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Divided Voters Reflect Frustration Over Issues

Image: Divided Voters Reflect Frustration Over Issues


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Saturday morning, Sept. 24, 2016 in Southwest Florida was sunny and tolerably warm, even more tolerable for the locals because the snowbirds were still up North.

At a local branch of a statewide supermarket, a checkout line conversation was about their views of the week’s events. An opinionated checkout cashier voiced, “Obama talks about foreign affairs, national security, immigration, and never accomplishing anything, save appeasing Iranians and giving them money.

"Just look at Charlotte racial unrest, Chicago murder capital of the world, and New York with radical Islamic terror bombing. Are these accomplishments? The president stays silent except saying Hillary Clinton is the most capable person to ever run for the presidency.”

The patrons waiting to check out nodded in agreement and spoke words of agreement. A middle-aged woman spoke up, “The Obama administration let at least 1800 deport-ordered aliens be granted citizenship. Not just allowed illegal aliens citizenship but deportable criminals at that. The Obama administration blames some bureaucratic error. Sure!”

A gray haired gentleman, known to the locals as “the Judge” calmly said, “It has been years since I was an Assistant U.S. Attorney but how things have changed at the FBI. Now, Director Comey makes the legal decision as to who will be indicted or will not be indicted. In the pre-Obama days the Department of Justice lawyers and a grand jury made such decisions.”

Pausing and looking around, he continued, “The FBI is now just an arm of the Obama administration. Just look how the FBI muffed the last several Islamic terror bombings in New York, Boston, and San Bernadino.

Each succeeding bombing investigation is getting less professional and more political.

"Last night at 5:30 p.m, the FBI released some of Hillary Clinton’s interview notes including one that showed Obama used a phony name when dealing with Hillary on her private server in 2012. In March 2015 on CBS, he said he only learned about her by reading the New York Times."

The “Judge” ended, “The FBI is acting like a political operator not as an independent national investigation agency — to my sorrow.”

A youngish man with a crew haircut, standing behind “the Judge” spoke with a slow measured voice, “Ask anybody who has served in Iraq or Afghanistan, or special ops in Syria or Somalia and they can tell you how handcuffed the military is by Obama’s rules of engagement. Hillary says she will be an extension of Obama. Obama and Clinton are allowing ISIS to spread worldwide. Everything Obama and Clinton do is political.”

A black coach said, “That’s what my son has been saying. He served three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Too many of his friends died or were wounded by the restrictive rules of engagement. The Islamic fighters have no hand-tying rules. They behead infidels or burn them in cages.”

A thirty-something woman in jeans and a tank-top said, “I am a woman and I have had it with Hillary pretending to be like me. The Secret Service guards her, drives her, flies her, yes, and catches her when she falls. The Clintons are multi-millionaires. Hillary is not like me or any of you,” she snapped.

An elderly woman asked her, “Are you a lawyer?” “No madam. I was surgical nurse in Little Rock. I saw Hillary defend Bill — it was not a pretty sight.”

A woman with a cane joined in, “The Obama-Clinton machine seeks power and giving your tax money away is their way of getting power. That is what Roman Emperors did giving the public free stuff — the Circus Maximus.”

A bald, fiftyish man offered his opinion, “That is good. Circus Maximus. The millennials have no idea what you mean. They have no Latin or Greek language education — no classical studies — no history.

"They get their education from social media and from their high school teachers or college professors who are almost as uneducated as they are. The college professors are wrapped up in radical progressive politics and gender identification squabbling — a lot of nothing.”

A young woman tourist with a Cornell T-shirt spoke, “Obama is right. Hillary is right. America is a racist homophobic war-mongering country. You all are dinosaurs. Latin and Greek, who cares! That’s old school. Social justice is what counts, not your old school thinking with its corrupt racism and war-mongering.”

She swung her arm and lifted a clenched fist, “Power to the people!”

Then woman with the cane shouted, “That’s old black power talk from the sixties. Wake-up and get off the grass. Grow up. Get a job."

The cashier who started the conversation calmly kept checking people out, but grinned and said to the Cornell lady in a stage whisper, “The cane lady is right. Live in the real world. You and Hillary are living the past.”

James H. Walsh was associate general counsel with the U.S. Department of Justice Immigration and Naturalization Service from 1983 to 1994. Read more reports from James Walsh — Click Here Now.



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At a local branch of a statewide supermarket in Florida, a checkout line conversation was about views of the week’s events.
comey, fbi
Monday, 26 Sep 2016 09:16 AM
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