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Citizenship Is Not an Entitlement

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President Barack Obama navigates the scandals of his presidency with the greatest of ease, like the man on the flying trapeze, only he uses campaign rhetoric and hype. His threadbare campaign promise of citizenship entitlement for illegal aliens remains just rhetoric.
On the 2013 legislative scene, his energy has been spent advocating Obamacare, leaving little left for Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Just like, “You can keep your doctor if you want to,” his repeated promises to the Hispanic population have no basis in fact.
With 2013 coming to a close, the president has yet to deliver “comprehensive” immigration reform. The flawed Senate CIR bill is too much like Obamacare, except it is doomed in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives. From 2009 to 2011 Democrats had complete control of the Congress — with Democrat majorities in both the Senate and the House — yet, no immigration reform of any kind.
To appease the Hispanic population for the 2012 re-election, Obama orchestrated a flood of bureaucratic regulations and rules that by-passed Congress, which had a Republican majority in the House. So, Obama set out to achieve “pathways to citizenship” for undocumented aliens via bureaucratic fiat — “prosecutorial discretion” and “deferred action childhood arrivals” — that sidestepped the Congress, existing federal laws, and the U.S. Constitution.
It is reported that Obama is about to extend the bureaucratic fiats for the illegal alien children — again by-passing Congress.
By mid-November 2013, the Obama administration, which scans national polls and takes its own daily polls, realized that growing numbers of U.S. citizen-voters are upset. Americans of all strips are alarmed by the healthcare costs and loss of their doctors and hospitals — thanks to Obamacare. This has caused House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to acknowledge CIR is not happening any time soon.
Facing bad press for the first time, the Obama team has retreated to campaign mode. The president is increasing his national fundraising and speech-making in an effort to salvage dropping poll numbers caused by ongoing embarrassing Obamacare failures.
Aggravating the situation are stubbornly high underemployment and unemployment numbers, the specter of federal agencies unbridled interception of all foreign and domestic telephonic and computer communications, a downward spiral of middle America’s earnings, and unending demands for citizenship for illegal aliens, all of which are causing Obama’s political machine much angst.
The psychological impact on the unemployed and underemployed Americans seeing undocumented aliens demanding their “rights” is damning for Democrats. Interlocked with Obama’s open-borders immigration stance and his pet project, Obamacare, is the concept that unfettered citizenship for anyone is a civil entitlement and right for aliens.
As of December 2013, a federal grand jury charged 49 Russian diplomats and their spouses with wrongly obtaining Medicaid benefits totaling at least $1.5 million. The Russians were merely exercising their entitlement rights. It is now revealed the Russians were also espionage agents. As diplomats, they are immune from actual prosecution.
As an example of an entitlement that has run amuck, there is a Florida county which has seen its population of 23,000 in1946 climb to an estimated population of 386,147 people today. From a seasonal resort area, the county has evolved into a poorly managed but politically correct county.
Politically correct because city and county politicians created an entitlement mecca of gigantic proportions complete with fiscal mismanagement and user abuse. An essential part of the local “comprehensive” entitlement policy is federally funded, low-income housing for all regardless of citizenship. No questions about citizenship were permitted for housing applicants.
The subsidized housing projects became crime-ridden and drug-infested. Faith-based organizations, such as the Salvation Army, had to clean the housing premises for tenants unwilling to maintain their “free” quarters. Finally, public outrage required the Housing Authority to clean and guard the premises.
One working couple living in their own home near public housing was ridiculed and harassed by public-housing neighbors. Trash was dumped on their neat front garden, and their house was vandalized. Community organizers and politicians excuse such conduct and look the other way, while offering no help to the property owners except suggesting that the couple move.
Over the past five decades since President Lyndon Johnson’s “War on Poverty,” federal, state, and local authorities have excused bad behavior of welfare recipients. Unfortunately, newly arrived legal and illegal aliens soon get the message that misbehavior is rewarded by authorities.
One irate taxpayer observed that "because of decades of ‘free’ housing, ‘free’ food stamps, ‘free’ entitlement after ‘free’ entitlement, abusers of the system have no reason to be responsible for the conditions of their housing or their lifestyle. The government is always there with another handout, and ‘free’ U.S. citizenship is just another federal handout.”
Whether it is housing or citizenship, too many recipients have little respect for that which is not earned. Although some people are being told that “free” entitlements are their civil right, they should understand that there is no such thing as a free lunch.
James H. Walsh was associate general counsel with the U.S. Department of Justice Immigration and Naturalization Service from 1983 to 1994. Read more reports from James Walsh — Click Here Now.

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President Barack Obama navigates the scandals of his presidency with the greatest of ease, like the man on the flying trapeze, only he uses campaign rhetoric and hype. His threadbare campaign promise of citizenship entitlement for illegal aliens remains just rhetoric.
Friday, 13 December 2013 03:42 PM
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