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Insider Report: Film Documents Horrors Along Mexican Border

By    |   Sunday, 21 October 2007 11:45 PM

Headlines (Scroll down for complete stories):
1. New Film Documents Horrors Along Mexican Border
2. Chinese Weapons Surface in Afghanistan
3. Romney Support From Evangelical Mark DeMoss
4. Russia Claims British Plotting Against Putin
5. McCain Top Fundraiser From Billionaire Benefactors
6. We Heard: Colin Powell, Ann Coulter, Karl Rove, More

1. New Film Documents Horrors Along Mexican Border

A new documentary paints a shocking but true picture of illegal immigration along America’s border with Mexico.

The film “Border” is directed by Chris Burgard, an actor whose credits include “JAG” and “Growing Pains.” It premiered in August at the Liberty Film Festival and is now being circulated nationally.

According to the film’s Web site, “‘Border’ takes you on a journey from state to state and exposes a failed system and a failed policy. Burgard’s courageous journey includes powerful footage in the border crossing regions of America where dead bodies, armed Mexican military incursions, ‘rape trees,’ and drug traffickers are commonplace.”

In an interview with FrontPage magazine, Burgard was asked what inspired him to undertake the sometimes dangerous job of filming illegal immigration.

He said he beagan his arduous journey after hearing horror stories on the news and from other sources: “I first started hearing about the rapes on the border and how the ‘drogandos’ would put guns to people’s heads and say, ‘You are going to carry this backpack of drugs into America or we are going to kill you and leave you in the desert . . .

“Also at this time there was a group called the Minute Men Civil Defense Corps that was doing a big operation on the Southern border. President Bush called them vigilantes.

“My wife says that I am a news and History Channel junky. I think she finally got so tired of my . . . complaining and said do something. So she motivated me to get my butt off the couch, grab a camera, and go see for myself what was going on on the border.”

The film is shot largely along the border and contains images of dead and decaying illegal immigrants, many that local ranchers say were murdered by human traffickers who raped them or forced them to bring drugs across the border.

Asked what most “surprised” him while making the film, Burgard said: “Rape trees . . . Armed men in uniform from Mexico using mule trains to smuggle tons of contraband into America . . .

“Rancher after rancher living behind razor wire. Ranch after ranch on the verge of bankruptcy due to the illegal traffic, vandalism, and drug cartels that are flooding their land. Dead bodies so numerous that border counties are going broke just paying for all the coroner inquests.”

But Burgard added: “I am convinced that we have more than enough tools in the shed to secure the border whenever we want to. It is a matter of choosing not to.”

Editor's Note:

2. Chinese Weapons Surface in Afghanistan

American and British officials have complained to China that sophisticated, newly manufactured Chinese weapons have been seized in Afghanistan.

The weapons include anti-aircraft guns, landmines, rocket-propelled grenades, and even the HN-5, a Chinese copy of the Russian SA-7 surface-to-air missile.

The weapons that have been found had their serial numbers removed to cloak their intermediate source.

High-ranking U.S. officials have accused Iran of received weapons from China and smuggling them into Afghanistan, according to a report from the Center for Strategic and International Studies’ Transnational Threats Project.

But Afghan President Hamid Karzai, not suprisingly, questions that link. His country has strong ties with Iran and Iranian animosity toward the Taliban, who in 1998 murdered Iranian diplomats and Shiite civilians in the city of Mazar-e-Sharif.

“Whatever the source of the weapons, given the close operational ties between

al-Qaida and the Taliban, the latter’s possession of such arms, especially the

HN-5s, is disturbing,” the CSIS report states.

Terrorist groups, including al-Qaida, have tried several times in the past — unsuccessfully — to use shoulder-fired guided missiles to target civilian and military aircraft.

“Given the lethality of these weapons, the possible know-how of terrorists to transport them, and the close ties between al-Qaida and the Taliban,” the report notes, “the appearance of sophisticated surface-to-air missiles in Afghanistan should be of concern to everybody.”

