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ZOA Worried About Hillary; Obama vs. Great Britain

By    |   Sunday, 15 March 2009 02:00 AM

Headlines (Scroll down for complete stories):
1. Zionist Group Worried About Hillary
2. Czech President Blasts Global Warming
3. Obama Turns a Cold Shoulder to Britain
4. NRA Stopped Pelosi on D.C. Gun Issue
5. 'Left-wing Conspiracy' Joins in Daily Conference Call
6. Israelis Warned About Hezbollah Attacks
7. We Heard: Sarah Palin, Ken Burns, Bill Maher, Brent Bozell


1. Zionist Group Worried About Hillary

The Zionist Organization of America is “concerned and deeply disappointed” regarding the views expressed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during her recent trip to the Middle East.

In an interview on a Palestinian Authority (PA) TV teen show, Clinton “accepted the false premise of her teenage interviewer that Palestinians live under Israeli occupation without freedom and liberty, thereby helping to legitimize a false basis of Palestinian incitement to hate Israel,” according to a statement from the ZOA, which was founded in 1897 and has more than 30,000 members in the U.S.

Clinton was asked, “What would you do if your daughter was unfortunate enough to have been born under occupation, born deprived of freedom and liberty?”

The ZOA said: “Secretary Clinton legitimized the question’s false premise and actually helped incite hatred against Israel by not refuting it and ignoring the fact that 98 percent of Palestinians actually live under the PA or Hamas, not Israeli control.

“Instead, Clinton responded, ‘Well, I would do what so many parents here in the West Bank and in Gaza do. I would love her … I would get the best education I could for her … I would never give up on the dream of a Palestinian state.’

“That an alarming number of Palestinian parents have encouraged their children to become suicide bombers was somehow lost from Secretary Clinton’s response.”

The ZOA statement noted that as a senator, Clinton was “strongly vocal about the need to put an end to the culture of Palestinian incitement to hatred and murder in the PA-controlled TV and radio, mosques, schools and youth camps.”

The ZOA cited a statement Hillary made in October 2003: “How can you think about building a better future, no matter what your political views, if you indoctrinate your children to a culture of death?”

And Clinton said in February 2007: “We must stop the propaganda to which Palestinian children are being exposed . . . I have been speaking out against the incitement of hate and violence in Palestinian textbooks for years.”

ZOA National President Morton A. Klein said: “We are concerned and deeply disappointed that Secretary Clinton has uttered not a word about the issue of incitement to hatred and murder she herself once emphasized was a priority, and indeed the key to bringing about an Arab-Israeli peace.

“In this PA TV interview, Secretary Clinton had a real opportunity to confront the vital issue of incitement to hatred against Israel with a huge Palestinian audience. This could have been an excellent and rare opportunity to place the issue she once claimed was paramount on the international agenda by speaking directly to the next generation of Palestinians.

“Instead, not only did Secretary Clinton fail to confront the issue, but she actually became an accessory in the PA’s relentless promotion of hate propaganda against Israel.”

Editor's Note:

2. Czech President Blasts Global Warming

Czech President Vaclav Klaus says many global warming advocates are more interested in money than they are in climate change.

Speaking at the opening session of the Second International Conference on Climate Change last week in New York, Klaus — who is also President pro-tem of the European Union — warned that politicians have “succeeded in creating incentives which led to the rise of a very powerful [profit]-seeking group.

“These people are interested neither in temperature, CO2, competing scientific hypotheses and their testing, nor in freedom or markets. They are interested in their businesses and their profits — made with the help of politicians.”

They will profit, he said, from trading the licenses to emit carbon dioxide, and from constructing unproductive wind, solar and similar equipment able to generate electricity only with high levels of subsidies.

They will also make money from doing research, writing and speaking about global warming.

At the New York conference, sponsored by the Heartland Institute and attended by more than 700 scientists, Klaus declared that “there is no fixed and stable relationship between measured temperature and CO2 emissions.

“The believers in this hypothesis are not able to explain why the global temperature increased from 1918 to 1940, decreased from 1940 to 1976, increased from 1976 to 1998 and decreased from 1998 to the present, irrespective of the fact that people have been adding increasing amounts of CO2 to the atmosphere.”

He said global warming alarmists “want to change us and our behavior. Their ambition is to control and manipulate us.”

The global warming debate “has not made any detectable progress and the much needed, long overdue exchange of views has not yet started. All we see and hear are uninspiring monologues.

“It reminds me of the frustration people like me felt in the Communist era. Whatever you said, any convincing and well prepared arguments you used, any relevant data you assembled — no reaction. It all fell into emptiness. Nobody listened.

“They didn't even try to argue back. They considered you a naive, uninformed and confused person, an eccentric, a complainer, someone not able to accept their only truth. It is very similar now.”

Recalling his experience at the recent World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, he said he spent three hours at a closed session with about 60 people - heads of state and “experts” like Al Gore, Tony Blair and Kofi Annan.

