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'Fairness' and the Smearing of Gov. Palin

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The liberal mainstream media applauds Democratic lawmaker plans to re-impose the “Fairness Doctrine,” a weapon that can be used arbitrarily and politically to stifle free speech or impose left-wing voices into conservative and libertarian talk radio — and perhaps even into conservative and libertarian Internet Web sites.

But how “fair” is the liberal mainstream media?

Consider its coverage of the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. The pro-Barack Obama mainstream media bias thusfar has verged on the obscene.

As even liberal comic and Democratic fundraiser Bill Maher observed, MSNBC hosts Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann have not only been ideological bedfellows with Obama but also have acted as if they “were ready to have sex” with the Democratic presidential standard-bearer. (Matthews’ contract with MSNBC ends next year and likely will not be renewed. This leaves the then-63-year-old Democratic apparatchik free to pursue his dream of running for Senate in his native Pennsylvania. This blond-dyed ambition explains why Matthews has dropped any pretense of fairness and turned his show into a partisan commercial to elect Democrats.)

An honest watchdog group such as the Media Research Center should also document liberal media unfairness by measuring minutes of airtime.

Republicans this week modified their convention schedule only after the mainstream liberal networks announced that their news anchors would give coverage priority to hurricanes, not the elephant gathering in St. Paul.

We all expected major network coverage to be slanted in favor of Democrats and against Republicans, as it has been for more than half a century. But simple “fairness” should mean that the networks would allot a roughly equal number of hours and minutes to Republicans and Democrats.

A minute of major network national airtime is worth how much — $20,000? $50,000? $100,000? more?

But the major networks as well as cable news networks CNN and MSNBC appear to be allocating far fewer minutes of coverage to Republicans.

Given the value of such airtime, this tilt is tantamount, e.g., to General Electric, a major government contractor and the parent company of NBC and MSNBC, giving millions and millions of dollars in campaign contributions to the Democratic Party. Is this fair? Ethical? Even Legal?

Or consider the narrower case of how the liberal mainstream networks have aired anti-GOP rioters, and amplified the attacks and smears by Obama’s supporters and surrogates against Republican standard bearer John McCain’s choice for running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

Gov. Palin has been subjected to one of the most massive and dishonest pile-on smear attacks in the history of liberal media. Its apparent aim: to splatter her with every imaginable kind of mud before the American people can discover how genuinely good and competent she is.

Palin’s experience, these attackers said within minutes of McCain introducing her, is that she was mayor of a town. Almost unmentioned: she is the elected governor of America’s largest state, has been a leader of state commissions overseeing both ethics and oil, and handled all responsibilities so well that her popular approval in Alaska hovers between 80 percent and 90 percent.

Her husband, the liberal media reported, back in the 1980s got a ticket for driving “under the influence.”

This seemingly trivial story is actually the opening wedge of a multi-pronged orchestrated left-wing attack designed to appeal to the racism that has always been at the heart of the Democratic Party.

Palin’s husband, you see, is part Native American. His ancestors include Inuits, i.e., Eskimos. But if this fact enters the news untinted by left-wing bias, it would show Gov. Palin to be inclusive, non-racist, and noble — qualities the media intends to prevent voters from seeing.

The liberal media is therefore falsely implying that Palin’s husband is alcoholic, and from there it will echo those left-wing blogs who paint him with the “drunken Indian” racist stereotype long promoted by Democrats.

The ultra-leftist Daily Kos blog over the weekend declared that Palin’s baby had been born not to her but to her teenage daughter. It published photographs purportedly revealing the daughter’s pregnancy.

That this 17-year-old girl is five months pregnant was widely known in Palin’s hometown, as were plans that she and the baby’s father would soon wed. Centuries before such things became routine in America, in far northern latitudes such as low-birthrate Scandinavia it has been widely accepted that young women demonstrate their fertility before marriage.

Gov. Palin committed no sin here, and to her and her daughter’s credit there has been no thought of aborting the baby.

To his credit Barack Obama has said that attacks on any candidate’s children are out of bounds and that he would fire any member of his staff caught engaging in such attacks.

But Sen. Obama has not repudiated his allies and surrogates at the Daily Kos, nor has he returned any of the millions of campaign dollars this radical left-wing Web site helped raise for his campaign. Can Obama pretend that his hands are clean so long as he continues to grab millions in dirty Daily Kos cash?

The hypocrisy of other left-wing media smears against Palin seems surreal.

Feminist pundits who wanted women to work as male equals now say Palin will have no time for her children if she becomes vice president. But being vice president entails less work than being Alaska’s governor?

Left-wing journalists decry Palin’s “lack of experience” describing it as a disqualification to be vice president. But she has more years in political office than Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. And Palin has executive experience as both a state governor and commander-in-chief of Alaska’s National Guard in America’s only state bordering Russia. The liberal media never mention their candidate’s embarrassing lack of experience.

The liberal media describe Palin as conservative but never identify Obama or his running mate Sen. Joe Biden as liberals.

Such is the “fairness” we will get in an Obama-dominated America.

What would be fair? Observe that John McCain’s hero is President Teddy Roosevelt, who sought re-election via the Bull Moose Party. Sarah Palin hunts and eats moose.

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The liberal mainstream media applauds Democratic lawmaker plans to re-impose the “Fairness Doctrine,” a weapon that can be used arbitrarily and politically to stifle free speech or impose left-wing voices into conservative and libertarian talk radio — and perhaps even into...
Tuesday, 02 September 2008 03:25 PM
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