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Mayor Bloomberg's Next Crusade?

By Wednesday, 13 March 2013 11:04 AM Current | Bio | Archive

Lacking New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's superior intelligence, a small-minded judge has permanently enjoined his magnificent effort to restrict the size of glasses in which restaurants may sell sugary soft drinks, also known as "liquid candy."

Mayor Bloomberg will never let this derail his paternalistic efforts to become America's national nanny statist, the loco who seeks to rule the rest of us en loco parentis, in place of our parents.

He apparently believes that he was born to rule the rest of us.

What will be Bloomberg's next crusade to enforce his eccentric morality on everyone?

Everyone knows that the sun's radiation can kill. It already causes thousands of fatal cases of melanoma skin cancer every year.

Mayor Bloomberg should demand a large darkened dome over Gotham, the shadow of which would block out this dangerous radiation.

Until sufficient taxes can be gathered to build the Bloomberg Dome, he could restrict all outdoor exposure to the sun's deadly radiation.

Central Park could be closed, along with the skating rink at Rockefeller Center and all other places where infantile New Yorkers go to "soak up some rays" from our blazing nearest star.

All restaurants, offices, buses, taxicabs, and private homes could be required to cover their windows to prevent sunshine from reaching human skin.

Where city employees must work outside BD (Before the Dome), laws could require all to wear the equivalent of Afghan full-body burkas with dark sunglasses that block out sunlight.

The proper model for a sunlight-safe Bloomberg future is the New York City subway system, where people can live safely like gophers, moles or the subterranean Morlocks in his fellow collectivist H.G. Wells' story "The Time Machine."

This underground utopia will protect Bloomberg serfs against Sunshine. All that then remains to do is remove the compact fluorescent bulbs that former Vice President Al Gore imposed, a large share of which emit Ultraviolet C band radiation that can also cause deadly melanomas.

The Rube Bloomberg unanticipated consequences when political megalomaniacs impose their capricious values on the populace at government gunpoint are nearly limitless.

Given Mayor Bloomberg's avowed passion for preserving life and health, one might think that he would favor laws against bigger hazards than the mere sugar, salt, trans-fats, cigarettes, and firearms he has been zealous to restrict or banish.

High-risk sexual behavior, for example, continues to kill millions through sexually transmitted diseases. Yet Mayor Bloomberg has done nothing to outlaw, or even to stigmatize or impose compensatory high taxes on such behavior.

Irresponsible sexual behavior also produces unwanted pregnancies, millions of which have been terminated by the extreme prejudice of abortions. Why has not Mayor Bloomberg acted to prevent this widespread and deliberate slaughter of unborn humans?

On the contrary, Mayor Bloomberg defends both high-risk sexual behavior and abortion as the right of individual free choice.

Yet he does not extend this same pro-choice view to those consuming trans-fats, salt, or sugar, because, he argues, such choices increase the cost of the welfare state. Thus welfare makes tyrants of taxpayers who are required to pay for the self-destructive choices of others.

This instead should be an argument to abolish the enslaving welfare state, not individual liberty.

As for Mayor Bloomberg's hypocrisy: if it weren't for double standards, liberals would have no standards at all. No wonder the self-righteous left prefers to stifle freedom in Politically Correct darkness.

With 80 percent of New York City high school graduates unable to read at a 12th Grade level, a voting majority has been dumbed down enough to accept the ultimate liberal idea: "Life is just a sexually transmitted, always-fatal disease."

The trouble for Mayor Bloomberg's smug paternalism is that his own liberal dogma leads to a logical pagan conclusion: "Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die." Outlawing soda pop will not make us immortal. My life belongs to me.

As we used to say during the 1960s, "When little men cast large shadows, you know the sun is setting."

President Ronald Reagan endeavored to restore Morning in America. But Mayor Bloomberg and his ideological comrades, including President Barack Obama, are dragging America down into a freedom-chilling evening twilight zone and the start of an anti-Enlightenment new Dark Age.

Lowell Ponte is co-author, with Craig R. Smith, of "Crashing the Dollar: How to Survive a Global Currency Collapse"; "The Inflation Deception: Six Ways Government Tricks Us . . . And Seven Ways to Stop It"; and "Re-Making Money: Ways to Restore America's Optimistic Golden Age." For a limited time, you can get a free postpaid copy of his new book "The Great Debasement: The 100-Year Dying of the Dollar and How to Get America's Money Back" by calling 800-630-1494. Read more reports from Lowell Ponte — Click Here Now.

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Lacking New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's superior intelligence, a small-minded judge has permanently enjoined his magnificent effort to restrict the size of glasses in which restaurants may sell sugary soft drinks, also known as "liquid candy."
Wednesday, 13 March 2013 11:04 AM
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