makes no concessions, an Obama administration “negotiator” will impose a contract extremely favorable to the union.

The union then will extort dues from workers, and a fat slice of those dues will become campaign contributions to the Democratic Party and President Obama's re-election campaign. Thus will millions of disenfranchised workers be forced to fund politicians who stole their right to a secret ballot. And thus Democrats will be able to fund their own political campaigns with money taken at gunpoint from workers who oppose them.

In Minnesota, within hours of Democratic demagogue Al Franken’s narrowly losing his challenge to Republican Sen. Norm Coleman, Democratic precinct workers began finding new ballots for Franken in car trunks and other incredible places. A strange recount was done in which an X atop Franken's name was counted as a vote for Franken, but an X atop Coleman's name was counted as a vote against Coleman.

Result: Franken's vote count inched past Coleman's by just over 300 votes, at which point the counting of yet-uncounted ballots was halted.

And now, thanks to The Weekly Standard, we know that the pirate ghost of Florida 2000 helped make this possible. More than 300 military absentee ballots by Minnesotans were thrown out, mostly for arriving “too late” to be counted — but at the same time, mysterious votes for Franken were yet surfacing and being counted. About 2,100 military absentee ballots that were requested somehow disappeared, many supposedly lost in the mail. Do we need to remind you which political party military ballots tend to favor?

But if military veterans take offense at having their ballots tossed by partisan precinct workers, these veterans should remember that they are now under surveillance. President Obama's Department of Homeland Security just issued a study, and sent it to all law enforcement agencies, warning that veterans — along with Obama critics, right-to-lifers, believers in the Second Amendment, tax protesters, those who want to repel the illegal immigrant invasion of our country, and those who “stockpile” food — are potential terrorists and violent “right-wing extremists” for daring to exercise their First Amendment rights.

Yes, this is precisely like the pirates hijacking ships off the coast of Somalia.

Some tea-party protesters used history to drive home the message, with one toting a “WWJD” sign, posing this question “What Would Jefferson Do?”

As our third president, Thomas Jefferson sent Marines against African pirates who were hijacking American ships. One explanation for the Marines’ nickname of “leathernecks” is that they wore thick leather collars that protected their necks from the blows of pirate cutlasses intended to cut off heads. It’s another legacy of their courage and success on the shores of Tripoli.

But what would Jefferson do today to Potomac pirates, ideological socialists, who have hijacked our Ship of State and refuse to abide by the rules of civility, integrity, and bipartisanship that for two centuries gave Americans the confidence to respect our laws?

Conservatives need to reclaim American Revolutionary values, and to turn the TEA – “Taxed Enough Already” — Party into America's biggest political party and movement to rescue our fast-sinking Republic.

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“Why do I feel like a ship passing Somalia?” proclaimed a protest sign at one of the hundreds of April 15 tea parties protesting government excesses.Piratical politicians are hijacking our Ship of State and Constitution, expropriating private property and citizen rights as...
Thursday, 16 April 2009 10:12 AM
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