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Boxer Aims for Calif.'s Economic Suicide

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How each state and locality votes on Nov. 2 will cause a huge redistribution in our nation's wealth and income.

In California, for example, the top candidates now leading in the polls should be called the "job-killer-bees."

These bees are incumbent Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer and the once, and apparently future, Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown.

Brown has been airing ads on Golden State TV and radio stations to tell voters that his Republican opponent Meg Whitman is wealthy and voices universal Republican ideas, and should therefore be rejected.

Will voters be smart enough to ask where failed former Gov. Brown is getting his many tens of millions of dollars for this massive ad blitz?

Could their mountains of money for their propaganda ads have come from the dues of public employee union members?

Can you guess what special interest Brown and Boxer will serve if elected? Or how many more government departments will be forcibly unionized?

California in recent years has suffered a "reverse gold rush."

Companies have been fleeing the once-Golden State as taxes and regulations have soared to pay for vast welfare benefits in what has virtually become the first state not just of "sanctuary cities" for illegal aliens, but America's first quasi-official "sanctuary state" for illegals.

Unemployment in California is around 12.4 percent — nearly 3 percent higher than the national average.

If Brown and Boxer win on Nov. 2, the rush of employers leaving California will become a stampede.

Democrats, after many decades of legislative one-party rule, do not care.

Democrats put Proposition 25 on the state ballot, a profoundly deceptive measure designed to trick voters into ending the only toehold on power of Republican lawmakers — a constitutional provision requiring a two-thirds vote to pass the state budget.

If Proposition 25 passes, this last safeguard preventing absolute Democratic power in California will be gone.

Wherever you live, the fate of California will touch you.

Ruling Democrats here assume that Washington, D.C., sees California as "too big to fail" and will be forced to bail it out with hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars from the other 49 states.

California has 36 million residents, nearly 12 percent of the entire U.S. population.

Once upon a time California by itself, if a nation, would have been the seventh largest economy on earth.

But now this state, named for mythical Queen Califia and her magic island of talking animals, has become a failed socialist welfare state whose economy is in a death spiral.

Will its voters on Nov. 2 pass Proposition 19, a measure to legalize marijuana?

Billionaire George Soros has helped bankroll this measure, apparently as part of his plan to end American dominance in the world.

Many California voters already share the Democratic Party's hallucinatory fantasy that the state can tax, borrow, and spend its way to prosperity.

If a Statue of Liberty were erected by the California Legislature today in San Francisco, the new Lady of the Harbor would hold aloft not a torch of enlightenment but a smoking and guttering marijuana cigarette.

This state that once attracted Gold Rush 1849ers expecting to get rich quick, and later seduced 1969ers to the dope dens of Haight-Ashbury and sin dens of the Castro District, has become a place where everybody wants to ride in the welfare wagon that fewer and fewer producers are staying to pull.

Is California the future of America?

If Californians vote on Tuesday to move back towards sanity, then its old dream of opportunity might again attract companies, entrepreneurs and their gold.

But if Californians vote for the job-killer-bees, Boxer and Brown, then investors worldwide will see California as America's new Rust Belt, a place ruled by leftist demagogues and parasites.

No sane person or company would invest their savings, hire people, or buy a home in such a California.

On Nov. 2 Americans everywhere will likewise be voting for their economic future in this way.

States and localities that vote Democratic will become poorer as investors vote with their feet to flee. States and localities that vote Republican will attract new investors and become more prosperous.

If Democrats retain control of Congress, thereby endorsing President Barack Obama's Eurosocialism, then get ready for huge numbers of jobs and companies to move out of this country.

Yes, this election will redistribute the nation's wealth.

And some states, probably including California, will continue to commit slow economic suicide.

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How each state and locality votes on Nov. 2 will cause a huge redistribution in our nation's wealth and income. In California, for example, the top candidates now leading in the polls should be called the job-killer-bees. These bees are incumbent Democratic Sen....
Wednesday, 27 October 2010 09:40 AM
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