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The No-Diet Way to Lose Weight Easily

The No-Diet Way to Lose Weight Easily

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By    |   Sunday, 25 December 2016 03:21 PM

About 45 million Americans — one in six — go on diet each year, often as part of a New Year’s resolution, while the nation spends $33 billion annually on weight loss products. Yet two-thirds of Americans are still overweight or obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The upshot: For the vast majority of Americans, fad diets and extreme dining plans are a costly and frustrating waste of time — at best.

Diet and fitness industry insider Jimmy Fleming tells Newsmax Health that many dieters compound their problems by adopting short-term weight-loss plans — to lose weight for summer beach vacations or as part of a News Year’s resolution — instead of sustainable lifestyle changes that last a lifetime.

“While even the most well-intended health-seekers strategize their diet and fitness approach at the top of a New Year, far too many revert back to their bad habits and poor choices that sabotage their weight-loss endeavor and undermine their overall well-being,” says Fleming, co-founder of HealthWage, an organization that helps create weight programs for corporations and other groups.

“However, one need not wait until the next shiny New Year rolls around for a renewed resolve to shed those unwanted pounds, as there’s no better time than right now to make healthful, life-altering adjustments to the daily routine.”

He adds that adopting a handful of few simple, but critical strategies are more effective ways to lose weight — and keep it off — than resorting to fad diets or extreme short-term eating plans or exercise regimens.

Here are the “Five critical elements” he recommends for sustained weight loss — none of which involve going on a diet.

Set specific goals. “You are far more likely to achieve your diet resolution if you spend a few minutes thinking it through,” Fleming says. “Sit down at your desk and dedicate even just 10 minutes of your life to strategizing your resolution.”

Be detailed and realistic in writing down your goals, as well as a date when you will achieve your first one — one month out is a good bet. It’s best not to be too aggressive, but plan on losing one to two pounds per week at most. Indicate how you’ll plan to do it — cut out soda, add 30 minutes of exercise each day, limit desserts.

Then review your plan frequently as you work toward your goals and make adjustments as necessary.

Set up financial incentives. Money talks, as they say. And that’s certainly true when it comes to weight loss. “A significant amount of academic research shows that you are much more likely to achieve your [weight-loss goals] if you include a double financial incentive — i.e., money to lose if you fail and money to win if you succeed,” Fleming says. “The reason money works better than the natural motivators of vanity and health is that money can be tied to specific, measurable goals and deadlines.”

Plus, financial incentives also make weight loss more fun and exciting. Even a small reward can be an incredible motivator and provide a satisfying acknowledgment of a job well done.

Do one thing at a time. Don’t try to lose weight while making another major life change. Shedding pounds while also quitting smoking, giving up alcohol, or launching a new career may add too much pressure. Stick to your weight-loss goals, then move to others once you achieve them, Fleming advises.

“Trying to stick to more than one [goal] creates a willpower diffusion that is almost always a recipe for failure,” he says. “The winding road from plump to sexy is made of many cobblestones that you have to lay down one at a time with lots of small, frequent decisions (e.g., ‘this morning, I am going to skip that second donut’).

“With all the good judgment and will power those little decisions require, you simply won’t have the time and energy for your other [goals], too.”

Tell everyone. It’s a good idea to let at least a few friends or family members about your goals. That can provide support and also give you an opportunity to share your success stories. “When you tell other people about your plans, a magical thing happens: You know that your supporters are waiting to hear news of your success, and you don’t want to let them down,” Fleming notes. “Some researchers believe that the social element is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal.”

You can also try blogging about your progress, he adds.

Seek out other dieters. Be on the lookout for a dieting partner (or group of partners), who are going through the same struggles you are facing to increase your odds of success.

According to the American Psychiatric Association, research shows that participants in structured weight-loss programs that include friends are more than twice as likely to keep their weight off as those that try to do it on their own.

“When you work on your diet resolution with a buddy or group of friends or family members, you are even more likely to accomplish your goals,” Fleming observes. “You get all the benefits of accountability plus the comfort and fun of knowing there’s someone waiting for you to exercise, compare food, and restaurant experiences, and share the ups and downs of dieting.”


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About 45 million Americans go on diet each year, often as a result of New Year's resolutions. Yet two-thirds are still overweight or obese, according to the CDC. But a top health expert explains that there's a better way — the no-diet method — for losing weight. Here are five elements of his plan.
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Sunday, 25 December 2016 03:21 PM
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