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Could Germany's Refugee Woes Happen Here?

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President Barack Obama has ignored America’s distressed immigration law, policies, and enforcement with his open-borders immigration end-runs around congressional and constitutional authority causing present and future immigration angst for Americans.

Obama’s executive orders opening the borders to all comers and granting sanctuary to more than 20 million illegal aliens presently residing in the United States has savaged the sovereignty of America.

Obama’s refugee policy has no meaningful verification process thus becomes a national security matter. Look at the refugee onslaught in Europe, where there is no valid vetting or verification leading to untold problems and national security concerns.

Germany is the present nation-state analogous to the America. Germany has a defined open-borders policy. With a presidential dictated open-border immigration policy, America actually has no immigration policy. Germany’s self-imposed penance for the National Socialist-Nazi regime caused its open immigration policy.

The United States has a president that believes his country is not exceptional and not really a sovereign nation, therefore America should be open to all comers. Obama believes the United States owes it to the world to make amends for its decades of world leadership and what he sees as corrupt abuse of international power.

On New Years Eve 2016, Cologne, a major business and tourist city of Germany, saw thousands of drunken Muslim refugees assault and rob German women. At first the mayor, Henriette Reker, sounded as though she blamed the German women for a few attacks, within hours she was assigning blame on the foreign rioters.

Likewise, the police down-played the hooliganism, while in reality they had lost control of the situation. German Chancellor Angela Merkel downplayed the attacks.

As days passed the mayor and the police revisited their original views, acknowledging the sexual assaults on German women and robberies were in the hundreds, not a few. The mayor said that she heard speculation that alcohol played a major role and that it appeared the men involved in the criminal acts were from a culture that banned alcohol consumption. Finally, she reluctantly acknowledged a cultural difference between the West and the Muslim countries.

Then, the police reported women going to the Cologne main rail station or the Cathedral located kitty-corner from the station ran gauntlets of heavily intoxicated men groping, assaulting, and robbing them. The police knew they were Arab and African Muslim refugees but acted in a politically correct manner refusing to clearly state the criminals’ ethnicity.

The disrespect for the police and the German citizens included throwing bottles, trash, and rocks at them with the taunting insults.

The police continue to receive more than 800 complaints all the while trying to deflect the gravity of the situation, by pretending it was just a few wayward persons having overreaching fun. The Merkel government and the EU were and are doing all they can to trivialize the attacks saying that the acts “of a few” and the incident is being overblown by “right-wing racists” and anti-immigrant factions.

The clash of civilizations is real and it is alive in Europe. The European and American liberals refuse to acknowledge any clash of civilizations. Around Germany, emboldened Muslim refugees and second generation Muslims defend the Cologne attackers because the women were at fault — they were out at night, regardless if accompanied or not.

The Muslim men in Europe, refugee and non-refugee, assert that the women should act as they do in the Muslim countries living under Shariah (strict Muslim law). Under Shariah, there is no gender equality and women are subservient to men.

England and France, to a degree, have acquiesced and have been gradually permitting Shariah to be practiced co-equally with English Common Law and France’s Napoleonic Law.

The European Union estimated that 1.8 million Middle East and African refugees enter the EU in 2015 refusing to say they were Muslim refugees. The costs for housing, clothing, educating, and sustaining the refugees cannot be accurately stated and the EU evades and avoids stating any hard numbers. Like the Obama administration, Germany and the EU defer to the concern for the sensibilities of refugees as their cultural and religious rights are sacrosanct.

Germans are realizing that Muslim customs and ways are becoming almost mandatory in civil society. Muslim men when meeting non-Muslim women refuse to shake hands with them. Young Muslim men refuse to obey women teachers, nurses, or public officials, including police women.

Muslim criminals have no fear of German courts, as it takes at least 10 significant prior offenses to cause possible imposition of jail time. Europe is becoming Islamized. America is not ready for President Obama’s incoming Muslim refugees and be prepared to accede to their demands.

James H. Walsh was associate general counsel with the U.S. Department of Justice Immigration and Naturalization Service from 1983 to 1994. Read more reports from James Walsh — Click Here Now.

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Europe is becoming Islamized. America is not ready for President Obama’s incoming Muslim refugees and be prepared to accede to their demands.
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Friday, 12 February 2016 08:49 AM
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