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Obama Radicalizes Democratic Party in His Own Image

Monday, 14 September 2009 05:12 PM

Barack Obama isn’t just throwing sops to his party’s radical left. He is the radical left, and he is turning that into the Democratic Party.

The notion that he is “governing from the center” — occasionally catering to those on his left to keep them within his base of support, then accommodating conservatives on his right so he can show a fiction of bipartisanship — is a myth left over from how previous presidents may have tried to “play the game.”

That’s not how this president is governing, and this is anything but a game.

It’s a dead-serious attempt at radical transformation of the United States as fast as possible. And if that proves too fast, then at a more-measured pace, so long as the destination is the same: a socialist society based on Marxist principles.

How amazing it is, bordering on the ludicrous, to listen to and read observers analyzing the Obama administration by the same calipers traditionally applied to measure previous administrations. Within not quite eight months, all of that has become irrelevant history.

Obama pledged in his presidential campaign to bring about “fundamental change.” His idea of “fundamental change” has turned out to be nothing short of a brazen rush to pull off a socialist revolution without the honesty of calling it that. This is not what most who voted for him thought he meant.

He has a history (see his two autobiographies) of calculatingly calling what he knows most Americans will never tolerate by a fuzzed-over, non-threatening pseudonym. By any other name, it still smells. It’s Marxism.

When Obama advocates what the radical leftists demand of him, they understand full well that he’s with them, not just posturing to please them.

When he tacks a little to the center or the right, leftists and their media go up in smoke. They have every right to howl. He belongs to them. They made him president. He is not just on their mission; he is their mission, for he is theirs.

Those are spoiled-baby cries. They cease the moment Obama gives them their way again. He knows he can count on them. Where else do they have to go? In their hearts, they know they can count on him. Where else does he have to go?

It is cockeyed nonsense to suppose that Obama is honestly trying to sail a centrist course. To him, that leads only into a foreign sea of unknown perils.

There’s only one place this man feels truly at home, and that is in the arms of his fellow Marxists. He has shown he doesn’t dare try to govern without numerous of those leftist “czars” surrounding him, advising him, shepherding him in the Oval Office and from other key posts of his administration.

Conservatives have always yearned to be courted by the left that detests them. They look sillier by the day as they hold onto hope for a “bipartisan” Obama.

They will have to get it through their heads that in the new world of Obama there is only one party, only one party line. Go back and read Karl Marx.

In the voices raised at recent healthcare town halls, one thing rang true: Nobody gives two hoots anymore about bipartisanship. The folks here at home are fed up with Washington politicians, Democrats, and Republicans.

If Republicans want out of that gutter in the public mind, they will have to start calling things by the right names. Obama is not a Democrat, small or capital letter. Never has been. They need to call him what he really is: a radical leftist.

Thanks to blind and fawning mass media and cuckolded Democratic leadership in and out of Congress, Obama has hijacked that party right into the toils of his Marxist allies. It is not only Obama’s party. Obama, himself, has become the party, which is busy earning the right to be re-titled the Radical Left Party.

Traditional Democrats who don’t yearn to be tarred by Obama’s brush had better take their leave, pronto. He is a most-impatient, unforgiving little man.

Republicans who may not historically have felt too comfortable in the same room with Democrats had better open wide their front doors and, with a whole heart, welcome ex-Obama Democrats into the parlor while there’s still time.

John L. Perry, a prize-winning newspaper editor and writer who served on White House staffs of two presidents, is a regular columnist for Newsmax.com. Read John Perry's columns here.

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Barack Obama isn’t just throwing sops to his party’s radical left. He is the radical left, and he is turning that into the Democratic Party.The notion that he is “governing from the center” — occasionally catering to those on his left to keep them within his base of...
Monday, 14 September 2009 05:12 PM
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