Editor's Note:

3. Romney Support From Evangelical Mark DeMoss

An influential evangelical public relations executive has written a letter to some 150 top conservative Christian leaders urging them to support Mitt Romney and head off a possible Rudy Giuliani or Hillary Clinton presidency.

Mark DeMoss, whose clients include the Rev. Franklin Graham, asked the evangelical leaders to “galvanize support around Mitt Romney, so Mr. Giuliani isn’t the unintended beneficiary of our divided support among several candidates . . . so we don’t abdicate the presidency (and the future of the Supreme Court) to Hillary Clinton.”

DeMoss cited three major concerns in his letter, according to The New York Times. He asserted that Giuliani "clearly does not share our values on so

many issues.”

He warned conservative leaders who are threatening to support a third party candidate if Republicans nominate Giuliani. He said such an action would help elect Clinton if they bolt the GOP.

DeMoss is also concerned over talk that electing someone like Clinton would help the conservative movement by galvanizing support and fundraising.

“I am not willing to risk negatively changing the Supreme Court, and our entire judicial system, for the next 30 years in exchange for building our conservative mailing lists and operating budgets for the next four or eight years,” DeMoss wrote.

As for Romney’s Mormon faith, DeMoss stated: “I fully recognize some evangelicals take issue with me for supporting a Mormon for the office of president, and I respect their concerns . . .

“But I concluded that I am more concerned that a candidate shares my values than he shares my theology.”

Editor's Note:

4. Russia Claims Britain Plotting Against Putin

Russia’s security chief claims that the British intelligence service MI6 is stirring up dissent in Russia to influence upcoming elections and prevent President Vladimir Putin from retaining power.

Though Putin is barred from running for president after serving two terms, he can still angle for the prime minister position and set up a political straw man for  president. 

Nothing bars him from seeking re-election after bowing out for a term.

Nikolai Patrushev, head of Russia’s Federal Security Service — the successor of the KGB — said British spies are seeking to weaken Russia and break up the country.

MI6 agents are “not only gathering intelligence in all areas, but also trying to influence the development of the domestic political situation in our country,” Patrushev said in an interview with the weekly Argumenty I Fakti.

“Right at the moment foreign intelligence services are making considerable efforts to get information about the forthcoming elections.”

Putin announced in early October that he would lead the dominant United Russia party, a move that could lead to Putin becoming prime minister next year when he must step down as president. Putin, through a crony as the new president, is expected to retain most of the power himself, Britain’s Daily Mail reported.

Patrushev said in the interview: “Politicians thinking in the categories of the Cold War still retain their influence in a number of Western nations. They have claimed credit for the collapse of the Soviet Union, and they are hatching plans aimed at dismembering Russia.”

Foreign spies, he said, “are trying to influence . . . demonstrations in Russia.”

He claimed that since 2003, his agency has uncovered 270 foreign intelligence officers and 70 agents they had recruited.

Russia’s relations with Britain have been strained by the poisoning death in London of former Russian security agent and Kremlin critic Alexander Litvinenko last November. Litvinenko, on his deathbed, accused Putin of orchestrating his poisoning.

Russia has rejected British demands for the extradition of former KGB officer Andrei Lugovoi, the sole suspect in Litvinenko’s death.

Britain, for its part, has rejected Russian demands for the extradition of Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky and Chechen rebel leader Akhmed Zakayev.

Patrushev attacked not only MI6 by also spies from Poland, Georgia, Turkey, and Pakistan as stooges for the CIA, according to the Daily Mail.

He also brought up a decade-old charge that British agents had placed fake rocks in Moscow parks to hide their transmitters.

Editor's Note:

5. McCain Top Fundraiser From Billionaire Benefactors

Presidential hopeful John McCain has received campaign contributions from the most billionaires on the Forbes 400 list, 46, with Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton close behind at 45 each.

As of midyear 2007, 84 members of the list had given to Republicans, and 80 had donated to Democrats.

