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Election Year Gets Under Way

Wednesday, 02 January 2008 07:44 AM

Thursday it begins. "It" is the 2008 presidential election.

With just over 24 hours until the Iowa caucuses, let’s catch up on the latest ups and downs:

  • Huckabee’s star rose like a rocket and is seemingly now descending almost as quickly. His foreign policy ignorance and last-minute back-and-forth with that anti-Romney ad has hurt him and taken the shine off his other-wise exciting candidacy.

    Many conservatives have been “lying in the weeds” to nail a mean Huckabee. Yes, it is true: Over the years Huckabee has been like McCain; they both have an arrogant “it’s my way or the highway” attitude and have demeaned those who dared to disagree with them. Payback is a *itch, eh?

  • McCain is hot again, not among GOP voters, but among self-elected liberal media types and newspaper editorial writers. Among the GOP rank-and-file, McCain has virtually no strength and has not risen in the polls other than in New Hampshire, which he won in 2000 because independents voted for him. McCain may win New Hampshire again, and if he does, it is because of the so-called mainstream media yanking this guy across the finish line.

    However, McCain is not going to be the GOP nominee. His pro-amnesty position on illegal immigration, and his years of treating conservatives and POW families like dirt, will prevent the GOP base from ever accepting him as the nominee.

    For an incredibly insightful peek into McCain’s odd, irrational, angry and bizarre behavior, please read Ted Sampley’s piece in the US Veteran Dispatch: http://usvetdsp.com/dec07/mccain_suicide_ptsd.htm. This is a must-read!

  • Fred Thompson? Remember him? A soggy candidate; a lethargic, un-inspired campaign. Going nowhere. No one will even pay attention when he drops out. Which will come sometime after South Carolina. If McCain beats him for third place in Iowa it is a pathetic show by Thompson.

  • Rudy Giuliani? An ego run amok. He thought he could blow off Iowa and New Hampshire and still be relevant. Ain’t gonna happen! You gotta participate in all the contests — beginning with the Iowa straw ballot in August. It’s no coincidence that McCain and Rudy are hurting in Iowa, as they both arrogantly blew off the Hawkeye State.

    The phony, staged, cutesy “I love you, Honey” phone calls from his wife interrupting speeches, the improper use of New York City cops to protect his mistress and his friendship with the indicted Bernard Kerik have destroyed Rudy’s once positive image. His 9/11 so-called heroism is an ancient, and over-used, memory.

  • Ron Paul? An Internet fundraising phenomenon. A disgrace that he isn’t being included in future TV debates. At least wait until Iowa and New Hampshire and let’s see some evidence of his strength or weakness before winnowing down the field!

  • Romney has rallied in Iowa and will probably hold off Huckabee. That will be a big blow, almost fatal, to Huckabee and Romney can then execute his original momentum plan: Win Iowa, New Hampshire, and Michigan and then have a real shot in South Carolina. But Romney is in big trouble in New Hampshire because of the newspaper endorsements there for McCain. An Iowa comeback win may be enough to re-launch Romney’s "big mo" plan.

  • Huckabee, by the way, has totally lost his chance at being the vice presidential nominee, no matter what happens in Iowa. His weirdness, foreign policy ignorance, and liberal positions on illegal immigration have undermined his national future.

    On the Democratic side, I cannot run away from my Nov. 12, 2007, column and prediction: 1) Obama; 2) Edwards; 3) Hillary. Lately I have flip-flopped Edwards and Obama in my mind for Nos. 1 and 2, but I still think Hillary is in trouble. A third-place finish for her would be devastating. Not long ago we were told she was inevitable — remember?

    Keep one basic thing in mind: if Hillary wins Iowa, she is the de facto nominee on Friday morning. Period. The dominoes fall and the party coalesces around the Clintons all over again. And then she is but one day, next Nov. 4, from becoming president. One day. Period. What a nightmare for this nation if she somehow won the presidency.

    The Democrats would be idiots if they nominate Hillary. She is despised by half the electorate. No one — not even most Democrats — believe a word she says. She would be a cause to rally the GOP against in November 2008. And I doubt Obama can win a general election either after a tough campaign and media scrutiny. Do they really believe this nation is going to elect an exceedingly leftist — with the middle name of Hussein — with virtually no experience and who has taken no positions on anything?

    John Edwards is their best candidate in a general election. If nominated, he would defeat any of the current Republicans. But who elected the media to make these choices anyway?

    OK. 24 hours to go — and counting.

    Happy New Year to you all.

    More to come — soon!

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    Thursday it begins. "It" is the 2008 presidential election. With just over 24 hours until the Iowa caucuses, let’s catch up on the latest ups and downs: Huckabee’s star rose like a rocket and is seemingly now descending almost as quickly. His foreign policy ignorance and...
    Wednesday, 02 January 2008 07:44 AM
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