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Despite Earth Day, We May Need Greenhouse Gases

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Earth Day is at its root more red than green, a fact we never should forget when considering the people behind this secular holiday and the causes it is used to promote.

One of the self-identified "founders" of Earth Day, Bay Area activist John McConnell, has written that, in 1969, he proposed to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors a new holiday to be called Earth Day on the first day of spring, the Equinox, around March 21.

But in 1970, McConnell wrote, local anti-Vietnam War and Environmental Teach-in activists "who were planning a one-time event for April 22, also decided to call their event Earth Day."

This unnamed "one-time event" in 1970 was the 100th birthday of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov — Lenin — founder of the Soviet Union.

In 1970, Lenin was the patron saint of the North Vietnamese communists, such as Ho Chi Minh, America was fighting.

And Lenin apparently is the patron saint of the Marxist vanguard of American activists whose anti-war activities were helping their comrades win in Southeast Asia. These same far-left activists now impose political correctness throughout America's colleges, universities, and media.

Liberal politicians and journalists embraced April 22 and have striven to make Earth Day a second May Day to propagandize against capitalism, private property, and individualism.

Is it coincidence that every Earth Day falls on Lenin’s birthday?

Sincere environmentalists who objected that Lenin’s Soviet Union was a despoiler of the natural ecology of Russia, a diverter of rivers and polluter of ecosystems, have been ignored or silenced.

All requests by genuine environmentalists to change Earth Day’s date, as one logically would do if a holiday had been placed accidentally on the birthday of a socialist dictator and mass murderer such as Adolf Hitler or Lenin, have been rebuffed harshly.

Despite the success of the watermelons (green outside, red inside) in turning Earth Day into a propaganda vehicle to advance world socialism, they have seen its anti-American impact ebb and even begin reversing.

Earth Day is being co-opted by American corporations to sell “green” merchandise and to “green up” their image to those who have been brainwashed for almost 40 years in government schools where the only Three R’s taught are racism, reproduction, and recycling.

One ideological aim of Earth Day was to frighten sheep-like people into surrendering their freedom to collectivists and their earnings to environmental taxes.

Socialist Europe desperately wants to herd or stampede the United States into Kyoto Treaty-like climate agreements so our industries can be chained by the same environmental rules and taxes that make European businesses uncompetitive around the world.

If Europeans genuinely believe in global warming, then why do so few EU countries meet the greenhouse gas reductions they agreed to in Kyoto?

Why did European countries agree to no greenhouse gas restrictions on Third World countries Mexico, India, and Communist China (which fires up a new coal-burning power plant every week and will do this for the next 10 years)?

During the 1970s, global climate change was a major fear — not warming, but cooling and a new ice age.

Today, three decades later, the fashionable fear promoted on Earth Day is global warming. Few in the liberal media mention that those doomsayers who with dogmatic certitude predicted an ice era during the 1970s today are warning — with equally smug certitude — about melting polar icecaps and a 400-foot rise in global sea levels.

Here, too, Earth Day has become at best a symbolic environmentalism, and at worst a platform for zealots, charlatans, and those using public fear to gain money and power for themselves.

Whatever global warming has happened since the late 1970s halted in 1998. Satellite measurements show that Earth has cooled for the past five years.

But far more frightening to global warming zealots, National Aeronautics and Space Administration solar physicist Dean Pesnell announced this month that no sunspots were observed on 266 of the 366 days in 2008, the lowest number observed since 1913. This sunspots scarcity has continued this year.

We are supposed to be at or near the peak of the 11.4 -year sunspot cycle, but almost no sunspots have appeared.

Politicized climate scientists know, but dare not risk their government careers by saying, that our local star, the Sun, source of nearly all of Earth's warmth and light, appears to be changing in a way that soon could make our planet's climate significantly colder.

The Sun's brightness has dimmed by .02 percent at visible wavelengths and by 6 percent at extreme ultraviolet wavelengths since the sunspot cycle hit its minimum in 1996, according to NASA data.

Although researchers speak of a “solar constant” of energy reaching Earth, our spacecraft beginning with Solar Max have confirmed that our Sun is not constant, that it is a variable star whose light flickers slightly like a candle in the wind.

Even a tiny change of less than one percent in the Sun's radiant output could dramatically warm or cool Earth's climate.

Our spacecraft have found that the Sun tends to burn a wee bit hotter when its face is pockmarked with lots of the dark magnetic pairs, cooler regions we call sunspots.

Today's few sunspots could mean slightly less solar output. A few centuries ago, from 1645 to 1715, astronomers recorded very low sunspot numbers — and almost no sunspots for decades at the end of the 1600s.

During this “Maunder Minimum,” winters brought record cold to London, and people could walk from one side of the English capital to the other across the hard-frozen ice that covered the river Thames.

The plunge in sunspots could herald the end of a century or so of higher-than-usual solar output and the start of 900 years of severely colder climate. If so, our salvation could be in the very greenhouse gases leftists are rushing to banish and make the target of lawsuits by their lawyer comrades.

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Earth Day is at its root more red than green, a fact we never should forget when considering the people behind this secular holiday and the causes it is used to promote.One of the self-identified "founders" of Earth Day, Bay Area activist John McConnell, has written that,...
Wednesday, 22 April 2009 12:21 PM
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