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Trump the Bully Slayer

Trump the Bully Slayer

By    |   Saturday, 23 January 2016 11:18 AM

The unorthodox and unprecedented campaign of Donald Trump continues to baffle political analysts on both sides of the aisle.  His bombastic, tell-it-like-it-is approach and abrasive style is a seemingly odd fit for today’s effete culture.  Yet he continues to dominate the polls.

Let’s face it.  It’s not only Democrats.  Many Republicans adamantly oppose him.  As well, the political media for the most part like him even less. In fact, the majority of people that draw a living from the American political teat can’t stand him.  They perceive his candidacy to be about giving them and all they stand for the collective finger.

But their opposition faces a problem.  There is no play book on how to fight this guy.  No candidacy in modern times has been like this one.  The main stream media can’t push him around because he has a bigger megaphone than they do.  Controversial statements make him more popular.  And he draws massive crowds to his rallies and millions and millions of additional viewers to the debates.  He is a different animal and a political phenomenon.

In the absence of president, the armies of opposition must search for a method or narrative to counter Trump by trial and error.  One of the latest manifestations of this painstaking search is to label him a bully.  The label, on the surface, seems like it should get traction.  He kind of fits the stereotype.  He’s often mean in his attacks, he’s a braggart, and he has that Mussolini lower lip perch.

But this “bully” label gets close to the truth while missing it completely.  A big reason for Trumps popularity is actually the bully theme in reverse. The real bully in American politics is “political correctness” not Trump.  Trump is the one standing up to the bully.

Political correctness is an instrument of the left designed to limit and control public debate.  It’s censorship.  It is anti free speech and un-American.  Yet this device of the minority continues to dominate our culture and politics.  And it is strictly enforced by the left-wing Gestapo (which includes activist groups like Moveon.org. as well many in the media and Hollywood).

Perhaps you have noticed the ever-expanding definition of “racism” in the political dialogue.  It seems like every year more and more points of view become incorporated under the racism umbrella. It’s getting to the point where opposition to any of the tenants of left wing dogma like global warming, immigration or entitlements is labeled as racist. 

There’s a good reason for proliferation of the term.  If a statement can be squeezed into the racism category it then justifies a full retaliatory response from the left.  It then becomes okay to go after the perpetrator’s business interests, or get them fired, or besmirch their reputations for speaking out. It provides a great tool for the left to stomp out opposition speech.

We saw the intimidation tactics on full display this past summer when Trump made his speech about illegal immigration.  Trump essentially said there are many bad people coming into the country illegally and they had to be stopped.  The statements were regarded as racist hate speech by the speech police rather than a legitimate part of the immigration debate. 

Since the statements were deemed racist, the left went all out to destroy Trump.  Moveon.org threatened Macy’s and others with boycotts if they didn’t drop its relationship with the businessman.  Many in the media declared Trump a racist and his candidacy over.  Even Republicans ran from Trump like frightened school girls.  It was a barrage that no other candidate could have possibly withstood.

But after the left unleashed its full fury, Trump remained standing.  And he actually rose in the polls.  In fact, after the ordeal Trump rose to the top position in the polls and has remained there ever since. Trump did what no other politician has been able to do.  He stood up to the bully and won.

Much more than normal will be tolerated from Trump by the voters because he can do what nobody else can.  People tend to be much less picky about the qualities of someone who is slaying a bully. In fact, it may well be that the only possible path to victory for the Republicans in November is through political correctness.  And Trump is the only one that can travel that road. 

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The unorthodox and unprecedented campaign of Donald Trump continues to baffle political analysts on both sides of the aisle.
donald trump, president, campaign, politics
Saturday, 23 January 2016 11:18 AM
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