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UN Climate Panel Reaches Cult Status

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When Mother Earth’s global warming activists met recently in Lima, Peru, to discuss funding for the U.N. Environmental Program’s (UNEP’s) assistance to “developing” nations for avoiding “climate change,” cost estimates for this save-the-planet scheme ranged from the $10 billion a year now being sought to 50 times that amount — $500 billion annually by 2050.

As punishment for favoring the much lower-funding levels, first, by reducing its four-year UNEP pledge by 80-percent and by repealing its jobs-killing carbon tax – the new center-right government of Australia was quickly condemned as a “climate pariah” and as “the axis of carbon.” How dare the awful Aussies jump ship!

Such doubt and denial of alleged catastrophic warming of the planet has prompted the scaremongers of the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to marginalize and to demonize its detractors as “deniers” and “fat earth skeptics” and even as “climate criminals.”

But, of course, the actual doubters and skeptics — not of “climate change” but of the basic climate science whose complex interactions clearly do determine climate trends — are the finger-pointing, power-grabbing, money-grubbing “warmists” themselves, who blindly reject, disregard and minimize the science behind the environment:
  • Solar cycles: sunspots, flares
  • Ocean cycles
  • Jet streams, vortexes, and wind currents
  • Earth's orbit around the sun
  • Galactic and cosmic winds
  • Cloud formation and sunlight feedback
  • Human and animal inhaling and exhaling
  • Heat retention by water vapor and humidity
  • Volcanic eruptions
  • Methane formations and releases
  • CO2
  • Observed versus model-concocted data
  • Cost-to-benefit evaluations
Since this formerly labeled anthropogenic global warming movement has opted for a belief-based rather than a science-based modus operandi for recruiting, informing and controlling its membership, we would do well to understand the basic elements of that Gaia-worshiping and inherently cultic conspiracy.

Drawn mainly from the major, award-winning 2000 book “Kingdom of the Cults” by Walter Martin and Ravi Zacharias, here are 10 telltale characteristics of most pseudo-religious cults — and quite clearly of this climate-control scam, as well.
  1.   Leadership by a self-glorifying, manipulative new age prophet, in this case, former Vice-President Al Gore, now being supplanted by President Barack Obama
  2. Assertion of an apocalyptic threat to all mankind
  3. An absolutist definition of both the threat and the proposed solution(s)
  4. Promise of salvation from this pending apocalypse
  5. Devotion to an inspired text, in this case, Prophet Gore's pseudo-scientific book "Earth in the Balance" and his "An Inconvenient Truth" documentary
  6. A long list of scary "truths" which must be embraced and proselytized by cult members
  7. An absolute intolerance of any deviation from these truths by any cult member
  8. A strident intolerance of any criticism of the Cult's definition of the problem or its proposed solutions
  9. A "heaven-on-earth" vision of the mission's success and/or a "hell-on-earth" result of its failure
  10. An inordinate fear of being proven wrong in either the apocalyptic vision or the proposed salvation
Yet, despite all these hearts-minds-and-souls scams being applied, the climactic truth seems to prevail — no global warming for 18 years, no ocean warming in over 10 years, more polar bears, more polar ice accumulations, more major scientists defecting from the cult, more nations bailing out on the IPCC’s de facto climate scam.

Finally, since every such prophet-led, scare-mongering, pseudo-religious scam, including this one that former White House and NASA space scientist Dr. John Casey’s 164-page “Dark Winter” portrays as a monumental hoax, needs a proper name, the preferred new moniker for this one is the "Branch Carbonian Cult."
"Branch" because it is a radical offshoot from the body of scientific environmentalism; "Carbonian" because of its claims that “carbon pollution” is the primary cause of alleged climate change; and "Cult" because of its pseudo-religious structure and tactics which are in accord with the typical religious cult, Branch Davidian, Branch Jim Jonesian, or otherwise.

Unlike Gen. Douglas McArthur’s “old Generals who never die, but just fade away,” this hyperactive group of “progressively worse” prophets of CO2 gloom and doom, Gore, Obama, Kerry, Clinton, Podesta, Browner, Soros, the UN-IPCC and the Gruber-esque media, never seem to die or to fade away and will simply have to be unmasked, defrocked, and voted (or booted) out of their lofty positions of ruinous influence.

For almost two decades, Jim Guirard served as chief of staff to three House and Senate Committee chairmen: Rep. Edwin Willis, Sen. Allen Ellender, and Sen. Russell Long, and was named to both Who's Who in U.S. Government and Who's Who in American Politics. He worked for over three decades as a government relations consultant, Op-Ed writer, and lecturer on energy, environment, national security and anti-terrorism affairs. He is currently a board member of the American chapter of the MacKinder Forum, a London-based geopolitical affairs think tank, and sponsors the TrueSpeak.org Web site. For more of Jim's reports, Go Here Now.


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Doubt and denial of alleged catastrophic warming of the planet has prompted scaremongers of the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to demonize its detractors as “deniers” and “fat earth skeptics.”
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Monday, 15 December 2014 08:36 AM
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