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If Trump Succeeds, Dem Opposition Will Make Victory All the Greater

If Trump Succeeds, Dem Opposition Will Make Victory All the Greater
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By Tuesday, 26 September 2017 03:23 PM Current | Bio | Archive

Runaway deficits, foreign enemies threatening nuclear attack, terrorists, and domestic strife. Donald Trump has inherited a mess — a mess made and allowed to grow worse by the last three presidents.

Great problems sometimes translate into great presidents, not always immediately, but eventually. And the more the left wing liberals attack the president as he attempts to solve these problems, some of which are at crisis level, the more Trump could ultimately be seen as a great president.

The Democrats, now a far left, extremist party, appears to have vastly different beliefs than they had less than two decades ago. To illustrate this, one only needs to ask the following: Do these left wingers not want the population to have more employment? Do they not want to prevent dangerous enemies from achieving ability to deliver nuclear weapons on missiles? Do they not want to see the economy stronger? Do they not want to see crime reduced in the United States? Do they not want to stop terrorists and drugs coming across American borders? Do they not want to control the American borders?

The left wingers are A-Okay saying “no” to many of the matters raised in the questions above. The Democrats today appear off the rails — idealistic, ideological, impractical, and in fact, so intent on having their way, they will violate the law to achieve their goals.

Making matters worse for the Democrats, they have held the presidency 16 of the last 24 years, and virtually all the problems became worse, particularly in the last eight years under Obama, proving Democratic policies have failed. They are out of real solutions, almost every news cycle reveals more information about how the Obama administration attacked the American people and the Constitution.

Daily opposition appears to be the leftist Democratic play book, and none of it is working for them with the people because the Democrats and leftists have lost credibility. Nevertheless, the Democrats demand they be returned to power — almost denying the American Constitutional processes of more than two hundred years.

Even with the horrendous record of the Democrats, they remain with a sufficient foothold in the political process to make matters difficult for Trump. They are attempting to block every action and policy he proposes. His wife, according to the left, cannot even wear the proper shoes.

The reason for the left opposition: if he does not accomplish much, then the Democrats will go to the voters in the next election and tell them he failed to do anything. It is a cynical business the Democrats are up to. Meanwhile, North Korea keeps building nuclear bombs and missiles and the U.S. economy struggles. All the problems grow worse and better solutions to problems are blocked. Still, the Democrats’ obstruction simply provides one more obstacle for a great president to overcome.

Because the left has a record of ineffectively coping with the vital issues facing America, the Democrats attempt to distract the people with other issues. These issues are not unimportant but not vital. What will the importance of these lesser issues emphasized by the Democrats add up to if Iran or North Korea drop missiles on American cities? What if the nation goes bankrupt trying to keep all the welfare programs at full throttle; clearly the nation can’t keep racking up debt like it did during the last eight years under the Democrats.

If Donald Trump succeeds in solving the major problems facing America, the extremist Democrats’ constant drum beat of opposition will only have enhanced Trump’s stature as president and a leader. Not only will he have had a massive task to solve the problems, but he will have had to overcome massive internal opposition from the leftists. The extreme Democrats have given Trump one more barrier for him to climb. Should Trump succeed, the opposition will make him appear all the greater.

Trump is not easily cowed. Americans have elected a president of exceptional energy, ability, courage, and strength. The Democrats have made a big bet they can block his policies; if Trump succeeds, Democrats will appear even more out of touch and more corrupt than they already appear at the present time.

Democrats, in their folly and corruption, could be helping Trump become the next Abraham Lincoln.

John Havick has a Ph.D. in political science. He was a professor at Georgia Institute of Technology for many years, authored several books and a number of articles, including the widely cited "The Impact of the Internet on a Television-Based Society." His work has appeared in The New York Times, and his recent book, "The Ghosts of NASCAR: The Harlan Boys and the First Daytona 500," is available at ghostsofnascar.com. For more of his reports, Go Here Now.

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Runaway deficits, foreign enemies threatening nuclear attack, terrorists, and domestic strife. Donald Trump has inherited a mess — a mess made and allowed to grow worse by the last three presidents.
trump, democrats, legacy, presidency
Tuesday, 26 September 2017 03:23 PM
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