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McCain Must Attack Obama

By Friday, 10 October 2008 09:55 AM Current | Bio | Archive

I dreamed last night that I brought a camera to the polls on Nov. 4 to record America’s last Election Day.

This, my dream concluded, could be a moment our children will recount in whispers to their children, telling of the day American liberty died, praying as they do so that Big Brother does not overhear them.

The shrines are already being desecrated where we gathered with neighbors for the awe-inspiring ritual of electing or firing our leaders. The ballot boxes are being defiled, and our election stolen.

A new Dark Age appears to be descending. The assassins of our liberty are already among us stealing the power of the people.

Are only mock elections, like those of the late Soviet Union, in our future?

We are now in the midst of a coup d’etat, I saw in my dream. This is an attempt to overthrow the legitimate government of the United States, its Constitution, and our Bill of Rights.

If Barack Obama is declared winner of the vote this Nov. 4 — and if Democrats attain a filibuster-proof 60 seats in the U.S. Senate — Democratic leaders have promised speedy imposition of the “Fairness Doctrine.” This will choke off the free speech of citizens, not only on talk radio but also on the Internet, the only two media where criticism of Democrats can readily be found, and uncensored, unfiltered voices of ordinary people can be heard.

All media could soon become today’s mainstream media, whose mannequins and womannequins dutifully repeat and amplify the Democratic Party line propaganda glorifying Obama and ridiculing Republicans. The entire news media would serve only a daily unbalanced brainwashing from the gibbering monkey faces of Big Brother’s lackeys like Paul Begala, Chris Matthews, and Keith Olbermann.

If Mr. Obama becomes president, all legal investigations into fake voter registrations and vote fraud involving Obama’s ally ACORN in 12 battleground states will be blocked.

These Democrat-allied vote thieves will not only go unpunished, but also be given vast numbers of taxpayer dollars to redouble their massive ballot-box robbery nationwide.

All of America will become Chicago, where four out of every two voters cast their ballots for Democrats.

Every future ballot box will be stuffed, every election stolen, to secure an overwhelming Democratic majority for centuries to come, I dreamed. And the symbolic light of Lady Liberty’s torch will be snuffed out.

Evidence of a very real coup d’etat now underway is everywhere, for those who open their eyes.

In fact, we saw a dress rehearsal for this coup in Al Gore’s nearly-successful attempt to steal a national election with Constitution-contorting help from the justices of Florida’s Supreme Court, all of whom were Democratic appointees.

Democrats thereafter declared George W. Bush’s presidency illegitimate, as we should Obama’s if in 2008 he wins the presidency with the tactics Democrats are using.

In 2008, backed by the left and national media, Barack Obama of Chicago’s Democratic political machine knocked down the vastly better-qualified Sen. Hillary Clinton seized his party’s nomination.

The media refuses to investigate Obama’s highly suspect background, but uses every known technique to denigrate his Republican opponents Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin. Barack Obama now appears to be coasting to victory on the royal barge his bodyguard of journalists is pushing.

McCain deserves a share of blame for this coup. He incessantly won praise from left-liberal journalists by attacking fellow Republicans. He joined ultra-liberal Senator Russ Feingold in creating a law that stifles free speech during the two months before federal elections.

McCain may have done these things to encourage bi-partisanship and cleaner elections, but Democrats cunningly inserted loopholes they could exploit into the McCain-Feingold law. In 2004 the most used loophole was 527 organizations, granted more freedom of political speech than ordinary citizens.

In 2008 the most used circumvention of the spirit of campaign reform has been that the source of contributions of $200 or less need not be identified. Millions of such small contributions from here and overseas anonymously have swelled Obama’s coffers.

Mr. Obama pledged in writing that he would accept the clean, fair rules of public campaign financing if McCain did likewise. Obama reneged on his promise. He has also concealed his medical records and much else besides that in the past has been expected from presidential standard bearers.

But, of course, Obama’s cheerleaders, also known as the mainstream media, make no issue of his relentlessly dishonest, evasive, hypocritical, and secretive behavior. Voters are therefore left to buy a pig in a poke, a presidential candidate with no executive experience and a carefully concealed radical past.

This refusal by journalists to carry out their professional responsibility to be fair and honest as members of the Fourth Estate is almost as terrifying as Obama himself.

“When the mainstream press doesn’t do its job,” former Democratic pollster Pat Caddell said on Thursday of the crooked news slanting by reporters to help elect Obama, “it’s a danger to our country.”

All of us lose a vital safeguard of our rights and freedoms when journalists who are supposed to be even-handed watchdogs of all politicians turn instead into lapdogs serving one political party and sleazy partisan attack dogs snarling at the other party.

Where are the liberal reporters watch-dogging Ohio’s Democratic Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, who in late September suddenly authorized same-day registration and voting, an open invitation to election fraud?

A federal judge Thursday issued a temporary restraining order against Brunner, ordering a halt to her foot-dragging in regard to at least 75,000 names added to Ohio voter rolls by ACORN. These names, if unchallenged and unverified, will in less than a week become unremovable prior to the Nov. 4 election under Ohio law.

Where are journalist questions about same-day and absentee voting fraud? Or about Oregon’s elections entirely by mail, where members of the letter carrier union can decide whose mail arrives for counting and whose does not?

Where are the reporter questions asking Barack Obama why he has been the Senate’s second biggest recipient of Fannie Mae-Freddie Mac political contributions? Or about ACORN’s role in promoting and generating all the subprime loans — 5 million of which went to illegal aliens?

Or about Obama’s history as ACORN’s lawyer, trainer of its leaders in confrontation tactics, and head of its Illinois voter registration program? And how have Obama’s lawyers just gotten National Rifle Association ads pulled off the air in Pennsylvania?

Hundreds of such questions ought to be directed at Senator Obama, but unless Sen. McCain attacks Mr. Obama and his media comrades in next Wednesday’s debate, Obama will win the election.

Obama’s media allies have tried to stifle McCain by repeatedly saying that any passionate challenge to Obama would show that McCain is too “hotheaded,” “reckless,” or “angry” to be president. As former Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson said on Thursday, “Democrats have done a good job neutering McCain.”

If McCain has been neutered and lacks what it takes to go on offense, I fear our democratic republic will almost certainly die on Nov 4.

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I dreamed last night that I brought a camera to the polls on Nov. 4 to record America’s last Election Day. This, my dream concluded, could be a moment our children will recount in whispers to their children, telling of the day American liberty died, praying as they do so...
Friday, 10 October 2008 09:55 AM
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