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A Firing Threat Could Force Justice Dept. to Give Congress Documents

A Firing Threat Could Force Justice Dept. to Give Congress Documents
President Donald Trump speaks to reporters on board Airforce One as he travels back to Washington, D.C., on April 5, 2018. (Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images)

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The FBI and the Justice Department at the top levels are corrupt and dishonest. There is considerable evidence to justify a full investigation with the power to prosecute in court. Yet, the FBI and Justice Department appear impervious to constitutional government oversight. They are entrenched, secretive, and resist any external government supervision. What can be done to root out the dishonest officials and reign in these government units?

One possible method of cleaning out the criminals and ending the corruptions is the following.

The president has the constitutional and legal right to manage the executive branch, including firing cabinet members. The FBI and the Justice Department have egregiously and illegally resisted giving Congress documents that it has a constitutional right to have. They have ignored congressional requests for almost a year to turn over one million documents. Moreover, the small batch of documents that were turned over to Congress had redactions (parts of the document blacked out and unreadable). With persistence the Congress obtained the unredacted versions, and Congress discovered what had been concealed was not about national security matters, but rather the crimes and dishonesties within the FBI!

In any instance when the FBI and Justice Department slow-walk documents requested by Congress, President Trump should go on television and make it widely known that the FBI and Justice Department are not obeying the United States Constitution. He should further say that under his constitutional authority, he is giving Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General, four days to get the documents to the Congress. If Sessions has a valid legal reason not to be involved in having his Department obey the constitution, then he is recused, so be it, and otherwise if he fails to deliver the documents to Congress, he is fired. If Sessions is fired, then it falls on Rod Rosenstein as second in command to follow the president’s demand that the Justice Department and the FBI do their constitutional duty. Rosenstein is heavily involved in the corruption; Rosenstein has three days, and if nothing is done, he is fired, and so on. Eventually, someone who is honest and in the chain of command will follow the constitution, and Congress will get the documents

At this point it is rather obvious that the FBI and the Justice Department have committed illegal actions and are concealing the evidence. The Democrats have argued that if Trump attempts to fire any of these dishonest officials, there will be hell to pay and it will be a constitutional crisis. The reality is: allowing the highest legal units in the nation to be above the constitution is the real constitutional crisis. The plan suggested here gives the officials the opportunity to obey the law or they are fired.

The Democrats, who are politically allies of the officials suspected of the corruption, most likely will criticize any firing action. Richard Neustadt in his classic book, "Presidential Power," illuminates the dilemma. Even though presidents can fire cabinet members, there can be a political and public reaction. Without a doubt the Democrats will go ballistic if firings occur; however, in the last two decades Democrats have supported countless illegal activities so why would they not support illegal activities by the FBI and Justice Department.

The credibility of a Democratic reaction is blunted because additional facts have emerged that suggest the former Democratic Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, and others in Congress may have been involved in the illegalities conducted by the FBI and Justice. The possible congressional Democratic connections with the illegalities could explain why the Democrats have made such outrageous opposition to any investigations of the wrong-doing.

Once Congress has all of the documents, the game is likely over for the Democrats and the corrupt officials, and that is why they will not release the documents. It is most likely the documents will show additional evidence of a trail of dishonesty and corruption leading straight into the White House. For example, Lisa Monaco, a less familiar name in the scandal, earlier in her career worked with Robert Mueller, who is knee deep in corruption at the FBI. Monaco, with her close connections to FBI corruption, then moved on to work in the White House, most likely helping coordinate for the White House the illegal surveillance performed by the FBI and Justice Department.

In addition it is likely that the withheld documents will reveal the dishonesty, illegality, and corruption involved in the appointment of a special counsel to investigate Trump and his campaign. One must remember, there is needed an actual crime to obtain a special counsel, and there was never a crime mentioned, only collusion, and collusion is not a crime. The entire business of a special counsel to investigate Trump is based on illegalities guided by a plot conceived by supporters of Obama and Clinton.

The central point is: if these administrative officials refuse to obey constitutionally mandated law, Trump has every right to fire them. In fact he has every right to fire them anyway, but not complying with the constitution is an iron-clad justification. Get the documents and clean out the swamp.

John Havick has a Ph.D. in political science. He was a professor at Georgia Institute of Technology for many years, authored several books and a number of articles, including the widely cited "The Impact of the Internet on a Television-Based Society." His work has appeared in The New York Times, and his recent book, "The Ghosts of NASCAR: The Harlan Boys and the First Daytona 500," is available at ghostsofnascar.com. For more of his reports, Go Here Now.

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The FBI and the Justice Department at the top levels are corrupt and dishonest.
justice department, congress, oversight
Friday, 06 April 2018 02:28 PM
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