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Obama-Media Lovefest Continues

By Friday, 19 June 2009 12:10 PM Current | Bio | Archive

On June 24 ABC television is giving one-and-one-half hours of prime evening airtime to President Barack Obama to promote his statist plan for changing America's healthcare.

Critics have rightly called this unfair. The presentations will be worse than slanted, giving not a single second to Republican lawmakers or other knowledgeable opponents of the Obama plan.

ABC has even refused to sell so much as one second of airtime for an ad during these programs that points to potential problems and unmentioned costs of the president's plan.

No thoughtful person expects fairness from the liberal mainstream media.

From ABC we are accustomed to seeing propaganda such as its “Earth 2100” earlier this month, ABC's version of Al Gore's “An Inconvenient Truth,” depicting global warming doomsday with not a dissenting word from the hundreds of skeptical climate scientists.

ABC is the network whose then-reporter Mark Halperin in 1992 secretly gave a Clinton document it obtained to Clinton apparatchik George Stephanopoulos to help the Democratic candidate win the presidential election. When this came to light, ABC did not fire Halperin.

On the contrary, ABC went on to hire liberal Stephanopoulos to take over its once-prestigious Sunday news program “This Week” and to pack its pundit panel to reduce the network's token conservative George Will to only a few seconds of speaking time per week.

But hope springs eternal, encouraged this spring by ABC's animated prime time series “The Goode Family” that mocks air-headed extreme environmentalists and Political Correctness. It had begun airing on Wednesday nights, the very weeknight preempted by the June 24 Obama infomercials.

These infomercials, in effect a campaign donation worth tens of millions of dollars by ABC owner The Walt Disney Company for President Obama's re-election, will be set in the White House.

But instead of talking about media bias and socialized medicine, this column dares to ask (albeit a bit tongue in cheek) about the health of those now living there and the example they are setting for America.

President Barack Obama is the very picture of fitness. At 6 feet 1 inch he weighs a pencil-thin 155-165 pounds according to expert estimates, a svelte leader worthy of emulation in a country where two of every three Americans are overweight or obese.

How does he stay so thin? Good genes, discipline, careful eating and exercise are almost certainly factors.

But at least in the recent past so, too, was Mr. Obama's smoking. If he still lights up, he has done so as president out of the sight of news cameras. This undoubtedly was done in part to avoid tempting young people to take up tobacco.

Los Angeles Times columnist Meghan Daum recently urged President Obama to “show us you're real. Light up just once and let a photographer catch you . . . Why not let us see you being less than perfect?”

(Meghan, have you forgotten how tongue-tied and “imperfect” the president looks whenever his teleprompter breaks down?)

Under British or Canadian socialized medicine, Mr. Obama might be refused treatment for certain conditions unless he could prove he is not a smoker.

First lady Michelle Obama is also fit, in part reportedly through weight lifting. She stands nearly 5 feet 11 inches, reportedly wears size 12 dresses, and probably tips the scales at an expert-estimated 145-160 pounds.

Although it fits a negative racial stereotype popularly used in recent African-American movie comedies, in the Obamas we may have a wife who weighs more than her husband.

This has not happened since petite President James Madison and his solidly-built wife Dolly were in the White House two centuries ago.

Ms. Obama has said that her favorite food is French fries, a pander designed to win the hearts of working folks in America as well as Europeans.

Although wonderfully tasty, French fries are not a classic health food. They are potatoes fried in oil or fat. And potatoes, along with tomatoes and peppers, are of the nightshade family whose chemicals are said to exacerbate arthritis symptoms in many who eat them.

This is not an ideal example of health for America, even if home-grown in the Obamas' exemplary White House organic garden.

And now the White House is infested with flies. (No wonder he keeps the White House visitor list secret from the press!)

President Obama killed one of the pesky insects during an interview with CNBC, striking it with cat-like speed and then gloating: “That was pretty impressive, wasn't it? I got the sucker.”

This incident drew wrath from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) but admiration from the mainstream media. The Associated Press announced that “there's a new SWAT team at the White House — and it's Barack Obama.”

The New York Times waxed rhapsodically about “the First Exterminator personally enforcing a no-fly zone in the West Wing.”

The flies arrived through vents opened in the West Wing, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel told the Times.

Obama senior adviser David Axelrod instead blamed staff members for forgetting to close unscreened windows.

Both the Jewish Bible (2 Kings 1:2-3, 6, 16) and Jesus in the Christian Bible (Matthew 12:24, 27; Luke 11:15, 18-19) make reference to the pagan god of the Philistine city Ekron, Ba'al-zvuv, whose name has come down to us as Beelzebub, “Lord of the Flies,” a demonic name associated with Lucifer.

Lord of the Flies became the title of a famous novel by Nobel laureate William Golding, the story of British schoolboys stranded on a desert island. The boys separate into tribal identities and, thus balkanized, wreak havoc on one another as civilized boys lose their morality and revert to savagery.

Any similarity between this novel and what President Obama and his identity politics of class envy and racial polarization are doing to tear our nation apart is purely coincidental.

Lowell Ponte is co-host of the radio show “Night-Watch,” heard live nationwide Monday through Friday 10 p.m. to midnight Eastern time on gcnlive.com.

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On June 24 ABC television is giving one-and-one-half hours of prime evening airtime to President Barack Obama to promote his statist plan for changing America's healthcare.Critics have rightly called this unfair.The presentations will be worse than slanted, giving not a...
Friday, 19 June 2009 12:10 PM
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