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Risks of Medicating Drinking Water

Wednesday, 04 Nov 2015 05:03 PM Current | Bio | Archive

Over the years, a number of medical “experts” have proposed adding medications to the water supplies of our cities. Suggestions have included everything from psychotropic medications to statins and antihypertensive medications to birth control medications.

Fluoride was the first substance added to drinking water, ostensibly justified by its ability to lower cavity rates, especially in the young.

Now, 65 years later, we learn that fluoride has no effects on lowering cavity rates — but it is
responsible for:

• An increase in fractures in both young and old people

• A dramatic rise in destructive dental fluorosis

• A significant lowering of IQ

• Abnormalities in pineal gland function

• A 10 percent increase in cancer rates in fluoridated cities

• A fourfold increase in a deadly bone cancer in boys younger than 6

Recently, the government regulatory authorities “suggested” that mothers should not reconstitute their baby’s formula with fluoridated drinking water, as it could be harmful to brain development.

Of course, nothing was mentioned of the millions of babies who were damaged by 65 years of the fluoridation experiment before this revelation appeared.

Even the American Dental Association suggests that children under age 6 shouldn’t brush with fluoridated toothpaste. Incredibly, they warn parents that children should not use more than a pea-sized amount of toothpaste; and if they swallow it, you should contact poison control.

A pea-sized amount of toothpaste contains the same amount of fluoride found in 6 ounces of fluoridated water. Only a bureaucrat could justify that bit of convoluted idiocy.

Now there’s a new justification for adding a toxic mineral to the water supply. Two Japanese studies found that adding a small amount of lithium to drinking water significantly reduced suicide rates in test cities. Some American bureaucrats now want to conduct another experiment by adding lithium to our drinking water.

To reinforce their justification for this experiment, they remind us that 34,000 Americans commit suicide in this country each year. They claim we could save 13,000 lives annually by adding lithium to the drinking water.

However, several studies have shown that suicide rates, violent crimes, and juvenile delinquency are dramatically higher in fluoridated communities than in similar communities with un-fluoridated water. When you fluoridate drinking water it increases the lead level by leeching lead from the fixtures. And lead, even in very small concentrations, is known to cause violent behavior and lower IQ.

So it seems that the best way to reduce suicide rates, violent behavior, and juvenile delinquency would be to stop putting fluoride in drinking water. There’s no need to add lithium. As social commentator Dr. Thomas Sowell says, only intellectuals resort to such failed logic. That is, only they could dream of correcting one problem they created by expanding the failed program and adding another toxic metal.

No one at the think tanks or the elitist medical professionals who are so excited about the Japanese finding consider that some people can have allergic reactions to lithium, that there are tens of thousands of patients on lithium medications, and that the therapeutic dose is already very close to a brain-toxic dose.

Just a small dose in the water could precipitate a toxic crisis in these people.

And how do these wizards of social engineering propose to handle this problem? They say that the government will provide bottled water for those who are intolerant of lithium.

Well, a great number of people are intolerant to fluoride. When was the last time you received your case of free bottled water from the benevolent government?

This is not to say that there is no research showing beneficial effects of lithium, because there are a number of studies that have shown improved brain function and growth of synaptic connections with lithium supplementation.

But taking lithium is an individual’s choice — not the government’s.

If we allow the government to start medicating the water, we will soon be a controlled society — docile and compliant, and very sick.

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Over the years, a number of medical “experts” have proposed adding medications to the water supplies of our cities.
drinking water, fluoride, lithium, IQ
Wednesday, 04 Nov 2015 05:03 PM
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