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Sanctuary Cities Debate Makes Politics More Than Local

Sanctuary Cities Debate Makes Politics More Than Local
Protesters outside the federal courthouse, last month, in San Antonio, Texas, to protest a new Texas "sanctuary cities" bill that aligns with the president's tougher stance on illegal immigration. (Eric Gay/AP)

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On the last Saturday morning of July 2017 at 7:30 a.m., at the local supermarket in Southwest Florida, shoppers vented their frustrations over Washington, D.C. 

The checkout-line conversations began when a local resident declared to his favorite cashier — and to those in the checkout lines — "The Democrats have divided Americans. Seven years ago, they ramrodded Obamacare through without one word or one vote from Republicans. Pelosi denied any Republican input.

That local shopper continued, "Now, Republicans act like the three stooges — no party discipline. No repeal and replace — thanks to spineless GOP senators. But Democrats act like hapless bumpkins."

While tourists in the checkout lines seemed stunned, several year-round residents chimed right in — as usual.

A retired town clerk observed, "Schumer, Pelosi, and the liberal press are seeking to bankrupt America with healthcare giveaways. Obamacare only applies to a very small number of people — including illegal aliens — at a very high cost."

Without pausing she continued, "Before Reagan, the Democrats loved the Soviet Union and the communist leaders, Now, they are shocked by Russian actions. I guess communists were friendlier."

Moment later she announced, "Hillary was just a pathetic candidate!"

A town commissioner said, "Nan, is right. The Russian interference is, pardon the pun, a red herring. The Democrats have nothing to offer the American people but free handouts, at the expense of working people. There is no such thing as a free lunch."

The residents agreed with collective nods and "Amens."

A young workman spoke up, "Foreign news sources just reported a Palestinian Muslim asylum-seeker in Hamburg, Germany attacked Germans in a supermarket with a knife — killing one and wounding at least six other Germans and he was yelling 'Allahu Akbar.'"

The workman added, "So much for open borders. Oh, by the way, a California television station, CBS-13, reported that a Muslim Imam in the university town of Davis, called for the annihilation of all Jewish people. The Imam denied it saying there is a translation error. There was no translation error. The story was quickly killed."

An attorney in line spoke up as well, "No outrage as there is no coverage."

The lawyer continued, "The Democrats are — slinging mud, using Chicago-style gutter politics to protect their many failed policies. Watch cable television or read The New York Times or The Washington Post — nothing but Trump and Republicans colluding with Russians.

He added, "Yet, there is no credible evidence of Russian 'collusion' with Trump or the Republicans. Also, there is no such federal crime as collusion."

Yet, several tourists stood aghast. One woman quietly said, "You all sound like radical right-wingers. Democratic progressives want healthcare for all — free healthcare, we want peace — not war, we want tolerance, we want open-borders, and a clean climate — not petty isolationism and intolerance."

The cashier answered her, "No way are we mean nor intolerant, as the Democrats portray us and middle-America. The Dems and the newsmedia are slinging mud and promoting purposeful lies — and you know it."

Without stopping, "I had a small manufacturing plant, a union plant in Ohio. After 24 years, the union bosses called me out as a capitalist money grabber and demanded that a union representative check my books, sit in on all hiring, and that the union okay any contracts. I said no way. I closed my plant and laid off 105 employees — men and women, old and young, white, black, and native American. The union leader warned me to go and be quiet."

The realtor answered, "That is exactly what the Communists and Socialists did in Russia, Eastern Europe, and China. That is what Democrats want now."

A retired former federal prosecutor and town curmudgeon had to say his piece. "The policy of sanctuary cities that the radical Democratic politicians push is, in fact, safe spaces for criminal illegal aliens. Sound familiar — safe spaces."

Continuing, he held the floor with, "Radical college professors want to close down free speech and any interchange of ideas — creating safe spaces for spaced-out students.

"Speaking of puns, sanctuary cities and their elitist supporters see no problem with criminal gangs like MS-13, the Latin Kings, and the Mexican Mafia. They actually excuse the gangs. because they are made-up of illegal aliens.

"Look at the Portland, Oregon Sheriff who released an illegal alien from jail who had been deported over ten times and had federal detainer placed for him. The released illegal alien then rapes an old woman and assaulted and attempted to rape another woman. The sheriff denied any responsibility and blamed the Oregon state sanctuary law. Some sheriff."

Turning to the tourist lady, "Sorry ma’am, but, you live in a fantasy land.

"Could it be you live in a gated community? Could it be you and your friends are users of the drugs the gangs smuggle in?"

The tourist lady snapped, "Bigots!"

James H. Walsh was associate general counsel with the U.S. Department of Justice Immigration and Naturalization Service from 1983 to 1994. Read more reports from James Walsh — Click Here Now.

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On the last Saturday morning of July 2017, at the local supermarket in Southwest Florida, shoppers vented their frustrations over Washington, D.C. 
florida, scumer, pelosi, washington
Monday, 31 July 2017 01:19 PM
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