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October Surprises Could Buoy Democrats in Elections

By Friday, 23 July 2010 08:16 AM Current | Bio | Archive

The latest Gallup Poll shows that only 11 percent of Americans have solid confidence in the Democratic-dominated Congress, now the least trusted of all major public institutions.

"Pack Your Bags" said the Drudge Report headline to this story.

But congressional Democrats, having played out Karl Marx's first two acts — tragedy and farce — have one more scene with which to cling to power, and one potentially ugly post-election encore before their power vanishes.

Clearly the Democrats aim to fight.

These donkeys have begun their traditional pre-election braying about how all who oppose them are rich and/or racists.

As always, their behavior insults African-Americans, whom Democrats apparently believe can always be easily swayed into voting Democratic.

The Democratic Party,  the party of the slave owners, Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow and Bull Connor, has conned more than 90 percent of African-Americans into voting for its divide-and-conquer demagogues instead of the party of the Great Emancipator Abraham Lincoln who freed their ancestors.

Democrats have unleashed an army of investigators, desperately trying to dig up dirt for last-moment smears of Republican opponents.

As the party of big government, they need not stand for any principle to gain the votes of millions who get government checks. Democrats also have hundreds of billions of dollars left in the TARP slush fund with which to buy votes.

But Democrats are now so far behind in the polls that they will need something much bigger than their usual propaganda, money, and dirty tricks to win.

Get ready, therefore, for a mind-boggling October surprise designed to shock and awe the masses, seize media attention, and transform the entire national mood and political environment days or weeks before the election.

At least three October surprise scenarios might be in order to pre-empt their use and to vaccinate you against being fooled or manipulated if they occur:

Scenario One: Terrorists are captured crossing the Mexican border with some sort of weapon of mass destruction, chemical, biological, or nuclear.

In favor of this scenario: President Obama could take credit for saving the nation, being a heroic leader, and protecting the border.

Negatives: It could remind Americans that our border remains porous, Obama has opposed sealing it, and Democrats keep us at risk.

Scenario Two: Iranians somehow attack Americans and, in a Persian-Gulf-of-Tonkin action, President Obama retaliates with a massive strike against Iranian nuclear facilities, perhaps toppling Iran's dictators and liberating its people.

Pros to this scenario: President Obama would turn from a weakling to Superman overnight. His standing with independent and Jewish voters might skyrocket.

Arab nations would secretly thank him for de-fanging or removing Persia's fanatical regime. Americans might rally around Obama and the Democrats as bold wartime leaders against whom any criticism would seem unpatriotic.

Negatives: Iran's wild-card reactions might involve terrorism here or attacks on Israel or others. Gasoline prices could double or worse, so any such strike should either come days before November's election before prices spike, or months earlier so prices can come back down.

Democrats would risk alienating their anti-war, America-hating left wing and getting criticism from liberal allies around the world. Billionaire financier George Soros might withdraw his funding.

Scenario Three: A tiny group attacks, or is intercepted with plans to attack, one or more prominent Democratic leaders. This group, perhaps secretly encouraged and funded by operatives, is reported by the liberal media to be right-wing domestic terrorist assassins, heavily armed, involved with the tea parties and driven to hatred and violence by conservative talk radio and the Fox News Channel.

Pros: It can be used to distract, discredit and silence critics of the Democrats. It could frighten moderates into distancing themselves from everything on the right. It could win sympathy votes for Democrats.

Cons: It risks chaos if evidence emerges that Democratic operatives were behind the terrorists, although the liberal media will as usual spike any damaging information and attack those who report it. It also risks giving terrible ideas to crazy people.

Even if Democrats lose Congress this November, as now seems possible, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her defeated comrades will have nearly two lame duck months to fearlessly ram through far-left laws — including the now-shelved energy bill, value added tax, union card check, a takeover of broadcasting and the Internet, and more.

Mr. Obama will protect these laws for two years with vetoes.

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The latest Gallup Poll shows that only 11 percent of Americans have solid confidence in the Democratic-dominated Congress, now the least trusted of all major public institutions. Pack Your Bags said the Drudge Report headline to this story. But congressional Democrats,...
Friday, 23 July 2010 08:16 AM
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