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Minnesota Recount Goes Banana Republic

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Is Al Gore right about the world’s getting warmer?

It might be so, because what used to be one of America's most frigid states, Minnesota, has become a banana republic.

In banana republics, elections are held. Citizens cast ballots. But the vote counts are rigged, and elections routinely are stolen in high-handed, brazen, and dictatorial ways.

The transformation of Minnesota into a banana republic was completed this week when its secretary of state certified that radical comic Al Franken won a recount of November's votes, narrowly defeating incumbent U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman.

By early next week Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid could attempt to seat his ideological comrade Franken as Minnesota's new senator, despite Coleman's legal challenge — a political fait accompli that many judges would be reluctant to reverse.

Franken's successful seating would bring the Democratic Senate majority to within an inch of having enough votes to choke off any future filibuster.

The filibuster is the only tool minority Republicans have left to prevent Democrats from wielding total power over both houses of Congress and the White House.

Franken's vote in the Senate could be the key that turns the federal government into an unrestrained one-party dictatorship, the kind of government found in countries that have gone bananas.

On election night, despite Democratic Sen. Barack Obama's substantial margin in Minnesota’s presidential voting, Republican Sen. Norm Coleman appeared to retain his seat by 725 votes.

Within hours, however, some strongly Democrat precincts in the state's northeast around Duluth began revising their reported totals and discovering mysterious new votes —almost all of which added to Franken's total.

In one notorious case, a partisan Democrat precinct chief reportedly discovered a pile of absentee ballots in the trunk of her own car. All of these, according to early reports, were votes for Franken. She later denied that the ballots had been beyond the control of safeguards designed to prevent ballot tampering, and she denied that all had been votes for Franken.

Franken-leaning counties rushed to submit 1,350 absentee ballots to be counted by the state Canvassing Board that on Election Day had been rejected as defective or improper.

The selection of the Canvassing Board and the recount were controlled by Secretary of State Mark Ritchie, an ultra-liberal Democrat with close ties to the controversial far-left activist group ACORN.

It is no accident that such an extremist came to control this recount in the Land of the Loon, as my Newsmax colleague David A. Patten reported Dec. 22.

Following Vice President Al Gore's narrow defeat in the 2000 presidential race, wrote Patten, wealthy radical leftists created the Secretary of State Project (SoS), “whose express purpose is to seed state election bureaucracies nationwide with partisan activists — Ritchie among them — who are strategically positioned to influence the outcome of close recounts like the one now under way in Minnesota.”

One of the biggest funders of the left's Secretary of State Project is Hungary-born eccentric billionaire and global currency manipulator George Soros, a radical obsessed with defeating Republicans because he fears America being too strong in the world.

In 2006 Ritchie was narrowly elected secretary of state, an office that most Gopher State voters deemed of little importance. He won with strong propaganda support from ACORN and financial support from Soros and organizations Soros helps bankroll, such as MoveOn.org. Ritchie was quick to thank the Secretary of State Project and its donors for his victory.

Ritchie is now repaying his left-wing masters a thousand fold, using his position to help give his fellow Democrats monolithic control of the U.S. government.

This is what conservative radio talk host Hugh Hewitt warned about in his 2004 book “If It's Not Close, They Can't Cheat.”

How can a vote recount be rigged? The recount Ritchie ran in Minnesota will be studied in future political war colleges as a textbook example of the many ways this can be done.

In dozens of Minnesota precincts that boosted Franken's totals, the total vote was higher than the number of people who signed in as voters or absentee ballots. The apparent reason, as even State Supreme Court Justice G. Barry Anderson, a Canvassing Board member, acknowledged, is that “very likely there was a double counting” of spoiled original and legally required duplicate ballots.

But instead of challenging this, the liberal Canvassing Board simply accepted the vote totals — both defective originals and duplicate doppelganger votes — without questioning local officials.

Coleman called for postponing the recount until uniform standards for what did and did not count were adopted, but Ritchie slapped his request aside. Soon thereafter, Ritchie went bananas pushing double standards for vote recounting that almost always favored Franken and took votes away from Coleman.

If a ballot was marked with an X across the fill-in box beside Coleman's name, this by Ritchie's determination meant that the voter was crossing out his vote for Coleman. But when a ballot's X was in the box next to Franken's name, Ritchie determined that this meant the voter wanted to vote emphatically for Franken.

By such machinations the Ritchie recount turned a 750-vote margin for incumbent Republican Coleman into a 225-vote margin of victory for Al Franken, former failed talk host for Air America Radio and minor star on NBC's comedy show “Saturday Night Live.”

The text he wrote to introduce his skit on “Saturday Night” on Oct. 21, 1978, read: “Franken and Davis are International Communist revolutionaries, calling for the overthrow of the U.S. Gov’t — they act out the campaign of two corrupt nominees for congress.”

A 1978 SNL skit introduction authored by Franken read: “’The Franken & Davis Show’ is brought to you by the International Communist Party: Sooner or later, you’ll be a Communist. And now . . . here’s Al & Tom.”

Communism murdered 100 million people and, like its socialist near-twin Nazism, is nothing to make friendly jokes about. But Franken at least honestly identified his political ideology three decades ago.

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Is Al Gore right about the world’s getting warmer?It might be so, because what used to be one of America's most frigid states, Minnesota, has become a banana republic.In banana republics, elections are held. Citizens cast ballots. But the vote counts are rigged, and...
Wednesday, 07 January 2009 09:47 AM
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