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Mitt Romney's Blueprint for Restoring American Pride

By    |   Thursday, 04 March 2010 09:29 PM

Former Massachusetts Governor and 2008 presidential candidate Mitt Romney is offering a dramatic new blueprint for the nation to confront our most critical issues. Newsmax is pleased to present exclusive excerpts from Gov. Romney’s just released book, “No Apology: The Case for American Greatness." In “No Apology,” Gov. Romney exposes how the Obama administration and even the Republican party are failing to confront budget deficits, declining global competitiveness, a weakened military, inadequate healthcare, failing education, and our energy needs. In this exclusive excerpt for Newsmax.com, Gov. Romney discusses his unbending optimism when considering America’s destiny:

There is a current of opinion flowing among some of our elected leaders and popular icons that seeks to diminish the accomplishments and greatness of our collective culture. It is manifest in legislation that would reduce our work ethic by removing work requirements from welfare. It threatens risk taking and opportunity with confiscatory taxes and income redistribution. Our love of family and our appreciation of its central role in society are worn down by the blithe acceptance of out-of-wedlock births. Expressions of patriotism and national pride take a backseat to incessant national fault finding, and rather than recognize our national morality and goodness, some are inclined to apologize for America. I do not see this as a vast leftwing conspiracy, but I do see this as ominous and potentially ruinous if allowed to course unchecked. The danger of national demoralization and consequent decline is why we must mount a bold and effective plan to protect and strengthen our culture of citizenship — with no apology to those who deride our mission.

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Despite the attack on our values, I am optimistic about America’s future because I’ve seen the heart of the American people. It’s easy to become pessimistic when we’re bombarded with media reports of the aberrant and the abhorrent, but we can learn more about our fellow citizens on the street than on the screen. My decades in business, charitable, religious, and public life— and my visits to every state but one— have convinced me that the American people are inherently good, and that America is destined to remain great.

In May 2006, I was invited by the Department of Defense to go to Iraq and Afghanistan to visit the members of the Massachusetts National Guard who were stationed there. I made the trip with Governor Matt Blunt of Missouri and Governor Brian Schweitzer of Montana. We departed from Washington, D.C., refueled in Iceland, and landed in Kuwait, where men and women of the Massachusetts National Guard were stationed at an airbase, flying and maintaining a fleet of helicopters— one of which had been hit by small arms fire on a mission a few days before. The temperature on the tarmac was over 110 degrees— and we were assured that the hot summer weather was still to come.

We flew on to Baghdad aboard a Hercules C-130, wearing protective vests and sitting knee to knee with soldiers on their way to combat duty. The airplane’s crew kept a constant lookout for incoming missiles, making a trip that was just another day at the office for them but that was eye-opening for a first-time visitor to the theater like me. From Baghdad, we flew by helicopter to a number of different bases, and at every stop, each governor met with guard members from his state. We repeated similar stops in Afghanistan a few days later.

Along the way, I asked the Massachusetts guard members if any of them wanted me to call their spouse or family when I got home. I knew they could call or e-mail themselves, but I thought perhaps they might want me to report home that they looked fine and were faring well. I asked those who wanted me to place a call on their behalf to write their name and home number on a piece of paper; by the time we departed, I had collected sixty three phone numbers. My plan was to make a few calls every day over the next couple of weeks.

I returned home on Memorial Day, which I had planned to spend with Ann and our kids and grandkids at Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. But first I decided to make just a few of those calls. After I’d placed only two or three, a guardsman’s wife answered and said, “Oh, Governor Romney, I thought it might be you calling.” She explained that after I had contacted the first of the wives on my list, she had e-mailed her husband about it, and he in turn had e-mailed his buddies in Iraq and Afghanistan, telling them to let their wives know to expect my call. The dynamic of instant communication combined with extraordinary closeness of military families with deployed loved ones had kicked in.

So I realized that sixty- three spouses and families would be waiting, so I placed sixty- three calls to Massachusetts homes that Memorial Day.

I was deeply moved by what people said to me. Remember, May 2006 was a bleak time in the Iraq War. We were suffering a terrible number of casualties. The Iraqis appeared unwilling to come together as a nation. And the “surge” that would ultimately prove so successful had not yet been implemented. At home, many pundits and politicians alike had thrown in the towel. These people with whom I spoke weren’t likely to be hearing congratulations and words of thanks from their neighbors. And I presumed that almost all of them would ask me why their soldier couldn’t come home—now.

Yet in sixty-three calls, I did not hear a single complaint. Not one. And each time I expressed gratitude on behalf of our nation for the service and sacrifice of their family member and themselves, virtually everyone told me that it was an honor to be able to sacrifice for America and to serve the nation that is the hope of the earth. Many calls left me with tears in my eyes. It was, without question, the most memorable Memorial Day I have ever spent.

There is nobility in the hearts of Americans like these— and in all Americans. What makes this nation great is her people— not our government, not even our “spacious skies” and “amber waves of grain.” I suggest without apology that if we strengthen the American people, America will meet its destiny for greatness for centuries to come.

Mitt Romney is a former governor of Massachusetts. Best known for his 2008 race for the Republican nomination for president, he has a remarkable career in private business, with his investment company, Bain Capital, helping to grow companies like Staples, Domino’s Pizza, FTD Florists and The Sports Authority, among others. In 1998 he left Bain to serve as CEO of the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. A frequent speaker and national television commentator, Mr. Romney has recently formed the Free And Strong America Political Action Committee. His latest book is “No Apology: The Case for American Greatness” from St. Martin’s Press.

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Special: Get Mitt Romney's New Book, "No Apology" - Incredible FREE Offer - Click Here Now.

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Former Massachusetts Governor and 2008 presidential candidate Mitt Romney is offering a dramatic new blueprint for the nation to confront our most critical issues. Newsmax is pleased to present exclusive excerpts from Gov. Romney s just released book, No Apology: The Case...
Thursday, 04 March 2010 09:29 PM
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