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Ann Coulter Slams Biased Media On Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh

By    |   Wednesday, 28 January 2009 02:56 PM

“Guilty: Liberal ‘Victims’ and Their Assault on America” by Ann Coulter, (Crown Forum, 311 pages, $27.95)

Ann Coulter considers liberals a plague on humanity, and she has spent her career as a bestselling author treating the disease with her own acerbic antibiotic: a mixture of reality and well-deserved scorn.

In "Godless," Coulter’s previous book, she skewered liberalism’s quasi-religious devotion to its false god, which it claims frees mankind to revise morals in light of current circumstances.

In “Guilty,” she cross-examines and convicts liberals’ tactic of creating victims in order to label conservatives as their cruel and heartless oppressors. She delves into some of the biggest liberal myths and outright lies, and uses facts to demolish them. [Editor’s Note: Get Ann Coulter’s new book. Free Offer - Go here now.]

“Liberals always have to be victims, particularly when they are oppressing others,” she writes, noting that “modern victims aren’t victims because of what they have suffered: they are victims of convenience for the Left.”

Whoever complains the most, and the loudest, about offended sensibilities plays the victim card, she contends: “The key to any political argument is to pretend to be insulted and register operatic anger.”

Recent case in point: liberal outrage over Barack Obama’s choice of Pastor Rick Warren to give an invocation at his inaugural ceremony. In one fell swoop, the entire homosexual community was victimized: Warren was its cruel oppressor, with the aid of Obama.

Coulter lists case after case of liberal use of victimization to label conservatives as tyrants, who always are the people liberals hate: Joe McCarthy; Jesse Helms; Tom DeLay; the Swift Boat vets; and their latest tyrant, Gov. Sarah Palin.

The favorite excuse of liberals for news coverage of the private lives of conservatives is to unveil “hypocrisy,” Coulter contends. One of the examples she notes as genuine hypocrisy was the media’s praise of John Edwards for his apparent selfless devotion to his cancer-ridden wife, even while he was carrying on an affair with another woman.

“No practicing journalist with the establishment media would be able to pinpoint the hypocrisy in that,” Coulter writes.

"But as soon as pro-gun, pro-drilling American woman, Sarah Palin, materialized on the Republican ticket, the press suddenly took a keen interest in hypocrisy again. Or at least their version of the hypocrisy by which liberals mean they spotted a conservative or better, a Christian.”

All of Coulter’s books target people or groups the mainstream media consider sancrosanct, such as the so-called Jersey girls, four politically active widows who exploited the loss of their husbands on 9/11 at the World Trade Center to bash the Bush administration.

In “Guilty,” she devotes an entire chapter to another alleged victim: the single mother, whom she describes as “the most worshiped figure in modern America.” You can almost hear the liberals howl that heartless Annie is at it again, picking on helpless victims.

Single mothers, she explains, are not only “unsung heroines,” as the title of a recent book puts it, but also perennial victims — the unwitting victims of sex with men they are not married to. We are told repeatedly that this or that policy will result in "single mothers being hit hardest," she says.

The media have ignored the fact that she is not taking aim at women who are single mothers because of divorce or are widowed — because the media would like us to believe that she’s picking on all husbandless mothers, regardless of how they got that way.

“We have ‘single mothers’ because more than 1 million women choose to have children out of wedlock every year in America, and do not wed or give their babies up for adoption by their own choices. They consign their children to starting life with second-class status,” Coulter explains.

She describes what the second-class status entails for the real victims: children who are fatherless because their mothers chose to bear them without bothering to get married.

She has a lot of fun turning the tables on liberals who wail about the allegedly fearsome Republican Attack Machine, which she describes as the imaginary phenomenon liberals fear most.

"The only difference between the attack machines of the political parties is that the media would pick up and repeat the attacks produced by the Democrats, but will vilify any attacks launched by Republicans,” she writes.

"Indeed, the media and the Democratic Party synchronize their work so closely, it's often impossible to tell them apart.”

Coulter also takes aim at liberals’ conceit that they are paragons of bravery. She says she knows they are brave — because they're always telling her they are.

“Five nights a week, MSNBC's Keith Olbermann courageously booked guests who completely agree with him,” she notes, adding that “it doesn't get much braver than that.”

Coulter concludes with the observation that "liberals claim they are victims — victims of pregnancy, victims of the Republican Attack Machine, victims of foreign words meaning ‘monkey,’ victims of Americans angry they revealed secret counterterrorist programs, victims of ‘AmerKKKa’s imperialism,’ victims of redwood assassins, victims of apocryphal right-wing violence.

“They’re not victims — they are guilty.”

Coulter expanded on her book and several other subjects during an exclusive interview with Newsmax.

Newsmax: Has the media distorted your take on single mothers, giving the impression that you were attacking all single mothers?

Coulter: Yes — and it's so unlike them to distort my words! Except for, uh . . . always.

Newsmax: Since when did offending anyone's sensibilities become akin to a criminal offense?

Coulter: Ever since the Democrats realized they needed to be “tough on crime.”

Newsmax: Doesn't this constitute an assault on the freedom of speech?

Coulter: Yes – and worse, our brains.

Newsmax: The newspaper business is in dire straits — can the liberal papers survive on the Internet or will their influence wane?

Coulter: Their influence will collapse until somebody figures out how to line the bottom of a bird cage with a computer. Of course, liberals will still have ABC, NBC, CBS, every cable news station except a few hours on Fox News every day, the magazine industry, the few surviving national newspapers like the Washington Post and The New York Times, the House, the Senate, the presidency, all of Hollywood, and the guy who prints the ballots in Minnesota. That’s why liberals need a ‘fairness’ doctrine applied exclusively to talk radio, poor darlings. They can’t get their ‘message’ out.

Newsmax: What are the chances of a revival of the fairness doctrine?

Coulter: With Al Franken in the Senate? Pretty good.

Newsmax: If it is revived, how can conservative talk radio hosts remain on the airwaves?

Coulter: Except for a few stars like Rush Limbaugh, who will have to be “balanced” by a boring crackpot like Randi Rhodes, zero on regular radio. Perhaps some of the others can move to satellite — until Democrats write a fairness doctrine to apply to satellite radio.

Newsmax: How tough do you think Senate Republicans should be in playing the role of the loyal opposition?

Coulter: They should do whatever the great Iowa Congressmen Steve King does.

Newsmax: Should they draw a line in the sand and tell Democrats they will use the filibuster weapon each and every time the majority tries to ram through its socialistic programs?

Coulter: They should lie, cheat, double cross, steal, change the rules in the middle of the game — whatever they have to do. In other words, they should act like Democrats acted throughout the Bush years. More realistically, they should filibuster first and ask questions later. There's nothing much at stake here except the life of every man, woman, and child in America, plus the fate of western civilization and life on Earth.

[Editor’s Note: Get Ann Coulter’s new book. Free offer - Go here now.]

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“Guilty: Liberal ‘Victims’ and Their Assault on America” by Ann Coulter, (Crown Forum, 311 pages, $27.95) Ann Coulter considers liberals a plague on humanity, and she has spent her career as a bestselling author treating the disease with her own acerbic antibiotic: a...
Wednesday, 28 January 2009 02:56 PM
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