Despite their wealth, the donors are limited to giving $2,300 per candidate for the primary and another $2,300 for the general election.

“But a star rich lister can bring in others, as Oprah Winfrey did when she hosted a September fundraiser for Barack Obama at her 42-acre estate, which attracted more than 1,600 donors,” Forbes reports.

Hillary’s benefactors include financier Warren Buffett, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, Revlon honcho Ronald Perelman and media baron Rupert Murdoch. Buffett has also given to Clinton’s fellow Democrat Obama.

McCain’s wealthiest donor is Jack Taylor, founder of Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Rudy Giuliani has received contributions from investor Carl Icahn, energy tycoon Dan Duncan, and Robert Rowling, whose holdings include Omni Hotels and Gold’s Gym. Duncan has also contributed to McCain.

Mitt Romney’s campaign has benefited from Rowling, along with Stephen Schwarzman, chairman of the Blackstone Group private equity firm, and entertainment and telecom mogul Philip Anschutz.

Editor's Note:

6. We Heard . . .

THAT former Secretary of State Colin Powell is buying up property on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

The Colin L. Powell Revocable Trust has paid $2.76 million for a four-bedroom apartment in a recently converted condominium building. Last August, a trust in the name of his wife Alma Powell paid $1.8 million to purchase a three-bedroom apartment in the same 15-story building, the New York Post reports.

Powell and his wife live in McLean, Va., and his spokesman Peggy Cifrino told the Post the New York apartments are for family members.

THAT while Ann Coulter is none to happy about the presidential campaigns of Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson and Mike Huckabee won’t get her support either.

Coulter — whose latest book is “If Democrats Had Any Brains, They’d Be Republicans,” wrote on humanevents.com:

“Conservatives unhappy with our Republican presidential candidates seem to be drifting aimlessly toward Fred Thompson and Mike Huckabee in the misguided belief that these candidates are more conservative than Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney. This is like breaking up with Bobby Brown so you can date Phil Spector.”

THAT former White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove has signed with a top booking agency and is offering his services as a guest lecturer.

In his speeches, Rove — who resigned from the Bush administration in August — will talk about “the future of American politics, predictions for the presidential election of 2008, and the qualities of leadership demanded of us in these continued challenging times,” according to the Harry Walker Agency.

A release from the agency also states: “Karl Rove was the architect of the Bush administration’s most important policy victories, including waging and winning the war against global terrorism and liberating more than 50 million people from two regimes of extraordinary brutality that had provided safe haven to terrorists.”

THAT Talk Radio Network’s “The Rusty Humphries Show” has added eight stations to its list of affiliates and is now heard in over 200 affiliates nationwide.

The new stations are in Seattle; Minneapolis-St.Paul; Portland, Ore.; Vancouver, Wash.; York, Pa.; Colorado Springs, Colo.; Sarasota-Bradenton, Fla.; Meridian, Kans.; and Presque Isle, Maine.

Humphries is an expert on military issues and has served as a military adviser at the U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay Detention Center.

THAT Rudy Giuliani has picked up support from a Bush — former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s son Jeb Jr. has joined the former New York City mayor’s presidential campaign.

The younger Jeb — President Bush’s nephew — will be chairman of Florida Young Professionals for Rudy and will focus on grass-roots efforts in South Florida, according to the Boston Globe.

“As someone who grew up around politics and candidates, I know that Rudy has the leadership qualities and unmatched experience to be the next president of the United States,” the younger Jeb said in a statement released by the Giuliani campaign.

“I’m honored to join his campaign and look forward to working with the many young professionals throughout Florida supporting the mayor.”

THAT U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, who led the prosecution of Dick Cheney’s former chief of staff I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, is engaged to be married.

The bride-to-be is investment banker turned Head Start teacher Jennifer Letzkus, who at 34 is 12 years his junior, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Fitzgerald and Letzkus plan a small, private ceremony, according to his spokesman.

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