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Winning War of Ideas Critical for U.S.

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The following is a transcript from Frank Gaffney Jr.'s syndicated show on Secure Freedom Radio.

What is the Center for Security Policy? What is it doing in the radio business? What is it about more generally? And why should it matter?

We’re in the business of securing freedom at the Center for Security Policy. As I’ve said, we call ourselves the special forces in the war of ideas because the war of ideas is as critical a part of the battlefield in which we must engage our enemies as any other. And the freedom at stake is not somebody else’s, or at least just somebody else’s — it’s yours, and its mine. It’s not an abstraction — it’s real, and it’s practical, since it’s what is on the line. The liberties that we hold dear — we take them for granted too often, I grant you that. I’m fond of saying it’s sort of like oxygen, sort of like sovereignty is like oxygen: These are things that we only really appreciate how important they are when they’re no longer available to us.

We talk a lot, both on the air and off, about our sovereignty, about the Constitution, about accountable, representative government, which is made possible by that Constitution, which underpins our sovereignty, which is absolutely indispensable to the preservation of our freedoms. And, sadly, as we talk about here every single day at Secure Freedom Radio, those freedoms, those institutions of accountable representative government, that Constitution, and indeed that sovereignty which overrides it all, is increasingly in jeopardy. In fact, I would argue it’s never been more in jeopardy than it is today — certainly not in my lifetime. Why is that? Because our enemies are on the march today. Each day, we chronicle ways in which those who are hostile to this country, those who hate freedom, those who seek to force us to submit to a world order of their choosing, are very much on the rise. They’re more aggressive than ever. They’re more confident, it seems, than ever, that they will prevail. And they are perceiving, among other things, economic fundamentals about the United States that embolden them. They’re perceiving political conditions in the United States and, in turn, with respect to the United States’ relationship with others. They’re seeing, in short, a vacuum of power at its very best; and, at work, I believe they are perceiving, on the part of President Obama, a doctrine or policy, that has a practical matter, at the very least, that has the design, the intention, the Solinski rule for radicals that we have been talking. At least, unwittingly, it has the effect, this Obama doctrine, of emboldening and empowering our enemies, of undermining and alienating our friends, and of diminishing and weakening America. Now, we talk about this a lot: what do we do about it?

At the Center for Security Policy, we’re in the business of trying to do something about it. We’re trying, in much the same way as the real special forces, to bring to bear unique skills and a capacity to help bring to bear far-greater forces. I’m fond of calling to mind the initial, very important successes of the United States military, lead by their special forces, against the Taliban in Afghanistan, where B-52 and B-2s were brought in to destroy the Taliban on the basis of a handful of guys on the ground, who knew what they were doing, who knew how to use techniques and skills and technologies that were decisive — at least for a time.

We at the Center for Security Policy are trying to do the same in the war of ideas. We manage and have promoted a host of very interesting coalitions that help advance this war, that bring those same kinds of skills, those same techniques, those same technologies, in a sense, to bear on behalf of freedom in the war of ideas. We’ve helped instigate terror-free investing campaigns in states across the nation. We’ve fought the close of Guantanamo Bay with folks in Michigan, and in Congress, and folks across the country that understand what it would mean if these detainees are brought to America. We’ve been working with others to raise the alarm about the Electromagnetic Pulse threat, and they’re strongly supportive of the conference that will be taking place in Buffalo next week, that will be brought to us by Impact America.

We’ve been strongly supportive of a new Sovereignty Caucus up on Capitol Hill, lead by important, public-spirited member of the House of Representatives that want to ensure that we do not sacrifice our sovereignty. We’ve been fighting Shariah, wherever it rears its head, particularly Shariah-compliant finance, and other stealthy forms of Shariah, as they insinuate themselves in the United States. We’ve been helping in the training of warriors in political warfare. We’ve been helping train the trainers in the effort to counter Shariah and the other enemy efforts. We’ve been working in Israel, with our colleague Caroline Glick, to help counter the dominance of the radical left and the media that is having such an insidious effect on Israel’s security and ours. And in so many other ways, helping to understand the dangers of a so-called nuclear-free world, and others, and most especially, here at Secure Freedom Radio, we are fighting for your security and your freedom.

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The following is a transcript from Frank Gaffney Jr.'s syndicated show on Secure Freedom Radio.What is the Center for Security Policy?What is it doing in the radio business?What is it about more generally?And why should it matter?We’re in the business of securing freedom at...
Wednesday, 09 September 2009 02:09 PM
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