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Obama Leads the Racism Party

By Thursday, 07 August 2008 09:37 AM Current | Bio | Archive

“I am not a racist,” snapped former President Bill Clinton angrily days ago on ABC-TV, sounding remarkably like another president with whom he has often been compared, Richard Nixon, remembered for saying with equal honesty, “I am not a crook.”

If by “racist” one means those who believe that certain groups of people are inherently superior to others of a different dermal hue, then most would agree that Bill Clinton is not a racist.

But if by “racist” one means those who politically grant certain groups a social position of privilege or superiority over others solely because of skin color, then many Democrats are among the most racist people who have ever lived.

The Democratic Party, we must never forget, is historically the party of slave owners.

Today the skin colors Democrats favor have changed from white to black and brown, but the party’s cynical never-ending political game of divide-and-conquer, polarizing people into artificial racial groups and pitting them against one another to win elections, remains unchanged.

Can Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, son of an African father and a politically radical white mother from Kansas as the presumptive Democratic presidential standard-bearer, lift America to an era of post-racial politics?

The chances of this happening, as early Obama enthusiasts hoped, now seem to be evaporating as fast as his standing in public opinion polls.

Critics of racial preferences usually argue that liberal “reverse racism,” intended as a kind of reparation for wrongs committed against ancestors, creates other injustices and resentments today.

The young black student who would succeed in an ordinary college, say critics, is jumped ahead of better qualified applicants and admitted to Harvard or Yale, where he all too often is in over his head and fails.

Barack Obama was probably given preferential admission to Harvard Law School, but he had the intelligence and determination to succeed brilliantly.

The question now before voters, however, is whether we want to make an affirmative action hire for our president, commander in chief, and leader of the Free World.

However articulate Mr. Obama may be, he is untested. He is still in his first term as a U.S. senator, and if we subtract the time he has spent on the road running for president his total experience inside the Senate adds up to less than 180 days.

Prior to that, Obama’s sole experience in public office was eight years in the Illinois Legislature serving the most disreputable big city political bosses in America, the Democratic machine in Chicago. Is this a presidential qualification — or a disqualification?

Sen. Obama’s legislative accomplishments are almost zero, as are examples of his reaching across the aisle in a bipartisan way or of showing the independence to go against the ruling left-liberal elite of his own party on any issue. What shine he has comes from speeches, not actual achievements, and as the old saying goes: “Talk is cheap.”

His GOP rival, Sen. John McCain of Arizona, may be more like a moderate Democrat than a conservative Republican. But at least McCain has a quarter-century of experience in Washington, D.C., and is respected on both sides of the aisle.

On July 29, liberal Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen wrote that he finds it easy to cite multiple examples of McCain’s political courage and bipartisanship “that elicit my admiration, even my awe.”

With Obama, by contrast, the closer you look the emptier his suit becomes. “I know that Barack Obama is a near-perfect political package,” wrote Cohen. “I’m still not sure, though, what’s in it.”

Until recently, Barack Obama was a blank slate onto which people could project their fantasies and wishes. But as mainstream liberal reporters lash back at Obama’s imperious attempts to manipulate them, and as alternative media investigates his past, his Teflon is beginning to peel off.

Obama’s ideology is left-wing radicalism, and no matter how moderate the promises he makes to get elected, as president, he will revert to his default radical views.

We can infer Obama’s views not only from his own activist past and far-left voting record, but also from his mentors. Those mentors range from anti-American Rev. Jeremiah Wright to a domestic terrorist Weatherman bomber to Communist Party USA writer Frank Marshall Davis at whose knee Obama learned radicalism as a young man in Hawaii.

Even while campaigning to win moderate votes, Obama has proposed confiscatory taxation of oil companies. He calls for redistribution of this expropriated capitalist wealth to ordinary Americans (presumably on socialist playwright George Bernard Shaw’s theory that “those who rob Peter to pay Paul can always count on Paul’s support” and votes). And he advocates redistribution of America’s wealth to the Third World via the Global Poverty Act and the United Nations.

Like other Democrats, Sen. Obama’s voodoo socialist belief is that we can tax and spend our way to prosperity.

On Aug. 7 voters in the Ninth District in Memphis, Tenn., will vote in the Democratic primary to choose between incumbent Democratic Congressman Stephen Cohen and African-American lawyer Nikki Turner. Turner is the racist in this race, smearing Cohen with an ad absurdly implying that he supports the Ku Klux Klan.

Rep. Cohen’s real sin is being a white man and Jew representing a 60 percent black district. The Congressional Black Caucus, which denied Cohen’s membership request, endorsed Turner. The House Democratic leadership days ago passed Cohen’s bill giving formal congressional apology for slavery, apparently to help him win re-election.

Honest congressional Democrats should apologize for their party’s vile racist history and resign to atone for its evil. But instead, Democrats in the Los Angeles government that same month prohibited new fast food restaurants in black neighborhoods, patronizingly treating African-Americans like children whose food choices must be controlled.

The racist Democratic Party never really changes. And Barack Obama never defended Congressman Cohen from the black racists and anti-Semites of Memphis.

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“I am not a racist,” snapped former President Bill Clinton angrily days ago on ABC-TV, sounding remarkably like another president with whom he has often been compared, Richard Nixon, remembered for saying with equal honesty, “I am not a crook.”If by “racist” one means those...
Thursday, 07 August 2008 09:37 AM
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