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State and Local Leaders Fail To Lead

a person standing with a fist raised in front of flames at night
A protester reacts standing in front of a burning building set on fire during a demonstration in Minneapolis in May. (AFP via Getty Images)

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Wauwatosa, Wisconsin is a suburb of Milwaukee, one could say, a bedroom suburb of about 46,396 people. The city was named for a Potawatomi Indian chief.

Whites make up approximately 88.6% of the population, Blacks 4.5%, Asians 2.8%, and Native Americans, .03%. The latest Hispanic population is estimated at 1,436 — 2019-2020.

On the evening of October 7, Black Lives Matter (BLM) thugs failed to obey Wauwatosa Police curfew. It is not clear how many of the "protesters" ignoring the P\police order were BLM members, antifa, socialists, communists or just plain anarchists. "Protesters" rioted, looted and burned.

The curfew was due to the clearing of any wrongdoing by a Black police officer in the shooting death of a 17-year-old Black male. The teenager apparently fired a stolen handgun outside a shopping mall in Wauwatosa. Police responded to protect citizens.

Videos on social media demonstrated that some rioters were heavily armed. Reports are unclear how many videos filmed the night's events; time will tell. Released videos do show rioters smashing store windows, then later smashing the windows of peoples' homes.

Residents of Wauwatosa tried to stop the mob of criminals. Reports are that one man tried to stop the rioters saying "That's people's houses." To no avail.

One man shouted, "That's their f***king home — it's not their fault." to no avail.

Another man is reported to have said, "Do you have any idea how many Democrats, how many MPS (Milwaukee Public School) teachers, union members, and other people that support you live on this street?" The man's plea was of no avail.

The "peaceful protesters" continued down the street with hammers — hitting windows as if playing a childish game.

The citizens learned the rioters have no concern nor empathy for anyone but themselves. Have Americans learned from these riots and lootings?

Looters/rioters roamed the Milwaukee/Wauwatosa environs robbing stores and looting with immunity since May 2020. Some wore masks, most did not — having no fear of arrest or charges.

Residents of Milwaukee and suburbs constantly excuse rioters, disclaiming that it is only a few bad apples. However, people in Nevada are realizing that placating criminals who burn, loot, and destroy other people's property, and then claim they are peaceful protesters is encouraging criminal behavior.

Thus, the police are mere bystanders as crimes are committed, and as politicians ignore the facts of criminal behavior. The rioters know the local political landscape and that property destruction is OK, but not in certain areas.

On the West Coast of America under the guise of peaceful demonstrations, Los Angeles; San Francisco;, Seattle; Portland, Ore., and other smaller locations are suffering losses due to looting and burning. Combined with the coronavirus many states and cities are experiencing financial hardships. Still, the politicians fail to exercise their duties.

The police experiencing these "peaceful" demonstrations vary in responses. Most of the time, the police adhere to the dictates or whims of the political leaders.

For instance, Multnomah County, Ore., (Portland) District Attorney, Mike Schmidt has announced that he declines to prosecute 70% of Portland "protest" cases. Mike Schmidt is a true leftist progressive and elected in May 2020 as a reform candidate.

He wants to do away with cash bail — release charged offenders on their own recognizance. He plans to strengthen the "Sanctuary" status of Portland, meaning illegal aliens would have all the rights and privileges as U.S. citizens, with no obligations of citizenship.

However, at times, the rioters and looters "go a bridge too far" and token arrests occur. The arrestees are out within hours with no need for bail. It is all show-no actual law enforcement in Portland and other such locations.

District Attorney Schmidt's leftist views go back to his college days, at Vassar College. There, Schmidt was a pal or "an old buddy" of an antifa member, known as Awkword. It appears Awkword is a hip-hop disc-jockey as well as an active antifa member.

It is clear the anti-American, anti-government riots, lootings, and other mayhem are sponsored by, encouraged by, and executed in the main by white college educated persons, many of whom are from wealthy and privileged families.

Recent rioters arrested included children of the rich liberal elitist Democrats. These pampered children partake in burning and looting of businesses and homes of minority people, immigrants and average Americans. "Rich kid 'rioters' are ignorant about the poor working class" — New York Post, October 8, 2020 headline.

It appears the national election in November will be referendum on the rule of law or anarchy. Controlled by the elitists of East and West coasts, the anarchy of a Democrat victor will be directed to control the masses. A form of Democrat Socialism/Communism.

Today's rioter is tomorrow's leader.

James H. Walsh was associate general counsel with the U.S. Department of Justice Immigration and Naturalization Service from 1983 to 1994. Read James H. Walsh's Reports — More Here

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The police experiencing these "peaceful" demonstrations vary in responses. Most of the time, the police adhere to the dictates or whims of the political leaders.
Friday, 09 October 2020 03:20 PM
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