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Intolerance Is Exploding This Fourth of July

Intolerance Is Exploding This Fourth of July
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Independence Day is the time that things that go bang.

But this year, something is exploding a lot more than fireworks. It is unprecedented intolerance in America.

It would be easy to say that such intolerance is just a trend. But it’s not. A trend is when something becomes “hot” for a short period, after which it fades away. Unfortunately, the new American intolerance is becoming so cast in stone (thanks in large part to loudmouths on social media and gutless leaders who kowtow to them) that it will soon become as “Americana” as apple pie.


Here’s a look at how the principle of “live and let live” is going by the wayside:

1) To be clear, both sides of our hyper-partisan society are guilty of intolerance. Many on the Right ceaselessly badgered President Obama on ridiculous things, from the birth certificate “issue,” to his not saying “radical Muslim fundamentalism” in every other sentence, to the president “hating” America. Even when he did do something “right,” such as calling for offshore oil drilling, many Republicans still pummeled him.

That constant criticism was a form of intolerance because, by its nature, it sealed off any possibility of bipartisan solutions. Simply because Mr. Obama was a Democrat, many Republicans, including some in Congress, adamantly refused to work with him on areas of common ground. Great for fundraising from the red meat crowd, but bad for the country.

However, without any doubt, the Left has shown an unparalleled intolerance, especially after the election of Donald Trump.

The fact that many Democrats, from congressmen to Hollywood celebrities, are still calling Mr. Trump an “illegitimate” president speaks volumes. And the calls for abolishing the electoral college shows an intolerance for our very system of government.

So the electoral college, which has served the nation so well because it protects the voting power of smaller states, should now be scrapped because a single election didn’t go their way? They despise Mr. Trump. Fine. That’s their right. But the answer isn’t to change our democratic processes and constantly call for impeachment. It’s to mobilize their forces to defeat the incumbent in the next election.

But instead, the Left has decided to stage sit-ins, die-ins, sleep-ins, and every other kind of “ins” — especially those that illegally shut down venues and snarl traffic for hours — all because an election outcome wasn’t to their liking, and they don’t like the president’s policies.

The Right may have given Mr. Obama a rough ride, but they never whined like the Left and acted so entitled.

2) In doubling down on her intolerance, Congresswoman Maxine Waters encouraged people to harass Trump Administration officials everywhere. Mind you, she didn’t tell people to civilly advocate viewpoints, nor stick to political issues. Nope. The congresswoman stepped way over the line by telling supporters: “If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them. And you tell them they're not welcome anymore, anywhere.” She added, “I believe we cannot wait until the next presidential election. We have to resist him. I want to see him impeached.”

Sounds great, Maxine. After all, your “values” of intolerance, hatred, ignorance and yes, inciting possible violence, are just what America needs.

Waters may be irrelevant in congress, but her words are followed by some extremists, and that makes for a dangerous situation.

3) We saw the results of “Maxine policy” when Trump press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was kicked out of a Virginia restaurant for the “crime” of being associated with the president — a move applauded by the Left. So this is what it’s come to: behaving like spoiled brats, refusing to serve people, and acting beyond rudely, all because one happens to disagree with someone else.

Did the restauranteur have the right to refuse service?  If such a refusal was not based on factors such as race, yes. This is still America. But the bigger point is how the Left so quickly abandons the values it claims to hold dear. Nothing like standing up for the rights of women — so long as those women aren’t Republican.

And how ironic that the Left flew into an unmitigated uproar when two men were asked to leave a Philadelphia Starbucks because they wanted to use the bathroom but hadn’t paid for anything — at the time, a Starbucks’ corporate policy — yet heartily cheered when Ms. Sanders, who had done absolutely nothing wrong, was kicked to the curb.

One must also ask why a business owner who preaches “compassion” as her core value would do such a thing? Was it her warped sense of “principle,” or was it the chance of being a worldwide internet sensation for 24 hours? You be the judge, but it’s clear that many are willing to punt civility and tolerance in the name of being “famous,” if for only a fleeting moment.

Sidenote: And how is the world’s most intolerant coffeehouse company faring since it wrongly accused a manager of racism? Well, it is closing 150 stores, its Chairman and CFO resigned, and its stock is down 20 percent since the incident. Seems that Starbucks’ intolerance isn’t being tolerated after all.

4) Intolerance certainly is not limited to politics.

We just saw the name of deceased author Laura Ingalls Wilder, who wrote the classic "Little House on the Prairie" series, removed from a major children’s literary award. Why? Because some of her writings from 85 years ago referenced people in “stereotypical” ways that today some find offensive.

So now, apparently, if a person doesn’t measure up according to the constantly evolving standards of the Politically Correct Thought Police, they will be penalized (even posthumously) and, ultimately, whitewashed from history. And we are seeing that occur on a daily basis. From presidents being dragged through the mud (Washington, Andrew Jackson, and Woodrow Wilson were all “racists”), to civil war memorials being removed, to holidays such as Columbus Day being officially eliminated by cities, the objective is to not just rewrite “offensive” parts of history, but purge them completely.

They don’t seem to understand that those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.

5) The MeToo movement has rightfully knocked sexual harassers off their pedestals. But the pendulum has swung too far, as people are now getting fired — their names forever tarnished, and livelihoods destroyed — all on the unsubstantiated claims of the “offended” class, with some “violations” simply being how someone looked at another.

And now that intolerant mentality has entered the corporate world with gusto. Netflix has just issued rules that discourage flirting, hugs, asking co-workers for their personal numbers, and, worst of all, not looking at another person for more than five seconds.

Fantastic. So everything that we’ve taught our children — firm handshake, communicate clearly and look a person in the eye — is now completely out the window, relegated to the dustbin of American civility.

The fact that Millennials and succeeding generations already have the distinct inability to communicate with fellow human beings is bad enough. But to now encourage them to be more inhuman is simply mindboggling.


Readers may not always agree with this column, but solutions to problems are always offered — except here. The addiction to social media, where every imbecile can be a tough guy and insult others from the safety of a keyboard, will only increase the intolerance sweeping the land.

Things will likely get worse before they get better. So in the time before the powder keg blows, enjoy Independence Day — before that too goes up in flames.

Chris Freind is an independent columnist, television commentator, and investigative reporter who operates his own news bureau, Freindly Fire Zone Media. Read more reports from Chris Freind — Click Here Now.

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To be clear, both sides of our hyper-partisan society are guilty of intolerance.
intolerance, maxine waters, independence day
Tuesday, 03 July 2018 03:13 PM
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