“It was a discouraging experience. You looked around in vain to find at least one person who would share your views. There was no one.

“All the participants of the meeting took man-made global warming for granted, were convinced of its dangerous consequences, and more or less competed in one special discipline — whether to suggest a 20, 30, 50 or 80 percent CO2 emissions cut as an agreed-upon, world-wide project. It was difficult to say anything meaningful and constructive.”

Newsmax reported earlier that during the Davos conference in January, Klaus said: "I'm very sorry that some people like Al Gore are not ready to listen to the competing theories. I do listen to them.

"Environmentalism and the global warming alarmism is challenging our freedom. Al Gore is an important person in this movement."

Klaus concluded in New York: “The environmentalists speak about ‘saving the planet.’ From what? And from whom? One thing I know for sure: We have to save it - and us — from them.”

Editor's Note:

3. Obama Turns a Cold Shoulder to Britain

President Barack Obama hosted his first foreign leader when he met in early March with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown — and it was a “diplomatic disaster.”

That’s the view of historian Arthur Herman, whose latest book is “Gandhi and Churchill: The Epic Rivalry That Destroyed an Empire and Forged Our Age.”

In an opinion piece published in the New York Post, Herman points to several examples of Obama apparently seeking to downplay the traditionally close U.S.-Britain ties:

  • Obama did not hold a joint Rose Garden press conference with Brown, the “usual protocol” when a president and British prime minister first meet.
  • Instead of citing the decades-old “special relationship” between the two countries, a White House spokesperson referred to a “special partnership.”
  • In the traditional gift exchange between the two leaders, Brown gave Obama a pen holder made from the timber of the first British ship to fight the slave trade, and a signed first edition of the classic 8-volume biography of Winston Churchill by Randolph Churchill and Sir Martin Gilbert.

Obama’s gift to Brown was a collection of DVDs of classic American films, including “Psycho,” which are all available in British stores.

But Obama had earlier demonstrated his disdain for Churchill, ordering that the bust of Churchill that Prime Minister Tony Blair had presented to the U.S. after 9/11 be returned to the British Embassy.

In fact, another Churchill expert, “Churchill: Speaker of the Century” author James Humes, cited a report that when Obama first entered the Oval Office and saw the Churchill bust, he said, “Get that goddam thing out of here.”

Herman wrote in the Post: “This was a stunning posthumous attack on the memory of a man who was not only the living embodiment of the Anglo-American special relationship (Churchill was half American), but of its ideological foundations.”

That special relationship has seen American and British forces fight together in two World Wars, Korea, the first Gulf War, Bosnia and most recently in Iraq.

But the eight volumes of Churchill’s biography “will plainly sit unread on the White House bookshelf — because Barack Obama clearly considers that legacy, like the Anglo-American alliance itself, to be outdated,” Herman observed.

The London Daily Telegraph succinctly stated: “Obama has been rudeness personified toward Britain.”

Editor's Note:

4. NRA Stopped Pelosi on D.C. Gun Issue

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi bowed to tacit pressure from the National Rifle Association and pulled a bill opposed by the powerful gun rights organization.

The bill would give the District of Columbia a voting member of Congress. But the NRA preferred a Senate version, which also amends the District’s gun policies.

The Senate bill, passed earlier by a 62-36 vote, removes the District’s ban on semiautomatic weapons, registration requirements and trigger-lock rule.

The NRA did not issue an official statement on the House bill. But word spread in the House that the NRA would consider a vote to bring its version of the bill to the floor as a vote against gun rights, according to The Hill newspaper.

That meant that centrist Democrats who voted for the bill “could lose their prized ‘A-rating’ from the NRA, which many consider essential to keeping their jobs in rural, Southern and Western districts,” The Hill reported.

So Pelosi and the Democratic leadership pulled the bill.

Pelosi was also instrumental in torpedoing the Barack Obama administration’s trial balloon on bringing back an assault-weapons ban in the District.

Washington’s gun laws were considered the strictest in the country before the Supreme Court last year overturned the city’s handgun ban.

After the House bill was pulled, aides said negotiations were continuing and the measure could soon be resurrected.

Editor's Note:

5. ‘Left-wing Conspiracy’ Joins in Daily Conference Call

Each morning at 8:45 a.m., officials from more than 20 labor, environmental and other Democratic-leaning groups take part in a private conference call hosted by two liberal Washington organizations.

The “8:45 call,” as it is referred to by participants, marks “a new level in coordination by the White House’s allies,” Politico.com reports in a story headlined “The new left-wing conspiracy.”

The “call” has helped efforts to tie the Republican Party to radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh and to launch attacks on critics of President Barack Obama’s proposals.

It is hosted by Progressive Media, a project of the Center for American Progress (CAP) Action Fund and the Media Matters Action Fund. No White House officials take part in the call.

