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Russian Criminal Activity, America's Problem

russian nesting dolls painted as businessmen with american money in front of them

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America's political scene has been in the state of change for 10 years.

America's criminal scene has already changed. Gone are the days of "The Godfather" and the Italian mafia — La Cosa Nostra as the major criminal enterprise. The drug cartels still carry out their deadly smuggling and distributing. Both are becoming also-rans.

The new and more deadly criminal cartel-mob-syndicate-mafia-gang is the Russian description — vore v zakone or thieves-in-law. The Russian criminal machine.

Thieves-in-law relies on centuries-old Russian criminal code of conduct — Vorovski Mir or Thieves world. This term is an English translation of the Russian language, which uses the Cyrillic alphabet. Translations may differ, the end is the same.

The Russians criminal operation brings to America the most diverse criminal operation and toughest criminal enforcement regime America has ever experienced.

Unlike the Italian mafia, the Russian criminal cartels are a loose confederation or umbrella of entities. The Russians, as with the Mafia, there is a supervisory group or council — Vory. The Mafia has a tighter organizational control line, but the Russians have tighter operational regulation or ritual line.

It is now believed that the Russians have the best structural organizations, with a rigorous quasi-military overlay in all the countries they operate in, including the United States. Combine this factor with the widest range of criminal activities, and the Russians are America's biggest criminal operation, besting the Italians and drug smugglers.

These Russians are the most horrific criminal brigades or cartels or organizations or groups (Bratva), they are completely ruthless, and are expanding and profiting with Midas-like profits their American activities. The Russian crime groups commit as many diverse crimes as there are Bratva. They are committing crimes American criminal gangs never imagined, least of all, La Cosa Nostra (Italian mafia) or the Hispanic and Asian drug smugglers and dealers.

One money-generating scheme that is a steady income source is "furniture moving."

Americans moving from one city or state to another will contact a moving company in today's world on cyberworld. An American person planning a move checks out online a list of movers for price and/or reputation. A person planning to move from Toledo, Ohio may call "Your Mayflower" believing it is the Mayflower Company, a reputable established mover. It is a Bratva shell company listing. "Your Mayflower" acts as a real carrier. It is not.

The caller may agree to terms for a move. Several days before the move, the company calls and makes a minor date or time change. The mover requires cash or credit card payment at time of loading. The movers do come and load all the material, but then, say a new payment is needed, usually $200 or $300. The owner usually pays. The owner waits for agreed delivery day, and no mover. Efforts to contact the mover fail.

The owner calls police and/or FBI. The mover's telephone and computer contacts are now closed down. Police and FBI have seen this ripoff scheme since the year 2000. There is little law enforcement can do. This modus operandi is a Russian crime group standard scam.

Generally, weeks or months later the owner may receive a contact that the goods will be returned. The price varies with the value of the property. The owner will be advised not to contact authorities, if the owner knows what is good for owner. Owners usually comply. Many times there is no call, the loss is permanent.

The Cosa Nostra would never deal in such petty conduct.

The Russian Bratva is also into prostitution and various forms of prostitution blackmail, gasoline sales scams, money-laundering scams, Ponzi schemes, land development scams, insurance scams, drug smuggling, murders, securities fraud, and the list of every criminal activity one can imagine.

Vyacheslav Ivankov (1940-2009) aka the John Gotti of the Russian criminal empire, was reported to have said, "The Italian mafia and the Mexican drug cartels were small potatoes — no imagination." He was "a Don", and assassinated for unknown reasons. His statement was correct.

Semion Mogilevich is considered the "boss of Bosses" or "the brainy Don."

The Russian criminal brigades know American humans are weak, gullible, trusting, greedy, lusty and just plain stupid. The Italian and Hispanic mobs cater to specific human frailties — the Russian imagination has no bounds.

The Russian Bratva seek out intellectual and everyday weakness of people and businesses.

The U.S. law enforcement agencies have been aware of the Russians for many decades, yet have failed to broadcast warnings about the Russian criminal gangs. Russian criminal operations cost Americans untold millions of dollars every year and costs are growing.

The U.S. newsmedia has been silent.

The Russian criminals are here for decades and American politicians ignore them.

Where are the immigration officials? Most Russian crime members are illegal aliens.

Where will Joe Biden and Kamala Harris be as of January 20. 2021 on Russian crime?

James H. Walsh was associate general counsel with the U.S. Department of Justice Immigration and Naturalization Service from 1983 to 1994. Read James H. Walsh's Reports — More Here

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The new and more deadly criminal cartel-mob-syndicate-mafia-gang is the Russian description — vore v zakone or thieves-in-law. The Russian criminal machine.
criminal activity, Russian mob
Monday, 09 November 2020 08:26 AM
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