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Jeff Sessions Must Resign or Be Fired

Jeff Sessions Must Resign or Be Fired
Attorney General Jeff Sessions listens during a press conference at the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C., on February 27, 2018. (Toya Sarno Jordan/Getty Images)

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Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General of the United States, appointed by President Trump should resign, and if he does not resign, he should be fired by Trump.

Sessions’ departure is not because he is politically improper. The reason he should depart is because his Justice Department and his FBI are behaving in a manner in which no American should approve. The Justice Department is “stone-walling,” slow-walking, and ignoring requests of Congress for information. Information that Congress is legally entitled to see. In other words, the Justice Department is obstructing rightful and constitutionally legal supervision of its activities.

Moreover, there is extensive evidence that the high echelon tier of the FBI and the Justice Department officials have acted in an illegal manner. For example, these illegalities include allowing Hillary Clinton to sell the Russians 20 percent of American uranium, used to make atomic weapons, and resulting in a bogus investigation of Hillary Clinton and her cronies. It is no wonder the Justice Department is denying access. The corruption would be revealed.

Where is Jeff Sessions with all of this going on in his agency? He is absent.

Why is he absent? He says he cannot supervise much of these matters because he was helping the Trump campaign, and thus, he is conflicted. One must ask, why did he not tell Trump this conflict he had before Trump nominated him? Next one must ask, what good is Sessions if he cannot lead the Department in the investigations?

In fact he is not much good. He is bumbling around, inept, ineffective, and actually a tool of the cover up, appearing like Colonel Klink or Sergeant Schultz (“I know nothing”). Meanwhile, the officials directly under Sessions, who themselves are the foxes in the hen house and who have likely committed illegalities, remain in their positions, feverishly attempting to run out the clock, cover it all up, or talk the Congress out of investigating them. We must note Rod Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General, went to Congress begging the investigating committee not to release a memo with facts of the illegalities.

Many believe a second special prosecutor should be appointed to begin investigating the FBI and the Justice Department, otherwise, as it is now it is essentially an internal investigation. The Inspector General is doing the investigation, but the Inspector General lacks the authority to investigate and interview everyone. Some say this is sufficient, but how can anyone working so closely inside the Justice Department and the FBI be trusted to do a clean and fair investigation? There was a time when the insider wisdom was that former FBI director Comey was a good and fair man. How many people would agree with that statement now? Comey undoubtedly was deep into the illegalities connected with Hillary Clinton and certainly deep into illegal leaking of information. Evidently this Inspector General has friends who clearly are some of the ones who have likely illegalities.

Even with the Inspector General investigation, what harm could there be in appointing an unbiased, uncompromised special prosecutor also to look into these matters? Once again Jeff Sessions is the bottleneck.

Making the situation even worse for America, the continued dribbling out of evidence shows that the Obama White House was informed of the illegalities going on and may have been assisting with illegalities. With the large number of Obama Administration appointments involved, it is understandable the Democrats in Congress would be trying to suppress the truth and cover it up.

The situation cannot continue. The nation needs an Attorney General who can do the job.

A few observers suggest that the Democrats, who have obstructed and resisted Trump at every moment, would block any new appointment as Attorney General. Yet, the path around the Democrat obstruction may be possible. One may assume that the same processes used by the Senate to approve Trump’s Supreme Court appointment could be used to approve a new Attorney General.

Jeff Sessions may be a fine man. The fact remains he, for whatever reason, is ineffective, feckless, and incapable to lead the Justice Department. The evidence is clear that he and his Justice Department are not being responsive and not doing the job.

Of course, there will be a firestorm in much of the media and among Democrats — the two are about the same thing — concerning Sessions’ departure. It would be interesting to see the press and the Democrats now defending the man they opposed only a year before. If the Republicans stiffen their weak spines, they can withstand the bad publicity. The negative criticism is bogus anyway.

And after things quiet down, Colonel Klink will be gone, and meaningful investigations will reveal more information and throw these betrayers of the public trust behind bars.

John Havick has a Ph.D. in political science. He was a professor at Georgia Institute of Technology for many years, authored several books and a number of articles, including the widely cited "The Impact of the Internet on a Television-Based Society." His work has appeared in The New York Times, and his recent book, "The Ghosts of NASCAR: The Harlan Boys and the First Daytona 500," is available at ghostsofnascar.com. For more of his reports, Go Here Now.

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Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General of the United States, appointed by President Trump should resign, and if he does not resign, he should be fired by Trump.
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Monday, 05 March 2018 03:35 PM
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