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Pelosi's 'Christmas Present' — Socialized Medicine

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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi days ago said that she wants a healthcare bill as “a Christmas present” for the American people.

Any Republican lawmaker who said this would immediately be attacked by the liberal media as a member of the dreaded Christian right.

For decades, left-liberals of Ms. Pelosi's stripe have fought against the government spending even a single taxpayer dollar to benefit a particular religion.

Such spending, liberals argue, violates our Constitution's First Amendment prohibition of “an establishment of religion,” i.e., government giving official advantage to any one religion over other faiths.

But now the poster girl for San Francisco left-liberalism has said she wants to spend trillions of taxpayer dollars on “a Christmas present,” a gift celebrating the birthday of Jesus Christ, the central figure and namesake of Christianity.

And Ms. Pelosi said she wants this for “the American people,” implying that all Americans are Christians eager to accept this one religion's ritual Christmas gifts, much as Joseph and Mary accepted gifts brought to the newborn Jesus by the Magi.

By proposing to make socialized medicine a Christmas present, Speaker Pelosi has done worse than violate the traditional liberal dogma that church and state should remain separate.

Ms. Pelosi has also exposed the surreal way her extremely-liberal brain works.

At Christmastime those who give gifts almost always pay for them.

Speaker Pelosi, by contrast, is eager to impose sky-high taxes, costs, and penalties into healthcare law so that those receiving her “Christmas present” will be forced to pay themselves for its inferior, Euro-socialist medical care.

Obamalosicare could be the gift that keeps on — not giving, but taking.

Ms. Pelosi is not really Santa. She is the Grinch trying to steal your, your children's, and their children's future Christmases, liberty, and life savings for generations to come.

The real reason many liberals want to prohibit state support for religion is that they are agnostics and atheists. The godless want their taxes kept away from ministers they disdain.

Today it is fashionable in liberal circles to mock Bible-believing Christians and to look down one's nose at believers as if they all were dupes or simpletons.

Godless liberals smugly declare it irrational to believe in God. But most of these self-righteous leftists, who boast of their sophistication, hold dogmatically to a belief in Santa Claus, and to faith in government's miraculous, but never proven, power to tax and spend nations into prosperity.

Nancy Pelosi, who often wears red just like Saint Nick, believes that she has the right to expropriate as much as she wishes from the fruits of your labor and to redistribute what you earned to others she deems more worthy of these “gifts” than you are.

If you ask left-liberals what they hate most about religious conservatives, one of their most frequent responses is that the religious right “wants to impose its morals on the rest of us.”

But isn't Ms. Pelosi imposing her morality on the rest of us at gunpoint when she uses government coercion to take what you have earned and then gives it as her “gift” to others who did not earn it?

Speaking of hypocrisy and imperiousness, on Saturday, the same day he bowed subserviently to Japan's emperor only three weeks before Dec. 7, Pearl Harbor Day, Barack Obama proclaimed himself to be “America's first Pacific president.”

I write this while looking out on the Pacific Ocean from my office a few miles south of President Richard Nixon's Western White House on the ocean shore in San Clemente, in the state where Nixon was born and raised: California.

President Obama, you might have heard of Richard Nixon. He is the Republican president who “opened the door to China,” the door you are benefitting from this week, the door through which Communist China sends hundreds of billions of dollars to bankroll what prior to your presidency had been the capitalist United States.

Once again Mr. Obama demonstrated his breathtaking ignorance. He also insulted all Californians.

Mr. Obama was born in Hawaii, a state whose several islands have a combined total of 750 miles (and 1,052 “tidal” miles) of shoreline on the Pacific Ocean. California has nearly 100 miles more than Hawaii — 840 miles of shoreline (and 3,427 miles of “tidal” shoreline) on the Pacific Ocean.

Ronald Reagan was born in Illinois but moved to California in the 1930s and lived (for all but his eight years as president) for the rest of his life in the Golden State, which he also served as governor.

Herbert Hoover was born in Iowa but came to Oregon (which has 296 miles of Pacific shoreline) at age 11 and remained on the West Coast until after his graduation from Stanford University.

The Hoover Institution at Stanford is named in his honor. After leaving the presidency, Hoover returned to Palo Alto, Calif., to live out his life.

We therefore could quibble over whether Mr. Obama is America's second or fourth “Pacific President,” but Richard Nixon has a vastly better claim to be first born at the edge of the Pacific Ocean. (If and when Sarah Palin is elected President, she will become the most Pacific commander in chief of all. Alaska, where she was governor, has 5,580 miles, and 31,383 miles of “tidal,” shoreline, more than half of which is on the Pacific Ocean.)

Truth be told, every U.S. president since at least Democrat James Polk, who acquired California and other Western lands for the United States, has been involved to some degree in Pacific policy, trade, and diplomacy.

If Mr. Obama achieves any success in the Pacific sphere, it will be because he stands of the shoulders of much greater presidents who were there before him.

Lowell Ponte is co-host of the radio show “Night-Watch,” heard live nationwide Monday through Friday, 10 p.m. to Midnight Eastern time, on gcnlive.com.

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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi days ago said that she wants a healthcare bill as “a Christmas present” for the American people.Any Republican lawmaker who said this would immediately be attacked by the liberal media as a member of the dreaded Christian right.For decades,...
Monday, 16 November 2009 09:16 AM
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