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Trump Tweets Are Not Racist

Trump Tweets Are Not Racist
U.S. President Donald Trump talks to journalists after returning to the White House July 30, 2019, in Washington, D.C. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

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If ever there was clear-cut racism, this is it.

It’s deliberate and unapologetic. Worse, many not only accept it, but advocate it.

Many will undoubtedly think this refers to President Trump’s tweets regarding four Democratic Congresswomen. But it doesn’t.

No, I am referring to what recently occurred in Detroit. But few heard about it, because it was barely a blip in the news cycle.

Organizers of the AfroFuture Fest music festival in Detroit advertised their pricing as such: “Early Bird POC tickets are $10, and $20 for NON-POC,’ — where “POC” stands for “People Of Color,” and “NON-POC” is “Non-People Of Color.”

That bears repeating: concert organizers attempted to charge white people double the price as non-whites.

That’s not just racist, but illegal. It’s against federal law, and almost certainly violates Michigan law.

Only when some complained did organizers “grudgingly reverse their plan,” according to The Week.

They simply don’t get it.

And that’s brings us to the biggest reason why America’s race relations are deteriorating: double standards.

Racism is wrong, period. It should make no difference what “side” perpetuates it, and condemnation should be equally swift, regardless of skin color.

Instead, we have a system that increasingly uses reverse discrimination as a “solution” to right the wrongs of America’s distant past. From affirmative action to advantages for minority-owned businesses to advocating reparations for slavery, all are programs that, by their nature, invoke race.

Yet when whites attempt to discuss racial issues, they’re often called ignorant, and told to mind their own business. The result is a rise in hostility between races.  

The way forward is for America to be a colorblind society with “equal treatment for all; special treatment for none.”

But that’s not happening.

Instead, extremists want us to come full circle by, ironically, reverting to the past. At first, people were not equal. After a bloody civil war, we progressed to separate and free — but still not equal. The Civil Rights Movement achieved equality for all. But now, for agenda-driven reasons, some want separate again — with special rights for non-whites.

The resulting backlash has caused a surge for President Trump — not because those supporters are racist, but because they feel isolated and victimized by an unfair society. This is still completely lost on the Left, even after it watched Hillary lose what most thought was a slam dunk election.

They also don’t understand that labeling darn-near everything “racist” is counterproductive, and, ironically, hurts true victims of racism. “Racism-du-jour” claims have gotten so ludicrous that people have become desensitized, rolling their eyes and not granting credence to those cases that truly merit it. And that’s a shame.

Building a wall isn’t racist, nor is establishing a temporary travel ban on unvetted citizens from terrorist-infiltrated countries, nor is opposing affirmative action. And no, tweeting that congresswomen should go back to their places of origin isn’t racist. Divisive, yes, but not racist.

What is racist is accepting things by one race that would be condemned if done by whites.

Take ABC’s sitcom “Black-ish.” Is it offensive that a show openly touts race in both its title and content? It shouldn’t be.  

If people don’t like a show, fine. We’re grown-ups. We can change the channel.

That’s called live and let live, where people don’t have to scream in righteous protest over everything they dislike. But tolerance is in increasingly short supply.

Imagine, however, the backlash if a network tried to air “White-ish.” Producers would get fired, actors black-balled, and the network would spend countless hours issuing nauseating apologies and mandating racial-sensitivity training.

But it will never happen.  And that is where our system breaks down.

There is increasing resentment among white Americans who, as the “oddballs,” feel as though they are not allowed to say and do the same as other races. Right or wrong, their perception is that they have become the only race without rights.

White comedians get censured for saying the same things as their black counterparts. Black politicians openly advocate the election of black mayors. Whites lose out on job opportunities and college admissions in the name of “diversity.”

Selective discrimination has been deemed acceptable, even trendy, in today’s America. Far from creating racial harmony, reverse discrimination is quickly becoming the flashpoint in the powder keg of America’s race relations.

If we ever hope to eradicate racial tensions, we need strong leaders of all races to unite and demand colorblindness.

America’s uniqueness is such that even the most downtrodden can overcome adversity to succeed.

But that rise must never come about because of race. When it does, we all lose a part of what makes us so special: being Americans, and ultimately, members of the only “race” that matters: the human race.

Chris Freind is an independent columnist, television commentator, and investigative reporter who operates his own news bureau, Freindly Fire Zone Media. Read more reports from Chris FreindClick Here Now.

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If ever there was clear-cut racism, this is it.
trump, tweets, racism
Wednesday, 31 July 2019 02:32 PM
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