CAP President John Podesta and senior vice president for communications Jennifer Palmieri were “in the White House during the Clinton years, and we didn’t have a coordinated echo chamber on the outside backing us up,” Palmieri told Politico.

“There’s a real interest on the progressive side for groups to want to coordinate with each other and leverage each other’s work in a way I haven’t ever seen before.”

The daily conference call has been successful at coordinating attacks on Obama critics, including Betsy McCaughey.

McCaughey, who had been a senior scholar at the Center for the Study of the Presidency and later served as lieutenant governor of New York, wrote two op-ed pieces in the Wall Street Journal in 1993 that attacked the Clinton healthcare plan.

When she wrote a column critical of Obama on healthcare, groups involved in the “call” brought up the 1993 columns and pointed out that she had a seat on the board of a medical device maker and also owned stock in the firm.

“There’s a coordination in terms of exposing the people who are trying to come out against reform,” Jacki Schechner, national communications director for healthcare reform proponents Health Care for America, told Politico.

“They’ve all got backgrounds and histories and pasts, and it’s not taking long to unearth that and to unleash that, because we’re all working together.”

Editor's Note:

6. Israelis Warned About Hezbollah Attacks

The Israeli government’s counterterrorism unit has warned that Hezbollah seeks to carry out terror attacks against Israelis abroad and urged them to take precautions.

“Hezbollah has repeatedly blamed Israel for the death of Imad Mughniyeh, something that increases the threat of terror against Israeli targets abroad,” the Counter Terrorism Bureau said in a statement.

Mughniyeh, Hezbollah’s terror operations chief, was killed in a February 2008 car bombing in Damascus, Syria. Israel has denied responsibility for the assassination, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported.

The statement continued: “The Counter Terrorism Bureau stresses its existing travel warning on the matter of the abduction of Israelis, or harm to them, abroad.

“Hezbollah appears to be prepared to carry out a serious attack in the form of an assassination or a kidnapping of an Israeli target, including abroad. This threatens every Israeli, especially senior figures.”

Israel began a 34-day conflict with Hezbollah in 2006 after the militant group abducted two Israeli soldiers.

The bureau called on Israelis not to visit Muslim countries, be wary of unknown individuals, and meet in crowded places with trustworthy companions, according to Haaretz.

Hezbollah deputy leader Sheikh Naim Kassem said in a recent interview that he saw little chance of another conflict with Israel in the near future, but added that “in the distant future all things are possible.”

He also said that with Benjamin Netanyahu set to lead a new Israeli government, he sees no chance of progress on peace talks between Israel, Syria and the Palestinians.

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7. We Heard . . .

THAT a comic book illustrating the biography of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is now in its second printing after the first was sold out.

The comic, one of four in Washington State-based Bluewater Comics’ “Female Force” series, was released in mid-February. It begins with the GOP vice presidential candidate’s birth in 1964 and extends through the birth of her new grandson, Tripp.

“A lot of people said Palin would be long gone from the media spotlight at this point, but she’s still a governor and she’s still in the news almost daily,” Bluewater Comics editor Darren Davis told the Fairbanks (Alas.) Daily News-Miner.

Other women in the series are Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama and Caroline Kennedy.

THAT Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker Ken Burns has become a victim of General Motors’ financial woes.

GM announced that it is ending its 22-year support of Burns, whose documentaries include “The Civil War,” “The War” and “Baseball.”

GM spokeswoman Kelly Cusinato said Burns is “the gold standard of documentary filmmaking,” but the financial crisis “has forced GM to rein in such spending.”

It’s not known how much financial aid GM contributed to Burns’ efforts, The Detroit News reports.

The filmmaker’s last GM-backed work is “The National Parks: America’s Best Ideas,” a six-part series that airs in the fall.

THAT comedian Bill Maher has been accused of lifting a phrase coined by another wit.

Jonah Goldberg, a contributor to the New York Post’s Op-Ed pages, told the Post’s “Page Six” column that he used the line, “spending money like a pimp with a week to live,” in reference to President George W. Bush and the Republican Congress for years, beginning in 2001.

Maher has repeated the line more recently on his HBO show “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

Said Goldberg: “I don’t really care much that he’s using it — but pointing out Maher’s unoriginality is modestly enjoyable.”

THAT Media Research Center President Brent Bozell has issued a sharp statement in response to the announcement that Newsweek magazine is partnering with liberal talk radio network Air America to syndicate the show “Newsweek On Air.”

“We’ve documented their left-wing bias for years,” he said about the magazine.

“The ‘News’ in Newsweek has always been a joke. Their teaming up with the uber-liberal radio network removes all doubt. Newsweek and Air America — perfectly liberal together.”

Bozell also stated wryly: “Given the respective ratings, it’s an outstanding business decision. Clearly Newsweek wanted a radio partner whose listenership mirrors their readership — minimal and declining rapidly.”

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